Religious wars again

It is Ukraine s turn

What for did the Ukrainians begin to arrest the property of the parishes of the Moscow Patriarchate?

In Ukraine today, many fear that soon a bloody religious war could break out in the country. And the first terrible signs of approaching this disaster are seen more clearly.

One of them: the authorities of Ukraine the other day started to arrest the property of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. This is reported on the website of the Synodal Information and Educational Department of the Ukraine Orthodox Church of Moscow Patrairchate. To assess the church property under the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine a special commission was set up. And it has already sent the relevant directives to the religious communities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.

Here is a concrete example of the lawlessness that has begun. As the archpriest of the Holy Transfiguration church from Glukhov tells Alexei Radionov, he received such a notification on September 20. Similar papers, he said, were sent to other local religious communities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The priest calls the events absurd, since the temple in Glukhov and the ownership of it were transferred to believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in 1991. “There were only walls, a hole in the roof, there was not even a floor, and now they are going to create a commission to come and rewrite everything that we have. It’s absurd – what commission? Do you want to rewrite – the property of our community? “- resents the abbot. He does not exclude that “this initiative can be the first link in a chain of initiatives to seize property of religious communities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in favor of dissenters.”

At that time is, the Kyiv authorities have not even received the notorious Tomos of autokephaly from Bartholomew, the Patriarch of Constantinople, but playing on the side of the seccesionists — schismatics of Filaret, they try to grab the property of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. Otherwise, why would officials of the Ministry of Culture so unceremoniously invade the territory of the only legitimate in Ukraine canonical Church?

“All this is not just a harbinger of preparing crimes, but crimes that are already being implemented,” says Vladimir Rogov, head of the Slavonic Guard public organization. – We understand perfectly well that a religious war is being prepared with the goal of clearing the territory of Ukraine from those who disagree with the current course of Kiev. The authorities need a new line of split, and this split line is created by a religious war.

I will remind you that there is the 35th article of the Constitution of Ukraine, according to which the Church is separated from the state. And it is not the business of people who call themselves bureaucrats, ministers, prime ministers and presidents, to get involved in the affairs of the Orthodox Church.

– But they do get involved, and are very active. Why do you think they do this?

– The head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture is neo-Nazi Yevgeny Nishchuk. The one that said about the inhabitants of Donbass and Zaporozhye, that they are “not genetically pure”, so they are not easily influenced by Ukrainian culture. That is, as he put it, these are the “wrong Ukrainians”. And there is nothing to be surprised that it is his department that is now running ahead of the locomotive in order to carry out the cleansing of the believers.

Especially since the self-poclaimed Metropolitan Filaret (Denisenko), who is in prohibition and anathematized, already blesses the seizures. And he announces how the schismatics of the Kyiv Patriarchate will take Kiev-Pechersk, Pochaev, Svyatogorsk laurels and other shrines of the Orthodox world from the Moskals. All these are harbingers of great misfortune. It is so big that today we do not fully understand its scale.

But here is another very important point …

– What is it?

– We must understand that the US special services and the first persons in the US leadership are in charge of the process of preparing a religious war in Ukraine. The current State Secretary Mike Pompeo. We see how he “pushes” the patriarch Bartholomew. At the end of July, Constantinople says that there will be no Tomos to Kiev. And just a week later makes a statement that he is working to give Ukraine the Tomos and autocephaly.

Why do you think the behavior of Bartholomew changed so dramatically?

– Explain. Everything is very simple. At the end of July, Pompeo held a meeting with the head of the American Archdiocese of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, Archbishop Dimitrius (Trakatellis), showing him the documentary awareness of official Washington about the situation with millions of embezzlements from the budget of the St. Nicholas Church in New York. Pompeo then made it clear that the US prosecutor’s office and special services will seriously engage in Bartholomew and all the Patriarchate of Constantinople, if Kiev will not be granted Tomos.

That is, we see how serious the struggle is, how much the mechanisms of blackmail, frank crime and dirty political struggle are launched. All this with the other is to shed as much blood as possible. As much as possible to tear Russian living in Ukraine, from the Russian world. Or force them to treat all other Russian people with hatred.

