States help Georgia to freeze ears in spite of Russia

If a US military base is created in this country, Moscow will first ruin Tbilisi’s economy.

Tbilisi and Washington will sign a three-year agreement on military cooperation in the coming days. This was announced at the end of last week by Georgian Defense Minister Levan Izoria following a meeting with new US military attache Stephanie Begley.


– In subsequent years, together with Colonel Stephanie Begley and her team, we in Georgia will continue to fundamentally continue the successful policy pursued by the United States together with the defense department, which primarily serves to strengthen our defensive capabilities, – said the head of the Georgian military department.


He did not disclose the details of the contract, but did not make a sensation with his statement, since in May he announced plans to sign a framework agreement with the United States before the end of the year. As well as the plans of the Georgian military for a complete transition to armament of NATO. And earlier, Tbilisi invited the United States and other NATO countries to more actively use the military infrastructure of Georgia. For now – at least for military exercises.


Quite expectedly, the head of the Georgian Defense Ministry once again spoke out for expanding military cooperation with the United States.

– In the future, I will only welcome the existence of American military bases in Georgia, – he said.


But Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili considers the construction of a US military base inappropriate. In her opinion, this can be perceived as a provocation. First of all, by Moscow.


– I don’t think that the United States is ready to have a base here that will attract the attention of not only Russia, but also terrorist movements that are very actively represented in our region, – she said.


At the same time, she supports the idea of ​​Eduard Shevarnadze to enter the North Atlantic Alliance, with which Tbilisi has been cooperating since the 90s.


It is important for the United States to have a reliable ally in the Transcaucasian region. Therefore, they are ready to invest in its economic development, implying political dividends. And Georgia in this regard is a very tasty morsel: the country borders on Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia, Turkey. And also with the independent Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Near and to the border with Iran.


In addition, it is a participant in the project “One belt – one way”, which makes it an important transport hub in the world. Washington cannot take this into account when solving its geopolitical tasks.


As the director of the Center for Strategic Market Studies Ivan Konovalov explained, Georgia, like Ukraine, is the territory of the possible deployment of American troops.


– These countries have unresolved territorial disputes. Therefore, they cannot be members of NATO. But interacting with Washington on a bilateral basis is easy for them. Actually, this is how the United States acts, having actually turned Georgia into an American base. Despie the huge bloody scandal of the so-called notorious Lugar biological center. Read about it!


The situation is about the same as with Ukraine. The problem is that the Americans, even within their political establishment, cannot decide what to do with this whole story? Donald Trump and part of the Republicans are generally against financing some obscure forces, it is not clear where they are. And causing, in addition, confrontation with the country with which Trump always wants to make peace. That is – with Russia.


Democrats in the United States, on the contrary, want Georgia and Ukraine to be bleeding wounds along the borders with Russia. They want to use this tool against us, because they see Russia as a rival resurrected from the ashes.


Georgia, taking into account all these factors, is for Americans also the most important bridgehead of the United States in the Caucasus. The fact is that Azerbaijan is a country that gravitates towards Turkey. But Ankara now has the worst relations with the US in history. Armenia is generally a strategic ally of Russia. Who else should Americans rely on in this region?


Only to Georgia, because there is still no established government. This country, like Ukraine, will remain in a state of political chaos for a long time. And what is controlled chaos? This is a territory where everything is always bubbling, there is no established government. Therefore, the external government of the United States is very successful.


– How likely is the deployment of military, including naval, bases in Georgia?


  • It depends on what you mean by an American base?

In Ukraine, Americans are active in Odessa and Ochakovo. But rather, they create there not military bases, but military infrastructure for their future actions.

Until recently, they created it in Moldova, in close proximity to Transnistria.


– Can military bases in Georgia appear in the classic version?

– I think that the Americans will not do this. Because they understand that for the Russian side this will be a direct challenge. Moscow’s response will not be a direct clash, but Russia’s attitude towards this territory will be of a certain nature. And, accordingly, it will affect Georgia itself. And she still has big economic problems.


If you open an American base there, relations between Russia and Georgia will be instantly interrupted completely and in all areas. Only Georgia will lose from this. But how much will it gain, because it will finally get an American military base?


Americans in this country will take a different path. On the way to creating infrastructure, which, if necessary, can quickly build up. They are well aware that the creation of a full-scale base, the content of which costs a billion dollars, is fraught in Georgia or Ukraine. And this will already be the most acute conversation between Moscow and Washington, and not between Moscow and Tbilisi. And not between Moscow and Kiev.


