Russia drowned out the GPS signal on Israeli military aircraft

Even from space one can see how Moscow acts against Tel Aviv.

In recent days, Israel is actively discussing problems with GPS. Suddenly, for no reason, locals began to experience problems with determining their own location when using this navigation system. For ordinary people, this problem was almost imperceptible, but the pilots, both civilian and military, faced serious difficulties.


Recently, flying over the territory of Israel, pilots are faced with the fact that their location is determined either incorrectly or not at all. And it often causes serious problems when landing or taking off, because all modern aircraft used by the Jewish state are largely dependent on GPS. It has not yet led to accidents and catastrophes, but in some cases it was necessary to interrupt the landing to enter the second round, there were also interrupted takeoffs.


It all started in Israel not so long ago – the first reports of failures began to appear a couple of weeks ago, and this despite the fact that Syria, in the words of the American general, the head of the Main Directorate of Special Forces of the United States Raymond Thomas, is the place on earth where most actively used means of electronic warfare. By some miracle, Tel Aviv managed to avoid all the problems arising from this, although the SAR is right next to it, and the bases of the most active participants in this e-war almost border the Jewish state (for example, the Hmeimim base). But now the situation has changed. And what is it connected with?


American scientist, professor at the University of Texas Todd Humphreys, along with a group of colleagues, guessed the cause of problems with GPS in Israel. Humphreys is an engineer in the aerospace industry, and for his next research he used certain sensors and other instruments of the International Space Station. As a result, he managed to find the source of the signal disrupting the navigation system in Israel. It turned out that the signal comes from the Russian base Khmeimim. “It (signal) is so strong that I can see it from space,” says Humphreys.


According to him, the Russian Federation supplied similar interference before, but they did not affect the territory of the Jewish state. Obviously, the Russian military moved their transmitters, or simply increased their number. Also, an American expert notes that interference is observed, including in the sky over Cyprus.


What could be the reason for this behavior of the Russian Federation? It is possible that with such means Moscow is trying to limit the IDF in its war against Syria and Iran. Interference is delivered just to those areas of the airspace where Tel Aviv likes most to strike – the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon and, in fact, Israel itself.


According to our source in the military circles of the Russian Federation, the interference is indeed delivered, but this is not done to harm Israel. The main task is to preserve the security of the Syrian-Russian base Khmeimim and other objects of the Ministry of Defense.


The fact is that over the entire period of the existence of this base, it was regularly subjected to attacks by militants and, possibly, other parties to the Syrian civil conflict. In recent months, drone attacks have become so frequent that it has begun to deliver certain difficulties in defense organization. Having studied the received copies of the UAV, the military came to the conclusion that it would be more rational to jam GPS-signals. For Russian aircraft and other equipment, this does not threaten anything, because we use the GLONASS system, which is in no way connected with GPS satellites. As for the attacking drone base of the Russian base, the source says that some of them are suspiciously similar to the hastily remade Israeli vehicles of old models. The models were deliberately damaged to create the appearance of “completely handicraft production.” Perhaps this is just a coincidence, but other probabilities cannot be ruled out either.

As to how much this jamming harms civil aviation pilots, our source says that there are no serious dangers.

First, the signal does not extend to the space that is beyond the horizon of the transmitters – it acts on the principle of direct visibility, therefore, to a certain height at Israeli airports there is no interference. Secondly, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the course-glide path system is used during landing (instrument landing). That is, GPS may not be used here at all.