Russians have died in Syria again

ISIS has already been defeated a thousand times, but Russian military continue to suffer losses

Recently, there is more and more talk about the post-war settlement of Syria. As if everyone anticipates the imminent end of civil conflict. Russia and Turkey negotiate a truce for Damascus and the armed opposition in Idlib. The Kurds hand over strategic important civilian objects, such as reservoirs, to Assad’s control. In Moscow, they are increasingly talking about funding programs for the restoration of the Syrian republic. Americans seem to have picked up this wave, and, noting that the Kremlin really wants to find partners for this difficult matter, put forward some conditions for their participation. They said they would not even give out a cent for this enterprise while the Iranians are in an Arab state. Yes, and Bashar Asad, more and more often in his speeches, touches upon social topics, rather than military ones – he discusses medicine, he talks about education, and so on. In general, things are going almost well …

Of course, this is an illusion, and it is overly prematurely inflated, but against the background of everything, you can believe that the upcoming transition of Syria from complete chaos to peaceful life. And, in the end, any war will ever end, why, for example, the Syrian war cannot end tomorrow, and not, say, in five years? The Islamic state is defeated, we have been told about this many times. Bothe Russian leadership, and the Americans, and the Syrians, and many others told that. Can you believe them? Partly yes. Because as a state, this pseudochaliphate no longer exists. But on the other hand, people continue to die at the hands of the followers of Abu Bakr Baghdadi (the leader of the ISIS). For example, not so long ago in Hasak, the US military armies and allied Kurds suffered serious losses. The latter, by the way, are still being actively liquidated by terrorists, but in another province, Deir ez-Zore.

But not only with them it happens. Russian military and mercenaries, too, periodically become victims of these bloodthirsty fanatics. Not far to go. A few days ago, near the military base “Panorama”, near the town of Deir ez-Zore, seven Russian military or, rather, volunteer mercenaries died at once as a result of the explosion, and many Syrians were killed along with them. The information was distributed by local sources, including terrorist resources. Due to the large variety of versions, it is difficult to establish what the real cause of the tragedy was, but a lot indicates that the Islamic state is somehow mixed up here.

According to sources in the military leadership of the Russian Federation, there are no data on losses among the “regulars”. But around Deir ez-Zore and in itself there are still a lot of non-mined areas. As government forces approached the city, the terrorists mined everything they could. As a result, everywhere, even with the cessation of hostilities, the liberators were in danger. This, by the way, is one of the reasons why the capital of this eastern province was freed for so long – more than a month, although the plan was to cope in a week and a half.

So the explosions continue to this day – mine clearance in the conditions of eastern Syria and with limited capabilities is not progressing at the fastest pace. Since the liberation of the city from this many fighters of government and pro-government formations have died. As for the Russian military, there were injuries, but there were no casualties. Recently, the explosion really happened, and not one. There were casualties, but who they are – we were not informed. All the explosive devices that still remained near Deir ez-Zor or in it once belonged to the Islamic State, because it was precisely this that held the city for several years. Moreover, terrorists in the area still retain some activity, or rather, more recently, they have resumed it. Thus, militant groups periodically move between their enclaves. One of them is located a little west of Deir ez-Zor, the second is located south-east of the city. Communication between them is possible only through government territories. This is risky, but terrorists still select the most appropriate routes and move in small groups. Periodically, this leads to unexpected consequences. So, ISIS members like to move under the cover of sandstorms, which often happen here, but sometimes some groups in connection with this slightly stray from the course and go to Abu Kemal, Meyadin or even to Deir ez-Zore. It ends with all the battles in which the militant detachments do not always suffer a crushing defeat. In some cases, they manage to successfully escape. Sometimes terrorists make deliberate raids into the mountains and small settlements controlled by Damascus. Often the purpose of these trips are civilians who are taken as captives, but not always. It happens, the attacks make the miners and other kinds of saboteurs. So it is quite possible that people are not dying from long-established devices, but from those that are very fresh.

The main thing in this situation is that the Islamic state is still dangerous, is still active, and recently there have been many its victories. It is obvious that the pseudo-caliphate has strengthened and continues to strengthen. Americans with Kurds have already felt it on their own skins, it seems, the line of Syrians and of Russian military is coming. We ought to realize it beforehand, until new victims, including Russians, could fall from the bloody hands of these thugs.