Syria is in danger again

the US are training fighters in Al-Tanf to prolong the war

The US are training militants in Al-Tanf to capture Palmyra and thereby continue the Syrian conflict. This in an interview with the news agency Sputnik Arabic was told by the Syrian military observer, retired Major General SAA Muhammad Abbas.

“The US are working to continue the war in Syria,” said a former Syrian officer. “It is possible that Palmyra may again become the object of an attack, since the seizure of Palmyra will shake the stability and security that the Syrian government has established there over the past two years.”

To this end, according to Abbas, the Americans continue to support various armed groups that implement their plans in the region:


“All of them, one way or another, are connected with the American private military company Blackwater (Academy) and represent an alternative Syrian army,” – explains the Syrian retired Major General.

As suggested by Mohammed Abbas, the recent wave of militant attacks in the south-east of the province of Deir ez-Zor, near the Russian airbase Hmeymi in the province of Latakia, as well as pumping stations T2 and T3 in the course of the province mean that the US supported the jihadists and are ready to open a new front both in the south and in the north of Syria.

Syrian officer added: a special strategic and symbolic value of Palmyra:

“If it is captured, it will have a big resonance. Currently, the US have an opportunity to carry out this operation, because they have the forces in Al-TANF, in Rukbane and in areas controlled by the “democratic forces of Syria”, “- said Mohammed Abbas.

He also warned that to connect people with weapons, creating electromagnetic interference. In addition, militants can also use sandstorms.

Commenting on the situation, Federal News Agency (FAN), military expert, editor-in-chief of the Kassad Information and Analysis Center Boris Rozhin, called the repeated seizure of Palmyra unlikely:


“But the fact that the United States of America supports various groups, including jihadist ones, is of no doubt. “Islamic states” 1 (IS1; ISIS1;). In fact, these militants are being created, trained and armed to fight the Syrian government and keep the north and east of Syria under the control of the.”

The retired Syrian officer also noted that the US base At-Tanf is used in the south for the same purposes:

“There are also actively preparing fighters, which are used for a variety of attacks and attacks both in the direction Kalamuna and Al Karyateyna and for inspiring the terrorist sabotage and guerrilla war in south-eastern Syria. From the territory of Al-Tanf, the various detachments of militants who operate in the Badia desert, in the triangle Meyadin-Abu-Kemal-T2, are also fed. ”

According to experts, the vast distances in the area, a small number of settlements and the insufficient number of Syrian government troops create an opportunity for a variety of mobile leakage militias, which can attack the positions and drawing up the CAA:


“We have already seen this in the case of recent attacks in the area of T2 and Badia. That is, the United Pants are actively implementing the strategy of delaying the end of the Syrian war, and the militia groups are an instrument of the United States. Accordingly, if the Syrians give slack, then the militants will capture a large settlement, for example, a raid on Al-Karjatein. ”

However, it is unlikely that Palmyra could become such a place:

“It is quite deep in the areas controlled by the Syrian troops, and a breakthrough is difficult for a number of operational and tactical reasons. But even the re-seizure of Palmyra by the entire group of militants, will only cause the destruction of such a group again. The US task is to maintain a constant flow of military operations and justify the need to preserve troops in Syria, maximally drag out the war and put the sticks in the wheel of Russia and Iran. And the groups of militants help to solve the tasks set by the American leadership. “