“Resort people” from the Pentagon will fly to Odessa on their “Boeing Chinooks

Ukraine is calling the US military transport helicopters to the Balck Sea – ostensibly for delivery of tourists to the beaches from Kiev.

It would seem – what is it? Odessa Regional State Administration (RSA) quite logically attended to the increase in the number of tourists in their estates. And for this, I decided to create a reliable helicopter “air bridge” between Odessa, the popular Ukrainian resorts in the Carpathians, as well as a number of regional centers of this country. Only at the first stage, the initiators promised to equip in Ukraine at once nine large helicopter ports: in Odessa, Zatoke (Karolino-Bugaz), Truskavets, Bukovel, Kiev, Vinnitsa, Cherkassy, ​​Lviv and Dnieper (former Dnipropetrovsk).

“It’s just a beauty!” The organizers exclaim. In summer, vacationers, “hulks” with children, do not have to be dragged to the sunny beaches in stuffy and dilapidated wagons “Ukrzaliznytsia”. For example, a flight from Kiev to the fabulous sandy beaches in Karolino-Bugaz will take only two hours, from Vinnitsa and Cherkassy to the same – no more than one and a half hours.

Svetlana Shatalova, Deputy Chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration, was delighted: – An additional type of passenger transportation is modern air transport, equipped helicopter platforms with artificial or unpaved surfaces on the Black Sea coast – all this will give another impetus to the development of tourism in the Odessa region. This is an investment in the region and new jobs, so we supported the prospect of such a project. ” In general, before that, everything looks very attractive and logical. But further in the implementation of a business venture just exotic and difficult to explain from a common sense point of view begin.

Carry the rest to the gentle Black Sea and decided back – you would not believe it! – US military transport helicopters Sea Knight 107-II and Boeing 234 Chinook, considered to be proven workhorses in the US Army since the times of the Vietnam War. For what the other day in Odessa signed a memorandum of cooperation between the regional state administration and the little-known Ukrainian LLC International Transport Service Group TVS. As announced, the American corporations Trans World Service and EXIM have already agreed to join the investment project. Which, presumably, the very “Chinooks” with the “Sea Knights” will provide the happy Ukrainian holiday-makers. Even if their civilian modifications had long been developed in the USA.

However, even in Ukraine doubts of skeptics were already in full swing. Yes, they write, both types of overseas are mainly intended for the transport of people. In the huge heavy military transport “Chinook”, nicknamed in the United States “flying cars” – 44 passenger seats. The middle-class car “Sea Knight” is smaller – 26 seats. In the Odessa Regional State Administration they say: to work in Ukraine, overseas helicopters are additionally equipped with canteens, toilet rooms, luggage compartments and shelves for hand luggage. Only even this is unlikely to help them get certified in the State Aviation Service “Square”. Because the rules for creating military transport and passenger cars around the world are still too different. First of all – in terms of transport security.

But even this is not the main thing. If Americans need it, in Kiev today they turn a blind eye and not on some very formal certification conditions. Where is more important the economic component of the project

First, the cost of the same “Chinooks” even without re-equipment is prohibitively high for today’s Ukraine – from 25 to 29.9 million dollars apiece. Secondly, the designers of any machines created for the conduct of war, and in any state the least concern about saving oil and fuel. Therefore, for example, Chinook, designed by Boeing as early as the 1960s and repeatedly modernized since then, is notable for just elephantine gluttony. According to regulatory documents, during the flight hour he “eats” 1353 liters of aviation kerosene (or 358 gallons).

Ukrainian experts on the fuel market have already calculated: if only this parameter is taken into account, then even with the full load of the cabin, for two hours of the flight along the Kiev-Odessa route, each of the 44 passengers will have to pay out about 5,000 hryvnias (about 12 thousand rubles) . And a ticket for an ordinary plane flying on the same route today costs from 1,000 to 2,000 hryvnias (approximately from 2.5 thousand to 4.8 thousand rubles). With an average salary, say, in the same Odessa region as of June 2018 year 8556 hryvnia (20.3 thousand rubles.).


Undoubtedly, in Ukraine, social stratification looks as glaring as in today’s Russia. And there, without a doubt, there are enough people able to pay any money for a resort ticket. But then, then – not at the deafeningly roaring “Chinooks” and “Sea Knights”! For wealthy gentlemen, there are other means of transportation. Much more comfortable.

If everything is so simple – why in the “pearl by the sea” did the project start to pile up a deliberately disastrous, at first glance, from an economic point of view? Well, let’s say, in the RSA and in the aforementioned LLC “International Transport Service Group TVS”, we are passionate about the prospects of the upcoming criminal “cuts” for the construction of nine helicopter ports. But then why are these two serious American corporations joining a share with suspicious Ukrainian swindlers?

No matter how you think – you involuntarily come to the conclusion that somewhere in the verbal fog someone else is hiding. Whose interests in Ukraine are not at all measured by money alone. For example – the Pentagon. After all, what can the main military department of America get if the construction of an air bridge announced in Odessa in a couple of years will be crowned with success?

At least in nine large cities of the Ukraine soon and completely legally, without excessive political noise, the infrastructure and personnel will appear for maintenance and minor repairs of the main military transport helicopters of the US Army. Without the participation of which the US military since the days of Vietnam have not conducted a single major operation.

