Rams of our time

Ukrainian politicians figured out how to pay off the national debt and make the country richest in Europe

Part 2.

Another dangerous competitor of Peter Alekseevich – Vladimir Zelensky – announced that he had finished shooting “The Servant of the People.” Yep That’s right a couple of weeks before the election, he decided to complete the project, in which he played the role of the right president. About this, Vova … well, that is, no longer Vova, but Vladimir Alexandrovich … wrote on his Facebook page: “We’ve finished filming“ The Servant ”… And who would ever think that our moral values ​​expressed in artistic language in the film, will become so close and sharp for people. ”

This is yes. What does the power of art means. There was a serial character Goloborodko – there was a real contender for the Zelensky presidential chair. And the project, of course, was closed on time. And what about Vova … well, that is, not Vova anymore, but Vladimir Alexandrovich …

and the comedian will sit down in the main chair of the country. All those “moral values ​​expressed by the artistic language,” the little people took at value, as a presidential program, such “life in a new way from Zelensky”. It’s time, it is time to forget the “Servant of the People”, and then, perhaps, the people still want Zelensky himself to act like Goloborodko in the presidential chair.

But according to our pollitrolog, the series “The Servant of the People” can be continued in a new cast. Mikhail Saakashvili prompted this idea to him on the air of Nash channel:

– Now, now they say, Zelensky is an actor, let the actor be a clown. I do not know, for example, a larger clown than Yura Lutsenko … I do not know a bigger actor than Poroshenko. Poroshenko, who knows how to cry. Dramatic actor. What the hell is Zelensky compared to him? Zelensky is just a pathetic actor of the district amateur group, and Poroshenko knows how to cry, knows how to talk ardently about reforms … Poroshenko is Laurence Olivier, Poroshenko is Marlon Brando … I heard his speeches in Odessa in 2015, in 2014 in Kiev, that I myself believed, I can not say that. He could talk, cry, do whatever he wanted, and after five years he spoke and cried again.

Why would Pyotr Alekseevich not really try himself as Goloborodko? Do all the same that performed in the presidential chair, just the opposite. And get a “servant of the people.” And for friends reformers, there will be roles. Just imagine this cast: Lutsenko, Omelyan, Reva, Suprun …

Under the heading “Notes of a Psychiatrist,” an unsurpassed domestic dreamer … br-rr … democrat Vladimir Vyatrovich, a duractor … the director of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory. Vyatrovich has the expected spring exacerbation. The sun looked out, streams began to purr, and the roof of Vladimir Mikhailovich leaked. In a good, of course, sense.

Over the past five years, Vyatrovich’s turbulent energy found its way into the fallen monuments of Lenin, in the renaming of streets and squares, cities and towns. And all the monuments are broken, the streets and cities are renamed. What kind of foolishness … damn you! .. what else is Vyatrovich and his comrades to do? Especially since the budget expenditures for the institute, without a bottle of speaking, national memory grows every year – in 2019 compared to 2018, they are almost doubled (from 57 million to 105 million UAH.).

And here’s another eureka! Since decommunization is completed, Lenin s monuments are broken and the budget for appropriating something … it is necessary to master, Vladimir Vyatrovich decided to take up a new large-scale business – decolonization! That s it. The first thing Vyatrovich intends to revise the dates of the founding of Ukrainian cities. Yep and then we have some kind of colonial, non-patriotic, and therefore wrong. As the head of the Institute of National Remembrance told in an interview with Radio Liberty, a draft law is already being prepared, ordering that the dates for the establishment of Ukrainian cities not be tied to Russian emperors. Dates, he said, will draw “from a more ancient history.” This, in particular, is about the Dnieper (the former Yekaterinoslav – in honor of Catherine II), Pavlograd (named after Paul I) and Odessa.

  • We are just starting a discussion about the need for decolonization in Ukraine, and the examples that I cite are what we have already gained … Accordingly, the cities I have mentioned – Pavlograd and Dnieper – are just examples. Another example is Odessa, which has a much longer history than the end of the 18th century, – said Vyatrovich.

Odessa is ancient according to Vyatrovich.

Why? Fresh and bold! I would even say – Ukrainian know-how. Come up with new — patriotic – dates of the founding of settlements. Until now, this has not been thought of anywhere else in the world. I even thought about changing my date of birth in my passport to something patriotic. And it was not lucky to be born in the days of the damned totalitarianism. Only I don’t know – should I move the date in the days of Kievan Rus or in the 1990s, in the years of independence? I’ll have to write Vyatrovich – as he advises, I will do it …

And in conclusion for the symbol of the era – the ram. The National Bank of Ukraine introduced the “Baran” (Ram) commemorative silver coin. Very, very important. They did hit the NBU right away – they caught the essence of the historical moment. The coin in denomination of five hryvnia, made of silver of 925-th test, on the obverse – a gilded image of a metal relief with the image of a ram’s head. We have been looking at the bottle for several days with the men, and without – this ram reminds us of someone. And that reminds, and this, too. It would be necessary for the NBU to think about releasing the whole series – “Rams”. In order not to forget any of the heroes of our time. For what they drank …