Russia and Iran left Turkey and Israel out in the cold

talks in Syria.

The main conclusion is that war in a long-suffering country is over, Good has conquered Evil. And it became clear that the territorial integrity of Syria would not be allowed to be violated.

The tenth round of negotiations on Syria in the Astana format was held in Sochi. The main conclusion is that war in a long-suffering country is over, Good has conquered Evil. And it became clear that the territorial integrity of Syria would not be violated, and Jebhat an-Nusra would necessarily be destroyed.

Ankara is unhappy: the war is over, thank you all. Bye now.

Turkey tried very hard to take under its wing at least part of the militants that had accumulated in the “Turkish” de-escalation zone (Idlib province). However, the final verdict, based on the results of the Sochi talks, was voiced today by the Russian President’s special representative for Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev.

And the verdict was as follows: “The work with this structure (the Jebhat an-Nusra case) on the separation of moderate oppositionists can be continued, although it refers to terrorist organizations recognized by the UN and, accordingly, is subject to destruction.”

It should be noted that the expression “are subject to destruction”, not typical among diplomats, from Lavrentiev’s mouth sounded. And this means that not today or tomorrow, the personnel of the Syrian army will receive a signal and will begin the operation to liberate the city of Idlib and the province of the same name.

That is, the Turks, who had hoped to prevent military action against any terrorist rump that had accumulated there, lost at the negotiating table.

But Ankara had a big, very big temptation to stretch the explosive situation in the province for the longest time possible. In the hope that the pro-Turkish detachments (and there are a lot of them, not counting the turcomans) will be able to gain a foothold in the zone of de-escalation so that only then it would be impossible to dislodge them.

However, another official statement Lavrentiev (already specifically in Turkey) does not give the Turks any chance.

The special representative of the Russian president spoke in the following way: “… We have always made a specific demand that the Turkish servicemen should leave these territories (referring to the provinces of Afrin and Idlib) after the operation is completed and its tasks are fulfilled.” We will insist that when conditions for the safe the existence of civilians in these areas, Turkish servicemen will have to leave them. ”

Figuratively speaking, the war is over, thank you all. And the Turkish troops, who then made certain commitments to ensure a stable situation in these areas, will have to leave right after the civilian population returns there.

In fact, not a square meter of the Syrian land of Turkey will not break off – it was clear a few months ago. And the tenth round of negotiations held in Sochi in the Astana format was approved at a diplomatic, intergovernmental level.

Tel Aviv received enough preferences, but it requires even more

However, we should not forget that in the Syrian arena, in addition to Ankara, there is another player who does not like the situation. Tel Aviv hoped for its serious preferences at the final stage of the war.

But Israel (it is about him that is at issue), unlike Turkey, today exacerbates the situation in a long-suffering country not at all from some territorial claims.

With the Israeli territorial claims (the same Golan Heights), the world community has yet to suffer on the political stage.

Today, Tel Aviv has another headache: Iranian military instructors and pro-Iranian volunteer Shiite forces, who won in Syria. And Iran does not intend to give up preferences from the winners as winners.

That is why they are worried in Tel Aviv that Tehran will catch on to the Syrian territory tightly. On the other hand – why not? After all, blood was shed in the war against international terrorism and understand (and everyone understands) that if the pro-Iranian forces now leave, the terrorists will return.

They did not disappear, they did not dissolve in the air. They are simply looking for places in the region to apply their forces and those who would have paid for it. And ready to pay for such things are always in excess.

The leadership of Israel still categorically refuses to reconcile itself to the fact that the pro-Iranian forces will remain in Syria, at least in the medium term. However, the language that Lavrentiev poured into Sochi does not leave any alternative to the Israelis.

At first. “The Iranians have withdrawn (from the line of demarcation in the Golan Heights), and there are no proshite formations there.There may be some advisers in the Syrian army, but the objects of heavy equipment and armaments that could pose a threat to Israel, at a distance of 85 kilometers from the line of demarcation “- said Lavrentiev.

And then he added that the Iranians had found. But in Tehran it is not at all important to hold positions on the territories adjacent to the state border with Israel. That is, now the territories adjacent to the Golan Heights are controlled exclusively by Syrian military. This means that Israel has no reason to conduct military operations on Syrian territory. “We very much hope that Israel will refrain from further acts of violence against the pro-Iranian units that are located in the territory of Syria,” Lavrentev said. Damascus is preparing for new fighting in Syria. fronts both military and diplomatic. If the formulation itself sounds rather mild (it can be said, diplomatically), then the meaning of what has been said has a serious subtext. If the Israelis do not have any reason to attack Syria, and they will continue military operations, the parties will already be on the political stage. However, Damascus has already sent a letter to the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary-General, in which he asks to be dealt with attacks by Israel on the territory of Syria.

And this is despite the fact that on the Syrian arena a huge number of players are dissatisfied with what kind of outlines are emerging. All (including the Western coalition led by the US) hoped to at least something to snatch, to take away from the weakened from the civil war and terrorists of the country. Someone needed oil and logistics for energy carriers (the West). Someone hoped to get hold of the territories (Turkey, Saudi Arabia). Someone hoped to provide security guarantees once and for all for the territories that were conquered in due time (Israel, the Golan Heights). However, consistent work on all fronts (both military and diplomatic) of Damascus, Tehran and, most importantly , Moscow today already gives hope that the territorial integrity (and the state itself) of Syria will eventually be saved. In any case, today’s speech by Bashar Assad says: “… Syria was able to restore security and stability to the vast majority from Homs to Aleppo, from Kalamun to the Syrian desert, from East and West Ghouta to Palmyra and Deir ez-Zor, where terrorists used to be. It seems that the time is coming when Damascus will have to think about the liberation of the territories along the left bank of the Euphrates, from the province of Manbij (north) and ending with Deir-ez-Zor (southeast).