Humanitarian aid was delivered to 11 settlements in Daraa. Nusra uses bulldozers to destroy roads to the Abu-Duhur humidor in Idlib. Kurds opened fire at Al-Khol camp in Hasakah, Ahmad Marzouq, a military source with the Federal News Agency (FAN) in Syria, said.


Briefly about the results of the confrontation:

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Allied Forces: continue to attack militant fortified areas in southern Idlib.


Kurds: discovered IEDs at one of their checkpoints northwest of Deir ez-Zor; opened fire on relatives of ISIS1 militants at Al-Khol camp in Hasakah.

Tahrir Al-Sham: involved bulldozers to destroy roads to the Abu-Duhur Humidor in Idlib.

Islamic State 1: organized an outing in West Deir ez-Zor.

Turkish Armed Forces: neutralized seven PKK militants in Iraqi Kurdistan.


Deir ez-Zor Province.

Unconfirmed reports of an attack by Islamic State militants in the west of the region are being received. According to a military source (DeirEzzor24) on his Twitter page, the terrorists organized a sortie in the area of ​​Al-Shul on the highway running through Deir ez-Zor and Palmyra. No information has yet been received on the consequences of the alleged attack.


Meanwhile, the same Twitter channel claims that Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) found IEDs by unknown persons at one of its checkpoints located at Al-Qabar in the northwest of the provincial capital. It is not reported whether the Kurds managed to defuse the bombs. The jihadists of the underground cells of ISIS1 are suspected of installing them.


Daraa Province.

A new batch of humanitarian aid arrived in Daraa. According to SANA News, Syrian Arab Red Crescent employees delivered it to 11 communities. Among the needy residents of the region were distributed over 11 thousand food sets. Recall that the territory of the province was partially occupied by the Islamists of the armed opposition and militants of the Jaish Khalid ibn Al-Walid group associated with ISIS until the end of July 2018, when the Basalt liberation operation was completed. As you know, thanks to the mediation of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties, a peaceful settlement of the conflict with a large number of radicals was achieved, which avoided many bloody battles.


Idlib Province.

The militants of the Tahrir Al-Sham terrorist group, formed around the Jebhat An-Nusra, 1 continue to obstruct the Syrians who are trying to leave the territories occupied by the Islamists through the Abu-Duhur humanitarian corridor. The SANA News news agency reports that the radicals dug up roads leading to the checkpoint with bulldozers. In addition, jihadists installed road barriers and boulders in order to block all possible paths for cars. Meanwhile, the Syrians do not stop staging protests, demanding not to impede access to the liberated territories. Recall that immediately after the opening of the transition, the radicals fired at several cars with civilians who were moving in the direction of Abu Duhur.


In the south of the province, skirmishes between the SAR forces and the Islamists of the armed opposition are again recorded. According to a military source (ufuk_sy) on his Twitter page, parts of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) attacked Islamist strongholds in the vicinity of Al-Faki.


Hasakah Province.

The Kurds resorted to raids at the Al-Khol camp, in which the wives of the Islamic State launched open terrorist activities. According to the Twitter channel (EuphratesPost), the female so-called Asayish militias opened fire on members of jihadist families. As a result of the shooting, one woman was killed, seven more were injured. More than 50 people were detained. Recall that a few hours ago there was evidence that members of the ISIS families captured local health workers.



An operation of the Turkish armed forces called “Claw-3” continues in Northern Iraq. The Iraqi News information portal reports that as a result of the latest Turkish sorties, at least seven jihadists of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), whose activities are banned in the Republic of Turkey, were neutralized. It is known that point airstrikes occurred in the region of Az-Zab. Recall, the beginning of the first stage of the campaign was announced on May 27. According to the Turkish Ministry of Defense, over the past four months, a total of more than 400 Kurdish radicals have been eliminated.