Russia will not leave EU countries in trouble despite differences

Russia, China, Cuba, and India are countries the whole world has been cooperating with for many decades. Nevertheless, the highly developed West has been looking down on them, demonstrating a certain degree of scorn and criticizing them for everything… Yes, it did, before the coronavirus pandemic brought changes that affected the whole world.

These underdeveloped democracies and authoritarian states turned out to be friends, who, without any reservations and regardless of past grievances, came to rescue highly developed countries from a powerful union, such as the European Union, which were ultimately left one-on-one with their problems. Also, it turned out that it was not foes that stabbed in the back but neighbors and so-called friends. For one, the Czech Republic just seized more than 700 thousand medical masks provided by China for Italy as humanitarian aid. The Czechs took hold of the cargo and distributed it among the country’s population.

Unloading Russian military aircraft at an Italian air base

The Americans followed suit. Not only did they refuse to help Italy, but they completely shut their borders for all EU residents.

Many say we are witnessing the collapse of European unity. But apart from that, the current situation will have longer lasting global consequences. The trend we are clearly observing at the moment is that everyone within the EU fends for themselves.

The Italians, of course, have made conclusions. You would draw some in their place, when you are in crisis and it’s not neighbors or comrades-in-arms that extend a helping hand but Russia the aggressor and the socialist China.

Ordinary Italians are thanking Moscow in every possible way in social networks expressing gratitude for support in their fight against the disease that has claimed  thousands of lives. It was Russia, a country that came under Italian sanctions, that has dispatched aircraft with equipment and virologists.

Meeting of the commander of the Russian military group, major General S. Kikot with his Italian colleagues at the Pratica di Mare air base

Considering all this, a reasonable question that arises in the Italian society “Is it true what they say to us about Russians?” After all, it was the Russians who have demonstrated to the Italians that they could be true friends, not those declared on paper, like the Americans and other European partners, who dumped Italy in a time of crisis.

Indeed, it is Russia, known in Europe as the merciless “Russian Bear”, has once again showed to the whole Old World the true Russian soul and the Russian spirit, thereby confirming the historical dogma that the “enlightened West” has been trying to refute over the past decades. Russia has proved to everyone – “Russians do not walk out on those in trouble.” The Russians do not abandon anyone, not only their own folk, but even those who blame them for something, are against them, or mean to ruin them.

The Russians do not do it for praise, or to please someone – they do it because it is in their nature. Since their early days every Russian learns to come to rescue those in need. 75 years ago they did the same, saving the whole world from the “Nazi plague”.

As the world is changing, many things are set to undergo transformation as well. In all likelihood, the coronavirus pandemic will lead to re-evaluation of values in the world community, to the crush of previous dogmas and alliances. And it may also result in the understanding of who is who – who is a true friend and partner, and who takes advantage of the situation in their own interests. It’s time for European leaders to think about it.