Solve through dialogue

Moscow called on Israel and Iran to show restraint

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called on Tel Aviv and Tehran to engage in dialogue and refrain from further escalating the conflict. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, on the night of Thursday, May 10, 28 IDF fighter planes struck a series of strikes against Iranian targets in the SAR, as well as on Syrian air defense forces. The operation was a response to the shelling of the Golan Heights, in which Israel accused Iran. At the same time in Tehran they stated that they had nothing to do with the attack. On the eve in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin received Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Kremlin, who expressed his concern over the developments in the region. As noted in the Russian Foreign Ministry, the escalation of tensions in the Middle East plays into the hands of terrorists and hinders the settlement of the situation in Syria.

Russian Foreign Minister commented on the aggravation of relations between Israel and Iran. He noted that both sides are interested in resolving this situation.

“As for the escalation between Iran and Israel, we believe that this is a very disturbing trend. We proceed from the fact that all issues need to be resolved through dialogue, “Lavrov said in response to a question from RT correspondent at a press conference in Moscow.

According to him, the Russian side has always stressed the need to avoid actions that would be “mutually provocative.”

“We are assured by Iran and Israel that there are no such intentions (provoking each other – RT), nevertheless incidents happen,” the Foreign Minister said.

He added that the Russian military department is studying the incident and, as soon as there are any conclusions, they will be made public.

The day before, tensions in the region were discussed at a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the permanent members of the country’s Security Council. The Kremlin “is concerned about the growing tensions between Iran and Israel and hope for the restraint of the parties.”

As noted by spokesman for the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov, on May 9, during a meeting between Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, it was also about Tel Aviv’s fears for its security.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, for his part, said that Russia is worried about the aggravation of the situation, and therefore calls on both Iran and Israel to refrain from escalating the conflict.

“Of course, everyone is concerned. We have contacts established with all parties, indeed we all call for restraint, “Bogdanov told reporters.

He noted that the aggravation of relations between Iran and Israel impedes the fight against terrorism in the Middle East and the settlement of the situation in Syria.

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“The current exacerbation of the situation between Israel and Iran with their exchange of blows is dangerous, as it distracts from the struggle with the Dash, with terrorists, hampers the political settlement of the situation in Syria,” the diplomat explained.

According to Bogdanov, the exchange of blows between the two countries is dangerous, in particular, because it happens in the territory of the third sovereign state – Syria.

In addition to the actions of the direct participants in the conflict, the situation in the region is also affected by the position of other countries. As the head of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Konstantin Kosachev noted, Washington’s policy is escalating.

“Whatever the case, the escalation continues, and, of course, the burdensome (and even provocative) step was the announcement by US President Donald Trump of America’s withdrawal from the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program,” Kosachev wrote in Facebook.

What is happening on the track Iran-Syria-Israel, of course, causes more and more concern for the entire international community. Exchanges of missile strikes, mutual accusations and military preparations – all this indicates the growing possibility of a new military conflict involving very well-armed powers. Which means – there can be a lot of potential victims.

Israel called its current night missile attacks retaliatory – in connection with the firing of positions of the Israeli army on …

He reminded that Russia “is categorically opposed to intensifying military activity in this region” for many reasons. It is important to take into account that “only extremists and opponents of peace in the Middle East can win from increasing tension.” According to Kosachev, media reports have already appeared that the militants tried to use Israeli missile strikes and seize Syrian army positions near the city of El Baas near the Golan Heights.

The White House stressed that they support Israel’s sovereign right to self-defense in the light of Israeli air force strikes on Syrian territory.

“The US condemns the provocative missile strikes inflicted by the Iranian regime on the territory of Syria on Israeli citizens, and we support Israel’s right to self-defense,” the White House statement said. “The US calls on all countries to make it clear that the actions of the Iranian regime pose a serious threat to international peace and stability.”

The deputy chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Iranian parliament, Hasan Baigi, denied information about his involvement in the shelling of the Golan Heights.

“Iran is not involved in yesterday’s missile strike on Israel. When we struck the IS in Deir ez Zor, we announced this immediately, “said Beygi.

According to him, the blow was caused by Syria, which was forced to respond to the attack. “There are no Iranian military in Syria and there are no bases. Israel is lying. Yesterday Syria hit – and this is the response to numerous attacks on this country. Israel must understand that the situation has changed and the aggression will not go unanswered, “the parliamentarian stressed.

On the night of May 9, the IDF attacked dozens of military facilities belonging to the Iranian forces of Al-Quds in Syria.

The representative of the IDF said that Israel had previously notified the Russian military about air strikes against Syria in response to rocket attacks by Iranian forces deployed in the territory of the Syrian Republic.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia was informed that air strikes on the territory of Syria were inflicted on 28 Israeli planes F-15 and F-16, which fired about 60 missiles.

“The attack involved 28 Israeli F-15 and F-16 aircraft, which produced around 60 air-to-surface missiles in various areas of Syria,” the military department said.

It is noted that the places of deployment of Iranian armed formations, as well as the positions of the Syrian army’s air defense forces in the region of Damascus and in southern Syria, were attacked, more than half of the rockets were shot down.