With the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the SAA liberated two settlements in North Hama. Damascus opposes the decision of the United States and Turkey to create a “security zone” in the north of the SAR. The militants again made an attempt to attack the Khmeimim airbase, a military source from the Federal News Agency (FAN) in Syria, Ahmad Marzouq, said.


Briefly about the results of the confrontation:

Russian Aerospace Forces: they supported the SAA at the borders of the Big Idlib.

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Allied Forces: fired back at militant positions in Aleppo; together with NDF they delivered food to the Abu Kemal region in Deir ez-Zor; conducted a new phase of demolition work in Aleppo; liberated the settlements of Tel Sahr and Al-Jaysat in Hama.


Tahrir Al-Sham: hit the peaceful cities of Latakia, civilians were injured.


Jaish Al-Islam: recognized the use of chemical weapons against the Kurds in Aleppo.


Islamic State 1: suspected of organizing an explosion near As-Suvar in northern Deir ez-Zor.


Kurds: were accused of installing IEDs in Afrin and in the village of Nayara in the province of Aleppo; suffered casualties in a clash with a US soldier in Deir ez-Zor.


Turkish Armed Forces: sent a military convoy to an observation post in the northern part of Hama.


Map of military operations in Syria:


Damascus Province:

News agency SANA News reported that an official source in the Syrian Arab Republic’s Foreign Ministry (SAR) stated that Damascus condemns the agreement between Turkey and the United States to create a “security zone” in the north of the country, as this violates the sovereignty of the SAR and is contrary to international standards the law and the charter of the United Nations. Recall that the decision to establish a “safe zone” on the Syrian-Turkish border was made during negotiations between representatives of Turkey and the United States. It is known that control of the buffer zone with a width of 30 to 40 kilometers will pass to the Turkish forces, which intend to coordinate actions with Washington.


Latakia Province:

In northern Latakia, shelling by militants of the armed opposition resumed last day. According to SANA News, the Islamists of the Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham terrorist alliance, led by Jebhat Al-Nusroi 1, hit the residential areas of Al-Khaf. Also the hometown of Bashar al-Assad al-Kardah was under fire. The attack of jihadists turned into victims among local residents – at least five people, two of whom were children, were injured. In response, the Syrian Air Force resorted to sorties in the region. As the Internet portal Masar Press Agency reported, air strikes by the SAR Air Force fell on the locations of militants near the city of Kaban in the north-eastern part of the province.


In the afternoon, the Islamists once again tried to strike at the Russian Khmeimim air base. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the shells fired by militants exploded near a small settlement northeast of a military airfield, killing two people and injuring four more local residents.


Aleppo Province.

Clashes were recorded between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Islamists of illegal gangs southwest of Aleppo. According to the Twitter channel (Step_Agency), after the provocations of the radicals, government troops returned fire at enemy military facilities near the settlements of Al-Karasi and Jazraya.


Subversive work continued on the outskirts of the provincial administrative center aimed at destroying IEDs and ammunition left by militants before retreating from the area. The SANA News news agency reported that the Al-Mashhad, Al-Jazmati and Al-Inzarat neighborhoods, which were under Islamic occupation until the end of 2016, were cleared of traces of the militants’ military presence.


New explosions thundered in territories controlled by pro-Turkish formations in the northern part of the region. The Internet portal Step News Agency reported that it first detonated a car in the village of Nayar. Later, there was evidence of an explosion in the city of Afrin, which led to the death of a child and injured a number of local residents. The installation of both IEDs was blamed on the “sleeping cells” of the Kurds operating in the framework of Operation Anger of the Olives.


Meanwhile, there was information that the radicals of the Jaysh Al-Islam group used poisonous substances during the shelling of areas occupied by Kurdish troops. According to The Voice of America news agency, a Kurdish Red Crescent spokesman reported cases of chlorine poisoning among civilians. It was noted that jihadists admitted the fact of conducting a chemical attack on social networks, blaming the incident on one of their field commanders.


Deir ez-Zor Province.

The day before, an explosion again occurred in Kurdish-controlled territories. A military source on Twitter (EuphratesPost) betrayed that the incident occurred in the village of Ar Roubeyd, located near the city of Al-Suvar in the northern part of the province. The alleged organizers of the explosion are militants of the so-called sleeping cells of the Islamic State.


A new batch of humanitarian aid arrived in the area of ​​the city of Abu Kemal, located in the south-eastern part of the region. According to the Twitter channel (deirezzor24), food packages were delivered by the combined forces of the Syrian Arab Army (CAA) and NDF.


News agency SANA News published information on a Pentagon report in which the United States tried to justify the need to increase the military contingent in Syria by threatening the resurgence of ISIS1. According to the US, the increase in terrorist attacks is allegedly associated with the withdrawal of part of US troops at the beginning of the year. In turn, the Syrian media associate this message with the arrival in the SAR of another US military convoy.


In the evening, it was reported that one of the American soldiers based at a military facility in the At-Tanak oil field opened fire on a group of SDF fighters after a verbal squabble. As a result of the shooting, four Kurdish fighters were killed, the Halab Today TV Internet portal reported.


Dar’aa Province.

In the southern part of the province, an unknown attack on one of the former leaders of the “Syrian Free Army” (SFA) took place. The Internet portal Masar Press Agency reported that the radical was killed on the highway, which runs through the settlements of Tel-Shihab and Al-Ajami, northwest of Dar’aa. Members of underground Islamist groups who are hiding in the desert regions of the province are suspected of conducting a raid. Many military experts are convinced that the “sleeping cells” of jihadists are coordinating their actions with the forces of the US international coalition, based on the At-Tanf base.


Hama Province.

The militants of the Islamist gangs continued to provoke clashes on the contact line of forces with government forces. According to SANA News, the radicals attacked Kernaz’s peaceful neighborhoods with grenade launchers, injuring six Syrians, five of them children. In turn, parts of the Syrian Arab Army (CAA) launched an offensive in the northwest of the province, deploying battles in the Huwaz area. In the afternoon, it became known about the liberation of the settlements of Tel Sahr and Al-Jaysat. The Twitter channel (hmosyrian1) reported that the Russian Air Force provided support to the SAR forces.


Opposition military sources claimed the loss of SAA in military equipment during clashes near the settlements of Arbeyn and Al-Hakur, but this information has not received official confirmation.


The arrival of a Turkish military convoy to the north of the region to the area of ​​Shir Magar was reported. The media portal Step News Agency reported that a reinforced convoy was heading towards one of Turkey’s observation posts located on the borders of Big Idlib.