Prelude to the piece

What exactly was on the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un?

In Singapore on June 12, for the first time in history, the leaders of the United States and North Korea met and held bilateral negotiations. Until the last moment it was not clear whether to be a meeting or not to be: Donald Trump and Kim Jong  Un both announced the summit, then threatened to abandon the negotiations. About how the historical summit passed and what ended.

And here is Singapore.

A meeting of the heads of state began to prepare a few months ago. The difficult question that the assistants of national leaders had to decide was where to hold negotiations. If in Europe such a resonant measure could lead to protest actions, then many Asian cities have disappeared for security reasons. In this regard, Singapore seemed the most optimal option. This advanced city-state is both a longtime trading partner of the United States, and maintains friendly ties with Pyongyang.

Negotiations between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un were held in strictest compliance with all security measures. Police blocked a part of the roads, for the meeting was chosen standing on a separate island hotel Capella, and it the heads of countries could reach it in the large train of dozens of cars.

How was the summit?

A historic meeting began with a long handshake – the journalists estimated that it lasted as long as 12 seconds. At the same time, the US and North Korean leaders were in good spirits, smiling at reporters and each other. Trump told reporters that he expected the talks to be “incredibly successful”, and that Kim Jong-Un will have “an amazing relationship” with him. The North Korean leader did not stint on loud words.

“The prejudices of the past were obstacles on our common path forward, but we overcame them, today we are here,” said the head of the DPRK.

According to The Guardian, when the leaders moved to the side of the cabinet for negotiations, Kim told Trump: “There are many people in the world who will consider what is happening a scene from some sci-fi movie.”

The summit consisted of three parts. At the beginning of the meeting, Trump and Kim spoke face-to-face for about half an hour, only interpreters were admitted to their office. After that, the delegations of both countries joined the negotiations. On the American side, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Chief of Staff of the White House John Kelly, Assistant to the Head of the Washington Administration for National Security John Bolton, Presidential Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, US Ambassador to the Philippines, former DPRK Special Representative Son Kim and senior director of the National Security Council for Asia Matt Pottinger.

From the DPRK, Kim Yong Chol, an adviser to the North Korean leader and deputy chairman of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers’ Party (TPK), who had already met Trump at the White House on June 1, participated in the talks. The delegation also included the deputy heads of the Central Committee of the WPK Li Su Yong, the Foreign Minister of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Lee Yong-ho, the Minister of People’s Armed Forces No Gwan Chol, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Tsoi Son Hee, the younger sister of Kim Jong-yin Kim Ye Zhong and the Director of the Department of the Central Committee of the TPK Khan Kwan San.

Before the start of negotiations in an expanded format, Trump said that they had already “managed to solve a big problem”. And the head of the DPRK for his part called the passing summit “a prelude to peace.” “We are waiting for great tests, but I’m ready for them,” said Kim Jong-Un.

The third part of the summit was a working lunch. The menu of the participants included a shrimp cocktail with avocado and green mango, beef ribs, several Korean dishes and a wide range of desserts.

Then when both keaders were sattisfied came the document.

After the meal, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un went on to sign the document following the summit. Initially, it was assumed that the papers would be signed by the same black markers with the name of the American leader, but the sister of the DPRK leader, Kim Ye Jeong, handed the pen to the brother before signing, to which he had left his signature.

The key points of the agreement are:

1) The United States and North Korea announce a reload of relations;

2) Both states will work to establish peace and stability throughout the Korean peninsula;

3) North Korea promises to continue work on denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula;

4) Both countries agree to find and return to the United States the remains of American prisoners of war that have been on the territory of the DPRK since the time of the Korean War;

“President Trump and the head of the DPRK Kim signed a historic statement on the results of the summit, this is the beginning of a new relationship,” US State Department Secretary Mike Pompeo wrote in his Twitter address during the solemn ceremony.

What did Trump and Kim say after the talks.

Trump called the document “very important and exhaustive,” stressing that this is not the last time they met Kim. He noted that he was very pleased with the results of the meeting. At the same time, the American leader promised that Washington and Pyongyang would be “impressed with the results that they will be able to achieve.”

The leader of the DPRK also assured that the world will soon see great changes. “The world will see great changes. I want to thank President Trump for the fact that this meeting was “said Kim Jong-Un. Right after the summit, the US president gave a separate press conference. On it, he called Kim’s consent to negotiate “a bold step for all the people of the DPRK” and invited the North Korean leader “in due time” to visit the White House. Trump also promised that the “denuclearization process will be monitored by a” large number of experts “, including international observers. In this case, as the American leader emphasized, the United States is ready to remove sanctions from North Korea as soon as Pyongyang gets rid of nuclear weapons. In addition, he said, the US will stop military exercises on the Korean peninsula if further talks with the DPRK go “properly.” Trump also noted that sooner or later additional meetings with Kim Jong-Un will be needed. He also did not exclude a meeting with him already in the White House.