Poroshenko’s threaten «Mechanic Pogodin» vessel with three-year captivity

the authorities of Ukraine do not give up attempts to take the Russian ship by storm

The situation around the Russian tanker “Mechanic Pogodin”, which since August 10 is illegally kept in the port of Ukrainian Kherson, is more and more like a staged political provocation from Kiev. No one, however, does not want to answer for that, although loud statements have been sounding all this time almost from every “bureaucratic head”of the independent Ukraine.

The next formidable monologue addressed to Russian sailors broke out the day before in the local radio ether the deputy representative of the president of Ukraine in the Crimea Izet Gdanov who declared, it is completely unclear on the basis of which legal international acts that the tanker “Mechanic Pogodin” will be blocked in Kherson port for three years.

He did not explain why not for three, not five or ten …

But, according to him, the ship’s crew should be punished for the “illegal” obstacle of the Ukrainian port inspection, who was going to check the complaint “about the unsatisfactory state of the tanker.”

Speech, in fact, is about the third attempt to penetrate aboard the Russian vessel, undertaken by the Ukrainian side on Saturday, August 17.

Before that, a group of unknown people, who had been introduced by the SBU and some Ukrainian “ecologists” landing, tried to take the “Pogodin” on boarding. All these attempts were suppressed by the crew, consisting of twelve citizens of Russia, as none of the visitors presented documents confirming the authority for verification.

In the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in fear awaiting the appearance of their own aviation over Kiev

As for the complaint about the “unsatisfactory state of the tanker”, allegedly received from one of the team members, then in order to stop any speculation on this account, the captain Mikhail Zamyatin submitted to the port administration all the crew’s statements about the absence of claims for the vessel’s content, fire safety and labor relations with the employer.

Gdanov, however, promised that from the Ukrainian side the attempts to get on board the Mechanics of Pogodin will continue.

Recall that the Russian tanker was detained by the coastal authorities of Ukraine on August 10 on the grounds that the shipowner was allegedly listed in the sanctions lists of Kiev. The vessel transported diesel fuel from Turkmenistan to Ukraine under a freight contract in the interests of the Canadian company Oil Marine Shipping and Chartering Inc. and had all the permits for entering the port of Kherson.

According to Captain Zamyatin, he notified the administration of the port of arrival for three days and received no complaints. That is, by the time of the ship’s arrival, the Ukrainian authorities and the SBU had all the information, including the owner. If there are any complaints, Kiev could limit the call of the vessel to the water area of Kherson port, Zamyatin believes.

But the Ukrainian authorities preferred a game without rules, blocking the tanker in the port, without having any judicial decision to do so.

Senator Franz Klintsevich called the policy of Kiev “a game with fire” and warned that the answer for illegal actions against the Russian ship Ukrainian authorities will have to keep.

“Russia has hundreds of ways to respond to these provocations, and our patience is at its last limit,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

In fact, the act of forcible – without the sanction of the court, blocking the tanker “Mechanic Pogodin” – is a pure hundred percent piracy. But can Russia in this case use force to liberate its ship?

Firstly, as regards the complaint, the allegedly inadequate state of the tanker under the “cover” of which an attempt was made to penetrate to its side, it is clearly fabricated, “commented the military expert, Colonel Mikhail Timoshenko. “If the tanker went to sea, then he has insurance.” If you received insurance, then the policyholder checked the ship from the keel to the scotch. Otherwise, he will not insure him.

That is, this “complaint” is another lie. Simply, as I understand it, I wanted to make Russia muck again. Show that they are “unreliable” and can afford everything.

Where does this number come from – three years?

I do not know. They took it from the ceiling, probably … If you insist on liquidating a malfunction, then why keep the ship in the port for three years? I have no logical explanation for this.

The cargo of the vessel, I will remind, is addressed to Kherson. The tanker drove there a diesel top

for Ukraine. And I would really like to know if this fuel was paid for by the Ukrainian recipient at all? Or not yet? “This is an attempt to pirate capture because of the cargo of the vessel.”

  • Ukrainian Minister Omelyan expects to confiscate and sell the tanker himself … – But who will buy it if it has a legal owner and the ship is insured? And those statements made by our Ukrainian colleagues, they do not cost anything at all. “We know this for a long time.”

– Senator Klintsevich promised an extremely sixth reaction from Russia, if “Mechanic Pogodin” in the coming days could not leave the port. How is this to be understood? “” It’s difficult for me to assess what the senator meant. Moreover, he is not a sailor, and not a specialist in maritime law. But something, from my point of view, we could do. More precisely, they would have the right to do it. First. No vessel with or without cargo belonging to Russian companies (or leased from a Russian company) does not go to Ukrainian ports. Second. In Mariupol, Berdyansk and other Ukrainian ports, where ships go for cargo or cargo, they go through Azov – shared water. But you can get there only through the Kerch-Yenikal canal, the passage of which is provided by our Russian pilotage, which sits in Kerch. All we refuse to allocate to the pilot. Go guys, at your own peril. I’d like to see the captain who would have risked going if the pilot did not get it. Or refused to accompany him. It does not happen that no marine court in this case will justify this captain, and the insurer will not pay him insurance for the ship and cargo. He ventured – on health. And sit on the rocks. Let the wave beat you, let you fall apart, do not worry anybody. We just can not miss the trial. This, of course, I would say, is not in our traditions. Immediately the scream will begin: “Russian pirates have blocked the Sea of Azov …” But with those relations that exist with Ukraine, how much can you, in general, wait? And so, border guards go to our sailors and sat: “Turn around, guys, the Azov Sea is closed . Passage to Mariupol – closed. You can still try to block the seaports of Ukraine – Odessa, Kherson, etc. But this is absolutely tough measures. Immediately, everyone will say that “the Russians have taken the path of war.” Basically, that’s what Russia can do … The courageous strategists, of course, will start yelling that we need to land the landing in Kherson, take off the ship and take them away. But this can not be done.

It’s all a long story, and the crews – both Norda and Pogodin’s Mechanics – would like to return home as soon as possible. How? We have to get them back. Well-fed, healthy, satisfied, in fresh costumes. And they will be returned to us only after we have put a hand in someone’s throat.

Kiev is preparing a double trap for Moscow. Ukraine is offered to kidnap Russian officers and smash business. Russia will not use force , in any case, says the famous Russian lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky: – As experience shows, we will make the first thousand Chinese warning. What, in fact, and do. What is happening today with the territory, called Ukraine, this absolutely does not lie in the field of law. Therefore, to argue to lawyers what is legal, what is illegal, when it comes to “unreliable”, it makes no sense. What lawfulness can there be, if a coup d’état took place on this territory? And there is an illegal junta in power. If Europe recognizes it, it does not say anything. Europe always recognizes those who benefit from it. The Ukraine is just bursting into a scandal. It behaves like a provocateur, provoking Russia for some actions. But in my opinion, it is not worth waiting for decisive actions from the current Russian authorities. Our interests and our interests are slightly different. From the point of view of their interests, they pursue a fairly balanced policy that allows them to with minimal losses evade sanctions and receive the profits that they received. And why do they need this Mechanic Pogodin? Why should we break a spear because of him? That is, some sharp steps of power are absolutely unnecessary, it needs to quietly lower the situation on the brakes. Configure to smooth out conflicts. Although we have the power to really release this “Mechanic Pogodin” … And I regret for the crew. Unfortunately, everyone who is there, in a sense is a hostage.