And it doesn’t matter that today specially planned civilian versions of Chinuk and Sea Knights are planned to be used for transportation in Ukraine. Outwardly, they differ from their purely military fellows only by the absence of on-board machine guns and the equipment of fuel tanks and cargo cabins.

It should be borne in mind that those same civilian versions of the Shinuk (Model 234LR (Long Range) in passenger, combi or cargo variants, as well as Model 234UT (used for solving special tasks, such as mineral exploration, transportation oversized cargo or construction and assembly works) are not used anywhere on regular airlines in the world.

Yes, after 1978 the demilitarized Chinooks were used by Great Britain. But – only for the delivery of their rotation workers to the drilling sites in the North Sea, which were moving further away from the coast of Scotland.

Thus, Ukraine then rushes to the pioneers. Are there any other circumstances suggesting suspicion of the presence of large military and political interests of the Pentagon in this venture?

Let’s take a closer look at the company, which was one of the co-founders of a weird project with American corporations. This office originated quite recently – only in September 2018. Such a feeling – especially for the construction of nine helicopter ports.

Manages the early maturing LLC someone Kadanov Alexander Egorovich. He is also one of the co-founders of another company registered in Kiev with a very similar name – “International Helicopter Center TVS”. We would have this very Kiev “center” would be completely useless if it were not for Kadanov’s remarkable partner in him and co-founder No. 2 – Yekhanurov Dmitry Yuryevich.

The name of this “number two” is exactly the same as those in the passport of the son of the famous “Square” politician – Yuri Yekhanurov. Until August 2006 – Prime Minister of Ukraine. But in this context, the other step of the “father’s” career is much more important for us. From December 19, 2007 to June 5, 2009, Yekhanurov Sr. served as Minister of Defense of Ukraine in the government of Yulia Tymoshenko.

Are you able to believe that this Buryat born in Yakutia could be appointed to such an important post in present-day Ukraine without first establishing the closest and most confidential working contacts with American generals? Then it is quite logical to admit that even today the Yekhanurov family is very responsive and responsive to any requests from the former curators.

Let’s make a reservation: this is not a fact, but only a version based on suspiciously symptomatic coincidences in history with the allegedly devoid of any logic by advancing the military transport “Chinook” and “Sea Knights” from overseas to Ukraine. But what is absolutely beyond any doubt is the very pronounced interest of Americans in the advance and secret preparation of the military infrastructure of this country for their needs, which we can only guess at. What the Pentagon is doing today at the south-western borders of Russia is very similar to the undisguised equipment of the theater of future military operations, which is being conducted at a hectic pace.

First of all, we are talking about the construction of the “Operational Fleet Management Center” wrapped in with barbed wire in Ochakovo, Odessa Region, in the first quarter of this year. In words, it is in the interests of the Ukrainian Navy, which, as a real combat force, is practically no longer in nature today. However, for some reason, the 1st USMC (NMCB 1), called “Sea Bees”, is working on a secret object in Ochakov as part of the Foreign Military Construction Sales program.

These “bees” who had flown in from across the ocean turned out to be amazingly gallant people. Simultaneously with the Operations Control Center for perplexed citizens, they repaired one of the local schools for free. And also built a football field and a basketball court for it. As stated by the command of the construction battalion of the US Marine Corps – “in gratitude for the fact that the city is hosting a military exercise.” Does this mean that the bolder Yankees decided that they settled in Ochakovo forever?

Further. Since 2015, military instructors from the United States have embarked on a large-scale development of the Yavoriv training ground near Lviv, the largest in Europe outside NATO. First they arrived themselves, ostensibly for the continuous training of Ukrainian colleagues. Then they brought some equipment for $ 22 million. Now, according to the Kiev political analyst Oleg Khavich, it became known that the overseas contingent from the kind, though not reflected in the laws, consent of Kiev settled in the Lviv region on a permanent basis.

In parallel, for 20 million dollars allocated by Washington, in the village of Old in the Kiev region, an “international training center” was quickly built for the Ukrainian police, special forces and peacekeepers. According to the head of the National Guard of this country, Lieutenant-General Yuri Allerov, a full-scale model of the city has already been built on the range, in which you can imitate street battles “with fixing fire damage from both sides” From under the Old Americans, apparently, are not going anywhere.

Thus, for a long time, Chinook and Sea Knights in Ukraine have someone to fly through the air. And this is not a resort from Odessa beaches.

The Boeing 234 Chinook heavy military transport helicopter, developed in the early 1960s by the Boeing corporation, got its name from one of the Native American tribes of North America. The machine, built on a fairly rare longitudinal arrangement of the rotors, made its debut during the Vietnam War, after which it began its triumphant march around the world. At the moment, the helicopter, produced in more than 1000 copies, continues to be produced and remains in service with the armies of a dozen countries in the world.

The average military transport helicopter Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight also has a longitudinal propeller layout. The fuselage is waterproof, allowing you to land on water if necessary. Available loading and unloading ramp at the rear of the fuselage. The hook, mounted in the cab floor, allows the carriage of goods weighing up to 4.5 tons on the external sling. Military modifications can accommodate 26 passengers or 15 stretchers with wounded and 2 orderlies in the cargo compartment. From the 1960s to 2015, he was in service with the United States Marine Corps. From March 1966 he fought in Vietnam. In combat conditions, all helicopters of this type carried additional armor and weapons – two machine guns (as a rule, large-caliber M2).