Russian “product 305” in Syria: “Chrysanthemums”

Now, for the victory of Russian army, only one helicopter armed with a new rocket is enough

While Trump everywhere claims that it was the Americans who defeated the terrorists in Syria, and only the United States are capable of this, Russia purposefully continues its work in order to truly defeat the ISIS. Recently, information has surfaced that the Russian military are testing a new missile in Syria. Journalists have identified it as “product 305”, that is, apparently, this weapon does not even have a specific name yet, and the development process is in the testing phase. In general, there is little information about this, but there is evidence of outstanding characteristics.

Here is what is known at the moment. “Product 305” is installed on Mi-28 “Night Hunter” helicopters – eight on each one. At the same time, the distance at which the target may be hit reaches 25 kilometers, which is a lot for modern similar missiles. It is also reported that the rocket is mainly intended to destroy armored vehicles and reinforced concrete objects. All this, together with other advantages of the Night Hunter, makes the helicopter a universal machine for the destruction of various enemy objects. In this case, the helicopter does not even need to enter the zone of control of potentially dangerous defenses – with such a range of missiles.

Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov suggests that we are talking about a modernized version of one of the developments of the Engineering Design Bureau.

  • In the Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering in Kolomna, headed by designer Valery Kashin, they were developing missiles for helicopters based on Chrysanthemum. It was called “Chrysanthemum-B”. Its maximum range reached about ten kilometers. She had an inertial system, an optical target search system. And on the Mi-28, which just had to be equipped with “Chrysanthemums”, a special radar was installed, which made it possible to detect the target at a great distance and induced the rocket itself. And in this case, I think it’s about the modernization of this rocket, which is called the “Chrysanthemum-VM”. Of course, in order to bring the range to 25 kilometers, the engineers had to change the caliber of the rocket – it had to be made thicker. This probably also improved accuracy. About the warhead – there are two types of them. There is an armor-piercing anti-concrete and the installation of a high-explosive fragmentation head is still possible. So, this is a dual-purpose rocket. It can work both on protected objects, including mobile ones, or on infantry.

– Are there foreign counterparts?

– Yes, they are. Israel and the USA have it. For example, the Americans created something similar on the basis of the famous TOW ATGM. But here the question of price and quality is important. KBM is just famous for high-quality equipment at a low price.

– Why are these new missiles in Syria? It seems the war is almost over, and Idlib remains the only area where there may still be fighting. Is it likely that the novelty will be applied just here?

  • Probably yes. Here the advantage is that there are eight such missiles on one helicopter. For example, a helicopter can be sent on a mission to hit enemy armored vehicles. And while he is doing his job, the tasks may change – he can be sent to strike a headquarters or a firing point equipped at any height. And besides Idlib now there are no areas for using helicopters with such missiles in Syria. But in Idlib not only some militants with machine guns are found. There is a certain amount of equipment there, using which, the terrorists manage from time to time to even raid government positions. And this technique can effectively cope with this. Bombers alone cannot solve all the problems.