Summit of Hope

the meeting between Putin and Trump will be covered by more than a thousand journalists

The upcoming summit of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, which will be held in Helsinki on July 16, worried even calm Finnish people.

In this palace of the President of Finland in Helsinki July 16 will meet Putin and Trump. In this palace of the President of Finland in Helsinki July 16, Putin and Trump will meet.

The last time an event of such a geopolitical scale took place in Finland in 1975, when Moscow and Washington, after nearly two years of discussions, the perties signed the Helsinki Accords, which had a huge impact on the whole world, including the USSR. Then, analysts recall, there was a rapprochement between the Soviet Union and the United States.

It seems that every resident of Helsinki is aware that on July 16, Putin and Trump intend to meet in the presidential palace – a rather modest three-story yellow building with white columns, where until 1917 the residence of the Russian emperor was located, he is also the great duke of Finland. As expected, the summit will begin at 14 o’clock.

By the way, if for Trump this is the first visit to Finland as the US president, Putin already visited the presidential palace in 2001, meeting with the then president of Finland, Tarja Halonen.

In the first place, of course, ensuring the security of important guests. Before the meeting a little less than a week, and almost in each of the sea bays there are coast guard boats and police helicopters constantly fly over the city. Also, the city is patrolled in intensive mode by two types of police. Those who are in pants, ride in patrol cars, and who in shorts – on white bicycles with the inscription Police on the frame. As stated by the Helsinki Police Department, during the summit in the city they will monitor the safety of up to 2,000 policemen in uniform, and this is not counting the various special services. By American or Russian standards is not so much, but small Finland has its own measurements.

What is interesting: the presence of numerous policemen has already justified itself. Thieves in Finland, mostly pickpockets, are drawing to Finland, apparently counting on the fact that the police will not be up to them. On July 8, at the Helsinki Vantaa Airport, for example, the police conducted an unexpected special operation. Its result is a group of criminals detained. A lot of them flew from neighboring Stockholm.

Most likely, a significant part of the police will be concentrated on the day of the summit at the presidential palace. It is there that the human rights defenders intend to organize a demonstration. In general, human rights defenders intend to pursue Trump in all the cities where his current European tour will take place, and this is Brussels, London, Warsaw and Helsinki. So the protection of the American president will have to work hard to protect Trump from unpleasant communication.

Of course, the movement will be limited in the area of ​​the summit. But this does not cause much irritation among residents of the Finnish capital.

Putin and Trump intend to meet in Helsinki in the presidential palace

After all, meanwhile in Helsinki, prices for rent of apartments are growing. It is expected that a lot of people will come to the summit, including about a thousand journalists, and the prices for housing are slowly rising. If now an apartment in the Finnish capital can be found from 90 to 120 euros per day, then a week later, it is expected that there will already be 130-140 euros. I thought I would find souvenir magnets in Helsinki devoted to the historic summit, but the sellers explained that they had not had time to order, “this meeting was announced too suddenly.” So far, special attention of security services is focused on the St.Petersburg hotel. George in the quiet center of Helsinki, where Trump stops. Near the hotel, several black cars, cars and minivans are constantly on duty, and people in black suits are walking around smoking. Apparently, these are employees of the US Embassy in Finland, the security service of the American president and representatives of the Finnish special services. It’s not easy for them, in Helsinki it’s hot.

According to some, unconfirmed, however, the data, Trump Suite is on the third floor, overlooking the old church in the park in front of the hotel. In the evenings young people gather on the steps of the church, turn on full music and drink beer. The flame is pulled up by swarthy bearded people from the station nearby. Would not Trump complain about the noise?