news 4 September

Syria, September 4. The air forces of the international coalition resumed strikes against the settlements of the province of Deir ez Zor, the shootings between the SAA and the militants continue in Hama, the Kurds massively arrest the inhabitants of Rakki. This is reported by the military source of the Federal News Agency (FAN) in Syria, Ahmad Marzouq (Ahmad Marzouq).

Briefly about the outcome of the confrontation.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and allied forces: are firing on the positions of militants in the north-west of Hama.

“Tahrir ash-Sham”: pulls forces to the north of Hama.

Kurds: arresting the peaceful population of Rakki.

The International Coalition: resumed attacks on the settlements of Deir-ez-Zor.

Deir ez Zor Province.

The air forces of the international coalition resumed attacks on the alleged shelters of terrorists of the “Islamic state” 1 in the north-eastern part of Deir ez Zor province. The local source broadcasts on its page in the social network Twitter (@HalabTodayTV) that leaflets addressed to the residents of Hajin, Abu al-Khasan, Abu al-Khatir, Al-Sha’af, As-Susa and Al-Baguz were dropped from the aircraft of the Western alliance . The population is warned about the upcoming air strikes. Thus, residents are forced to evacuate themselves from areas where the US-led coalition operation is being conducted.

Province of Racca.

Not far from the headquarters of the Democratic Forces of Syria (SDF) in the administrative center of the province of Rakka detonated a homemade explosive device. This is written by a local source in his microblog in the social network Twitter (@ Sohayb_Masri1).

Twitter channel (@smmsyria) reports that the militants of the Kurdish militia continue to arrest the civilian population of Rakki. Earlier it was reported that three people were detained because of suspicions of organizing explosions in the area of ​​SDF positions, two more peaceful residents of the city were imprisoned by “democratic forces” for inscriptions in support of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in several buildings.

Hama Province.

Syria news 4 September 16.30: Coalition Air Force resumed strikes on Deir-ez-Zor settlements, HAM continues shooting between CAA and militants

Reinforcements of the radical coalition “Tahrir ash-Sham” continue to be pulled down to the north of the province of Hama, a military source writes on his page in the social network Twitter (@BackToSham). Simultaneously, brigades of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) arrive to the northern borders of the region. This is reported by Twitter-channel (@SRVEORTADOGU).

A local source reports in his Twitter microblogging (@ Gazelle45F) that in the northwest of the province there has been a continuing skirmish between government SAR forces and radical Islamists. Clashes are noted in the vicinity of the settlements of Az-Ziyar, Karkur and Machik.


Not far from the popular market in the quarter of Ur in northern Baghdad detonated an improvised explosive device, the Iraqi News agency reported. As a result of the incident, four civilians of the Iraqi capital were injured.

In the province of Ninewa, an operation is ongoing to identify and eliminate the “sleeping cells” of ISIS1. Iraqi News writes that a member of the “Islamic State” was arrested in Mosul, who was supplying food to the IS1 gang hiding in the vicinity of Mount Badush.