Russian S-300 did not stop Israeli aircraft in Syria

The Israeli Aviation continues to host in the sky over Damascus

It seems that the Russian-Israeli crisis is gradually coming to an end. Lately, there has been practically no criticism from the Israelis against Russia, nor have there been any criticism from our officials. Obviously, in Paris, Putin and Netanyahu were able to agree on something. Indeed, in the middle of September, the Russian side had a lot of problems due to the tragic death of the entire IL-20 crew. First, it was necessary to find the guilty. They turned out to be the IDFs, who had flown in the wrong direction and substituted our plane. However, the allegations alone are not enough. Of course, after this there must be consequences, otherwise our country will simply be no longer respected. But the problem is that they had to take measures against Israel. Yes, that most exceptional in every sense of Israel. For all the years of the Syrian war, the Jewish state was allowed more than the rest. Sometimes even the Americans could not compare with him in terms of freedom of action.


Even before the Russian military found themselves in the Syrian Arab Republic, Tel Aviv was already in full swing with its war – it bombed Hezbollah, Assad’s, ISIS and various Shiite groups. In general, almost everyone Netanyahu considered redundant in western Syria somehow suffered from the actions of Israel. When Moscow decided to get involved in this civil conflict, the Israeli prime minister quickly navigated. He insisted on the speedy creation of a system of communication lines for the Russian and their military so that no complicated situations would arise. At the same time, he retained the carte blanche for the bombing of Syria. Russia did not mind. It is not known, however, why, because if Netanyahu did not have this right, our military, including the crew and passengers of the IL-20, might have survived. But then they didn’t think about it at all. And since then, only light reproaches have been sent to Tel Aviv occasionally, despite the fact that the IDF has attacked the facilities and the military of our allies hundreds of times.


Among these allies were not only Iranians revered by Israel for supreme evil, but also the Syrians, the very ones that in certain situations obey Russian officers. You could almost say our soldiers.


And now this exceptional Israel had to oppose something. S-300 seemed to be a great solution. They are really capable of many things, capable of even shooting down an F-16, and, possibly, even an F-35 without any problems. The delivery of these systems to Syria was advertised as opposition primarily to Israeli lawlessness in the local airspace.


However, it seems that this time Tel Aviv managed to use its immunity. So the other day behind closed doors, Benjamin Netanyahu opened his hands with his subordinates and gave them the whole alignment of Russian-Israeli relations. According to him, relations between his country and the Russian Federation are still excellent and, in fact, there is no crisis. Moreover, he had a wonderful conversation with Putin, and this promises some benefit in the future. But the most interesting thing is that, according to Netanyahu, Israeli planes, like flying in the Syrian sky before the tragedy with the IL-20, are still flying. True, he did not report any attacks on Iranian or other objects.

But he shared intelligence information obtained with the help of these same aircraft flying over Syria. They succeeded in fixing that since the S-300 was being transferred, Iranian activity in the SAR has almost disappeared – the weapons are not received by the hostile groups of Tel Aviv, new bases are not built, and rockets are not visible at all. In this light, information is described by foreign journalists.


If this is true, then the situation is in fact completely different from what we hear from Russian diplomats, military and various officials. It turns out that Israel is truly unique, and all is forgiven. However, Moscow may have certain views of Israel, and this story is just a small part of a cunning plan with an eye on a long period.

Australian expert Richard Frank believes that the United States of America played a key role in this story. It was thanks to their tacit intervention that the great crisis in relations between Russia and Israel was avoided.


– Israel is one of those countries which help the US patronizes the Middle East. To allow his confrontation with Russia is simply unthinkable, and in any case the United States will be among the first to try to intervene in the situation and save it. This does not mean that someone in Washington has curbed Russia. No, rather, it was just suggested cooperation.


Recently we have seen Russia and the United States establish contacts and interact on various issues. In the case of Israel, they could well participate together. This is just for everyone. In addition, it is very important for the United States that Russia be on friendly terms with Israel, because this may be the key to solving the Iranian problem in Syria.

– It has long become obvious to everyone that without Russia, it will be impossible to cope with this. There should be no surprise about Israeli planes in Syria. They just do their job, gather information. And no one can forbid this to Israel. It is adjacent to unstable Syria, and there are enough madmen who want to harm the Israelis. Therefore, it is not surprising that, after the deployment of the S-300, Russia allowed the Israelis to look at how the situation is stabilizing under its control. This is a well-played trump card – Moscow shows Israel that its planes are not needed here so that everything is calm.