The USA has already lost its position of world hegemon. Russia regained the status of a great power. And this means: first of all, regained its position militarily. This is not the position of the Soviet Union, of course. But the position of a country that plays a decisive role in the military-political situation throughout the world.


At the same time, there is also China. And what are the Americans going to do in the escalating confrontation with Beijing and Moscow? Rely on such as Georgia and Ukraine? This is ridiculous.


The agreement, which Tbilisi and Washington intend to sign in the near future, according to the editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine Igor Korotchenko, will include, first of all, the adaptation of the Georgian armed forces to NATO standards. And also – the training of Georgian troops in military academies and schools in the West, the preparation of exercises and events with the participation of Georgian troops, which will take place both on the territory of Georgia itself and abroad. As well as the preparation of the country’s military infrastructure for the possible reception of NATO contingents and weapons systems.


In addition, the document will probably discuss joint planning, the exchange of intelligence data on the south of Russia, as well as on Abkhazia and South Ossetia.


– These specific points are aimed at preparing Georgia for admission to NATO. Despite its territorial problems.


– And the US military bases in Georgia may appear?


– We cannot rule out the possibility that US naval, aviation and missile defense bases may appear in Georgia. This is a very likely scenario for the medium term.


– Given the increasing military presence of NATO countries, and, in particular, the United States in Georgia and the Black Sea region as a whole, should we expect an increase in provocations in the region? Will we need to strengthen our own military presence in the Caucasus?


– Provocations by the Americans are always possible. But here it is important to strengthen the alliance on the southern borders of Russia.


Appropriate countermeasures are planned by the Russian General Staff. They include the strengthening of the troops of the Southern Military District, the forces of the Black Sea Fleet, as well as the combat effectiveness of existing Russian bases in South Ossetia and Abkhazia.


When NATO is stepping up its activity, it is necessary to increase the capabilities, first of all, of the airspace control system. And reliably provide air defense.


With regard to the Transcaucasian theater of operations, the best option for responding to NATO plans would be to receive additional Tor-M2 short-range anti-aircraft missile systems in the troops of the Southern Military District. These tools are capable of guaranteed – with a probability of almost 100% – to hit any air targets and objects that can attack us.


In the Caucasus, there is a difficult terrain. Therefore, it is Tor-M2 that is the most optimal air defense weapon in the mountains. By the way, “Tor-M2” did an excellent job in conditions as close as possible to combat conditions at the air defense cover of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. It proved himself to be excellent in Syria, where exactly this complex hit almost all the drones of the terrorists.

This is the best cover, because modern warfare, as practice shows, is mainly fought in the air with precision weapons.

This is the best cover, because modern warfare, as practice shows, is mainly fought in the air with precision weapons.

– Where does the USA get such an interest in Georgia?

– It has been anti-Russian for a long time. In addition, there is a decision of the NATO Council, which officially proclaimed the goal of including Georgia in the alliance. Plus – the favorable geopolitical position of Georgia.

From a strategic point of view, the deployment of American or NATO contingents there will significantly threaten Russia, so the stake is on a combination of factors that make Georgia a bridgehead for a military attack on Russia.

– Why not Azerbaijan, not Armenia? Or even more so – Turkey, which is a member of NATO?

– Azerbaijan pursues a policy of non-deployment of foreign bases on its territory. This is a friendly country to us. Vladimir Putin’s personal relationship with Ilham Aliyev is excellent. Azerbaijan has bought Russian weapons for $ 5 billion. Although it is not a member of the CSTO, we can say that this is our reliable partner in the military and military-technical sphere.

Armenia is a member of the CSTO. But the coming to power of Nikola Pashinyan by the methods of “velvet revolution” raises many questions. He is surrounded by many people who have openly anti-Russian views. Now they are forced to mask their policies. But the whole backbone of the Pashinyan government was prepared for grants from Soros. It speaks for itself.

Turkey is a member of NATO, but in this case is our situational partner. I emphasize – situational. We are now watching how the situation will develop after the delivery of S-400 to Turkey. They are also talking about the possible purchase of the Su-35, the latest Russian fighter.

Situationally, relations with Ankara are now good. But this does not mean that they will remain so in the near future.

In a word, not everything is so cloudless for the Americans in the countries you have listed. Only Georgia remains.