Province of Aleppo

In the north-western part of Aleppo, on the side of the road from Damascus to Aleppo, the body of Mohammad Suleiman, the commander of the Islamist group “Jabhat Tahrir Suria”, found with gunshot wounds. Unknown persons kidnapped him and killed him.

Province of Idlib.

Since June 17, the civilians are evacuating from areas controlled by Islamists. Civilians enter the territory of the Syrian government. It uses a “green corridor” near the village of Abu-ed-Duhur.

The process is provided by units of the Russian military police. On the way out, people are immediately provided with food, basic necessities, they receive medical care, and a place of residence is provided.

The Syrian special services are also carrying out the necessary measures to prevent the seizure of militants under the guise of civilians in the rear of government troops.

In the village Varachit Al-Dakhar, located to the east of Abu-Duhur, there was a meeting of the elders of Arab tribes from the Syrian provinces Idlib, Ham and Aleppo. The participants of the meeting positively perceive the further advancement of the Armed Forces of the SAR and support the efforts of the government of the country to regain control over its territory.

Province of Suwayd.

On June 19, the Islamists of the group “Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham” (an organization banned in the Russian Federation) from their positions in the eastern part of Deraa province fired upon the areas of Al-Jalaa and Astaklal in the city of Suweida. This has not happen since the end of 2015.

In the Badia al-Sham region, the offensive actions of the Syrian government troops on the “Islamic State” are continuing. On June 19, the enemy was knocked out of the area of ​​Khirbat Al-Ambashi.

The Syrian army and its allies captured a large number of settlements, namely: Tal Cabr Sayah, Rasmus Abu Rour, Tal Al-Dahaya, Russum Bulaya, Rasmus Al-Samahiya, Sair Abu Sarval, Wadi Shataikh Suleiman, Tal Tawa, Sum Al-Mujaidi , Aradi Al-Yuway and Wadi Al-Sahel.

The provinces of Deraa, Kuneitra.

Syrian special services stepped up their actions on the territory controlled by the militants. The government underground went on to commit sabotage on communications, ambushes and raids on small groups of jihadists, and the gathering of information necessary for the upcoming offensive actions of the Syrian army was intensified.

Near the Golan Heights near the city of Hadar, Kunaytra province, the Israeli reconnaissance Skylark (Skylark) was dropped. The IDF confirmed this fact. According to Syrian sources, the drone was shot down by the fire of air defense.

The Syrian military carries out information preparation of the offensive. So, from government helicopters over the cities of Ibta and Dael were scattered thousands of leaflets. In leaflets, the population is encouraged to clear their settlements from Islamists, and the insurgents are asked to surrender their weapons.

On the afternoon of June 19, the Syrian Arab Army and the National Defense Forces launched an offensive against Islamists in the northeast of Deraa Province. The ground operation is supported by large-caliber artillery. The Syrian troops managed to seize the former air defense base, which is located near the settlement of Massek. In addition, several farms were captured between the towns of Busra al-Harir and Massek.

The large-scale offensive operation of government troops and their allies in the south-west of Syria will be headed by Major-General Suheil al-Hassan. He is the commander of the elite division of the Tiger Force. For the personal protection of the general, the special operations forces of the RF Armed Forces are responsible. He is already in the province of Deraa.

A large military convoy of 80 cars arrived in the area of ​​the operation. Tanks T-90A, T-72, BMP-1, RRSO «Grad» (Град) and «Uragan» (Ураган) were delivered. Guard helicopters along the entire route were escorted by helicopter gunships.

Deir ez-Zor Province.

On the border with Iraq, Syrian troops are sweeping the territory from terrorists. The areas south of Humeim are occupied: Bir-Teilhard and Bir-Umm-Salabih. All strong holds of ISIS (the organization whose activities are banned in the Russian Federation) have been destroyed.

The positions of the Syrian army approached the eastern part of the territory in the area of ​​El Tanf, which is under the control of the US military and their wards of militants.

In the area of ​​the Syrian-Iraqi border, the Syrian military closely interacts with the Iraqi militia “Hasd al-Shaabi”.