The vicar of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Metropolitan Paul urges believers to “strengthen prayers for our holy places.” “We,” he says, “must protect them.” But are there enough prayers for protection in this situation? ” “When hundreds of thousands of people go out on the street, as it was during the religious procession in the summer to commemorate the anniversary of the Baptism of Rus, the well-known formula works: “One for all, and all for one “. Therefore, if even now a lot of people leave the protest, nothing will happen. Those who call themselves the Kiev authorities, perfectly understand: if anything, they can lose everything. And they are afraid of this very much. Therefore, the prayerful standing of the clergy and laity, which implies a large number of people, is a guarantee that the authorities will not dare go to open confrontation with believers. It was not for nothing that it was said that “and according to your faith will be given to you.”

Such miracles always occur in Pochaev Lavra, which Filaret tried to capture dozens of times. But monks and laymen always stopped the defilers. I do not call for either an ax or a pitchfork. But I fully understand that in the event of the beginning of a religious war, the end of the Ruined state, which Poroshenko and his accomplices are building, will come much faster than they think. Only the blood will spill much more, unfortunately.

The former deputy of the Odessa City Council, historian and publicist Alexander Vasiliev has no doubt that the Kiev authorities are going to destroy the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine: – We must understand that the canonical church on the territory of Ukraine is one – the Russian Orthodox Church. It has its own peculiarity, its self-management. Described by the order of Kiev is not some other property, namely the property of the Russian Orthodox Church. Obviously, this is a list of property before its seizure or redistribution.

  • Filaret, as is known , has already his eyes on the main Orthodox shrines – the Kiev Pechersk Lavra and Pochaev Lavra. And there was information that on October 14, nationalists plan to seize temples and monasteries belonging to the Moscow Patriarchate. Is this the beginning of a religious war? I can say unequivocally: today it is the most controversial sphere of public life in Ukraine. Neither the rise in gas prices, nor other social issues, nor even the final elimination of education in Russian, all have such a conflict potential as the fight against the Russian Orthodox Church. But I do not think that the authorities will act so silly and straightforward that they will send some gangs to storm the world-famous Orthodox shrines. Rather, it will be a much cooler and more prudent tactic.

In addition, I must say that Filaret has nothing to do with this. He’s just trying to make some nice PR on this. Because if Constantinople gives Tomos, it certainly is not for him. But for the structure that will be created in parallel. Therefore, clashes on religious grounds in the country are quite possible. But, I repeat, I think that the authorities will act cynically and tougher. That, in fact, is clearly shown by arrest of property. After all, it’s not the nationalists who began to go to church and count the icons. The state apparatus began to do this. This means that the state apparatus will also have to “squeeze out” property from believers. And, of course, ordinary believers will resist this. Including – physically. Then violence will be used against them. All this will be. And then how will the Moscow Patriarchate act? How will the Russian government act when the whole world sees the cadres of violence against the Orthodox in Ukraine? That’s about it, I think, you need to think about. And do not try to calculate the moves of nationalists or Poroshenko. They act, so to speak, their own turn. And they are working successfully, effectively for several years now. But what can oppose them? This, in fact, is the main issue for today in the Ukraine. And at this time, last Sunday after Sunday service in the church of St. Phocas Mesahoru in Istanbul Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew said that he would soon provide autocephaly to Ukraine. Referring to the Consul General of Ukraine in Istanbul Alexander Gaman, Bartholomew said that “it is the turn of Ukraine, which will get the status of autocephaly in a short time, despite the existing counteractions. And it will be, because this is its right.” He stressed that the relevant rights to him are given by the Ecumenical Councils and will be executed” in case Ukraine will and where else it will be needed.” Earlier in the Russian Orthodox Cathedral, they warned that in the case of granting autocephaly to Ukraine “anything can happen – the schismatics can try to take control of large monasteries, such as Kiev Pechor Lavra, Pochaev Lavra. Then, of course, Orthodox believers will protect these holy places, and bloodshed may begin, “said Metropolitan Hilarion, chairman of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate.