Kurds continue to arrest Syrians in Hasakah as part of forced mobilization. Turkish military convoy heading west of Aleppo province. An-Nusra provoked a shootout from the SAA in northern Latakia, according to Ahmad Marzouq, a military source for the Syrian Federal News Agency (FAN) in Syria.


Briefly about the results of the confrontation:

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Allied Forces: hit militant positions in southern Idlib; examine the territory of the suburb of Deir ez-Zora Khatla.


“Tahrir Al-Sham”: underwent retaliation by the SAA in northeast Latakia.


Kurds: continue to arrest civilians in Hasak for the purpose of forced mobilization.


Turkish Armed Forces: sent a military convoy to the west of Aleppo province.


Latakia Province:

In the northern part of Latakia, armed skirmishes on the contact line of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and jihadists of anti-government gangs resumed. According to the Twitter channel (Step_Agency), in response to provocative shelling, ATS forces deployed in the area of ​​the Nabi Yunus height fired back at Islamist locations in the vicinity of Kaban. Recall that almost the entire territory of the province is under the control of the Syrian troops, however, its northeastern outskirts are occupied by the radicals of the gang groups Tahrir Al-Sham and the Islamic Party of Turkestan (banned in the Russian Federation), which refuse to resolve the conflict peacefully.


Deir ez-Zor Province:

A military source on Twitter (DeirEzzor24) reports that government units have again begun surveying the area around the provincial administrative center in order to identify Islamic State terrorists 1 who may have moved from Kurdish-occupied areas. Searches take place in the suburb of Khatla, located on the opposite bank of the Euphrates from Deir ez-Zor. On carrying out raids of force, the SAR was prompted by the activation of attacks by “sleeping cells” of ISIS1 in the eastern part of the province.


Deraa Province:

Information portal Masar Press Agency reports that in the city of Dail in the south-west of the province, an attack of unknown again occurred. Raiders shot and killed one of the senior members of the ruling Ba’ath party, named Madyan Al-Jamusa. It is assumed that the attack was carried out by militants of the armed opposition, who went underground during the sweeping of the region by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). However, the media portals of the Islamists have not yet announced the involvement of militants in the murder. Recall that the full liberation of Deraa and neighboring El Cuneitra became known at the end of July last year. At the same time, many bloody clashes were avoided thanks to the work of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties, whose representatives were negotiating with jihadists.


Idlib Province:

Another military convoy from Turkey arrived in Syria. According to the Twitter channel (MasarPressNet), Ankara transported a convoy of military equipment through the Kafr-Lyasin border crossing. It is noted that through Idlib the convoy proceeded to the west of Aleppo, where it is likely to be used to strengthen observation posts located on the borders of the Greater Idlib under the terms of the Russian-Turkish agreement on the formation of a demilitarized zone.

Meanwhile, skirmishes between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Tahrir Al-Sham jihadists continue in the south of the province. The same source reports of targeted attacks by SAR forces on the fortified areas of the radicals on the outskirts of the settlements of Kafr-Nabal and Hass.


Hasakah Province:

Kurdish radicals continue to replenish their ranks in the territory they occupy. The news agency SANA News reports that Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) detained several young people in various parts of the province as part of forced mobilization. Large-scale searches again took place in the city of Tel Abyad in Raqqah, where at least three people were arrested the day before. Two civilians were taken into custody in the administrative center of the region, another 11 in the city of Al-Shaddadi. In case of refusal to serve in the SDF, Kurdish radicals, as a rule, resort to imprisonment and bullying. So, recently several men from the Dmalkha clan died under torture. Violations of Syrian rights have repeatedly led to mass rallies. As you know, the Kurds do not have the right to conduct forced recruitment in the territory of a sovereign state.