Stress grows: Ukraine provokes Hungary

Budapest opposed Kiev’s intentions to restore the military unit in Zakarpatye only in 30 km from the Hungarian border in response to “threats to the territorial integrity” of Ukraine. According to Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto, in this regard, Budapest will continue to block Kiev’s aspirations in NATO and the EU. Experts note that tensions between Ukraine and Hungary are growing, and this only shows the EU and the alliance that Kiev is a “toxic partner”.
Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto outraged Ukraine’s plans to rebuild a military unit in the Zakarpatye’s town Berehove, located 30 km from the Hungarian border. Siyarto was especially angry over the reason why the Ukrainian governance decided to allocate forces in Zakarpatye – Kiev said that it was necessary “taking into account the threats to the territorial integrity of Ukraine”.
“This means that Kiev regards the Hungarian national community as a threat factor. This is outrageous, and that’s why Hungary is categorically opposed ” the Hungarian minister said at a meeting of the EU Council at the level of foreign ministers in Brussels.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary argues that the Ukrainian side intends to allocate a battalion of 800 to 1,000 people not far from Beregov again. The city is located on the border of Ukraine with Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. It should be noted that in the Zakarpatye part of Ukraine there is a large number of Hungarians.
The decision to allocate a separate battalion of the 128th Zakarpatye Mountain Infantry Brigade on the territory of the former military unit in Beregove was made on February 9. Now units of this brigade are already based in other large cities of Zakarpatye: Uzhgorod, Mukachevo and Vinogradov.
During the meeting of the city council it was clarified that the battalion could be relocated to Beregovo by the end of 2019. Earlier, in the vicinity of the border city, the 315th Guards Mechanized Regiment of the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky was located. However, in 2003 the part was disbanded, now most of the buildings are in an emergency condition, and some of the land was sold.
Siyarto warned that, in response to the allocation of forces, Budapest would block international, European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Ukraine. He promised, in particular, that Hungary will not support holding the meeting of the EU-Ukraine defense ministers, in April, and the NATO-Ukraine summit this summer.
“Budapest will support the holding of these meetings only if Ukraine performs its international obligations and conditions for satisfying the rights of the Hungarian national minority in Zakarpatye,” the Hungarian minister puts the condition.
Meanwhile, in Zakarpatye cities where Hungarians live, everything becomes more restless. In February, unknown people set fire to the office building of the Society of Hungarian Culture of Zakarpatye, located in Uzhgorod. The OSCE even drew attention to these incidents – because of the riots, the organization decided to strengthen monitoring in the district, particularly, in Uzhgorod.