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    Middle East 2020: Kremlin loses control of Libyan oil

    Moscow dreamed of getting another country after Syria – but so far has not succeeded. Syria is Russia’s main foreign policy success in recent decades: Moscow has maintained and strengthened the regime of Bashar al-Assad, having received from him a priority right to major investment projects and post-war reconstruction of the country.   But Moscow […]

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    Americans in the Black Sea run into Russian bulk

    The provocations of Russian aviation over the Black Sea are becoming extremely dangerous, says the Ukrainian military. The official message of the command of the Air Force of Ukraine reads:   – On December 23, front-line bombers of the Su-24M, under the cover of Su-27 (Su-30) aircraft of the Russian Space Forces in the Black […]

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    Russian experts enter notorious Lugar Laboratory

    Lugar’s laboratory in Tbilisi, where, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the US military could study especially dangerous infectious diseases, is ready to accept foreign scientists and experts, including Russian ones. As the special representative of the Georgian prime minister for relations with Russia, Zurab Abashidze, said on Thursday that RIA Novosti, scientists and specialists […]

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    Made in China

    Celestial Empire confidently takes dominance in the heavens and assimilates previously inaccessible aviation technologies. Everyone knows the “Chinese nodding statuette” – a porcelain figurine that nods its head in response to any movement around. In China, it was always believed that people were surrounded by invisible entities from other worlds. They can be kind or, […]

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    “Kinzhal”s and “Granit”s

    Russian submarines deprive the US cities of a good night’s sleep. As it was before the INF Treaty. NATO is seriously concerned about the steadily increasing activity of the Russian Navy submarines in the North Atlantic and the Norwegian Sea in recent years. This was stated by the press secretary of the alliance Oana Lungescu. […]

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    Arctic flight

    Fighters and bombers of the Russian Air Force took combat positions, from which the United States is within easy reach. Danish intelligence using satellite imagery “calculated” another Russian threat – Moscow is hastily building another major military airfield in the Arctic. This time – on the island of Alexandra Land (part of the Franz Josef […]

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    Turkey is creating a security system in northern Syria, the SAA has pushed terrorists away in Idlib, the Russian military police will deploy observation posts in Hasakah. This was reported by a military source of the Federal News Agency (FAN) in Syria Ahmad Marzouq. Briefly about the results of the confrontation: The Syrian Arab Army […]

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    End of INF Treaty: US blackmails Kremlin with medium-range missiles

    Washington already in the early 2020s will deploy new precision missiles (Precision Strike Missile) and hypersonic missiles with a ballistic warhead. Previously, these weapons were banned by the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF Treaty). This was stated by US Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy during a conference organized by Defense News. […]

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    The bad USA dream – union of Russia and China. Alas, it will be full of contradictions

    But on most of the world’s problems, Moscow and Beijing are already shoulder to shoulder. On August 22, Russia and China convened an extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council in connection with US plans to develop and deploy the recently banned types of medium-range missiles. This was reported by the media and. about. Permanent […]

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    S-400 in Turkey have already shot down the interests of Washington in the Middle East

    The United States fears that Iran and Qatar will soon follow Ankara’s example. One of the main factors of foreign policy in the Middle East are anti-aircraft missile systems. And – the Russian production. Despite the hot protests of the West, official Ankara still acquired Triumph S-400 complexes from Russia. And now Moscow is seriously […]

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    Russia drowned out the GPS signal on Israeli military aircraft

    Even from space one can see how Moscow acts against Tel Aviv. In recent days, Israel is actively discussing problems with GPS. Suddenly, for no reason, locals began to experience problems with determining their own location when using this navigation system. For ordinary people, this problem was almost imperceptible, but the pilots, both civilian and […]