Russian submarine forces are on the Iranian Kish island

The television series “Sea Devils” about combat swimmers of the Navy’s anti-terrorist squad must have been watched by many in Russia (384 episodes have been filmed since 2005). However, special forces under this name never existed. This is the movie. At the same time, there are such units in fact – as part of the Navy, FSB, Rosguard, GRU. Underwater warfare is taught even in the Ryazan Airborne School (RVVDKU).


Little is known about the combat work of these underwater swimmers because of the high secrecy of their tasks. To some extent, the depth-2019 international diving all-around competition, held in the Persian Gulf from June 4 to August 14, helped to open the curtain of secrecy to some extent. However, special attention was not attracted to him, live broadcasts were not conducted, the results were not disclosed. And the venue of the competition on the Iranian island of Kish was closed to prying eyes.


First of all, the composition of the countries participating in the competition of military divers is also interesting and interesting. It is clear that among them there is Iran itself. And also – Syria, Russia, China, Venezuela. That is, states that, in the political sense, are united, first of all, by sharp confrontation with the United States in various parts of the world. To complicate life in every way for the Americans in the Persian Gulf, where the United States is increasingly escalating the military-political situation, the leadership of these countries, of course, is not averse either.


True, the team from South Africa also participated in the Depth-2019, whose friction with Washington is not particularly heard. But, probably, it was invited to the island of Kish because of partnerships with colleagues from these countries.


The emphasis on the venue of the competition, in my opinion, was not made by chance – the tension in relations between Iran and the United States (indirectly, Great Britain) threatens to turn into real hostilities in the Persian Gulf. US Navy ships are constantly present here, which causes dissatisfaction not only in Iran.


On August 15, the commander of the Iranian Navy, Rear Admiral Hossein Hunzadi, urged the United States and Great Britain to leave the Persian Gulf region as soon as possible. “Enemies must leave this region as soon as possible, otherwise they will be forced to retreat humiliatingly. The time of hypocrisy and bigotry in the Persian and Omani Gulfs is over, ”- said the Iranian admiral, hinting at the use of military force. Probably – combat swimmers and saboteurs as well.


However, it seems worthwhile to tell a little about the international competition “Depth-2019”, in which, despite the participation of combat swimmers, there were apparently quite peaceful disciplines. Divers competed in such exercises as “Rescue on water and first aid for the drowned”, “Scales”, “Work in confined space”, “Maintenance of the life of an emergency submarine”, “Assistance to a surface ship”, “Flange” and “Cutting” welding. ” This year’s new diving all-around was the underwater wrestling on the Aquatlon fins. If you take a closer look, it’s still a combat activity, it’s not at all like the work of lifeguards on the beach.


The results of the competition, which was reported by the chief judge of the “Depth” contest, captain of the 2nd rank, Hamed Hag Parast, are as follows: Russia comes first. The combined team of divers of the Russian Navy set two absolute competition records when performing underwater operations in the exercise “Welding, Cutting” and won the competition, gaining 7415.04 points out of 8000 possible.

The second place in the bitter struggle was won by the team of the People’s Republic of China, gaining 4922.09 points. The honorable third place went to the national team of the Naval Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, gaining 4754.88 points.

For the high-quality organization of the refereeing of the competition, a commission of arbitrators from the Iranian Navy officers was created. The Iranian side also installed 38 stationary and mobile underwater video cameras to ensure fair refereeing of each exercise.

  • At the stage of preparation for the competition, we conducted 84 training sessions, which were held in three shifts in the morning and evening hours, in full compliance with safety requirements and international diving business standards, – said Chief Justice Parast, emphasizing the serious level of the competition.

By the way, Iran has become the co-organizer of these games for the second time. And for the second time it took a diving competition on its territory.


The Russian team of divers, headed by the deputy head of the Navy’s search and rescue service Captain 1st Rank Alexey Sakharov, won the Depth-2019 contest well deserved. The team included real professionals. It can be assumed that it included combat swimmers from the operational anti-sabotage group of the Novorossiysk Naval Base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, their colleagues from the Crimean Base, and from other fleets too.


By the way, the divers of the Crimean naval base just the other day performed underwater firing as part of the training of combat training missions in the Black Sea. “The fighters of the anti-submarine sabotage force and means improved their shooting skills with a special submarine pistol SPP-1 and a special submarine submachine gun APS on stationary and moving targets.

Also, underwater swimmers practiced diving descents to various depths, elements of underwater orientation in conditions of limited visibility and the provision of primary medical care to a diver, “the press service of the Southern Military District reported.


That is, contests are contests, and everyday combat training continues.

But here is what the Pentagon could not help but worry about in the international competition of divers, which had just ended almost under the keels of their destroyers and cruisers. Navy special forces are often called combat swimmers, although the correct name for their military specialty is “scout diver.” This is, without exaggeration, the fleet elite. They are trained alone to sink enemy ships, are able to operate at depth, navigate in the water column even at night.


At the current competitions of the international competition “Depth-2019”, Russian “sea devils” have confirmed the level of their skill and professionalism – they “shot” perfectly. Yes, and took a closer look at the place – what if they need help in the Persian Gulf?