Poroshenko will be the last president of Ukraine

The new presidential term of the “chocolate king” threatens with irreversible consequences

Such a statement was made by the Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Nikolay Patrushev in an interview with the Izvestia newspaper.


In his opinion, the preservation of Poroshenko in power only “will aggravate the country’s political and socio-economic problems until its collapse.”

Russian-Ukrainian relations are not likely to become better. Since “he has already taken the decisive step, having terminated the Treaty on Friendship, Cooperation and Partnership between the Russian Federation and Ukraine,” Patrushev believes.


As for the “foresight” of the head of the Security Council, in general, it is not sensational. The version that Ukraine is about to collapse, we have heard for a long time. However, five years have passed since the Maidan, but Ukraine still somehow clings to its unitarity. Yes, already without the Crimea, and, in fact, without half of the Donbass … But it will not disintegrate any further …


It is also unclear why it is Poroshenko who will play the fatal role of the “spender of territories” according to Patrushev. And with Zelensky-President or Tymoshenko, what will help Ukraine gain stability?


Perhaps, of course, there is a special message in the statement of the Secretary of the Security Council, the meaning of which, as they say, is read between the lines – Russia is not going to recognize the results of these elections without a choice. But then this is a very elegant trolling of Kiev, which for some reason believes Moscow will agree withb results.

Because honestly, Poroshenko is unlikely to be able to win. So far, he has beaten all the anti-rating records – almost half of Ukraine’s voters would not have voted for him, under no circumstances, according to sociologists.


But the same Patrushev believes that the re-election of Poroshenko meets the strategic interests of Washington, which really needs the “independent” to maintain its Euro-Atlantic course. The current Ukrainian leader in this regard is a well-known, predictable, controlled, and most importantly, obedient figure for Americans. And this means that the States, most likely, will simply close their eyes to all violations, frauds and distortions in favor of Poroshenko in the vote in order to keep “his son of a bitch” in power.


The question is, how will those who count on a completely different outcome of these competitions look at it?


–  To begin with, let’s look at Patrushev’s statement that, under Poroshenko, Ukraine will face a breakup, – commented independent political analyst Alexander Asafov.

– Do not take these words literally – the head of the Security Council says a little about something else.


He says that the erosion of the Ukrainian state as a state is very strong. And in fact, there is no central authority in the regions, which, in general, shows the different events that we observe in the presidential election round.


This is a well-known fact. I mean problems in the Odessa region and problems in the Rivne region, where it already comes to armed clashes. Claims on the Kherson region of Islamic militants from the Crimean Tatar battalion. And, of course, the situation with the Hungarian minority in Transcarpathia.


In general, many of these moments are related to the fact that in remote territories of Kiev, the central government does not control anything. She exists there nominally.


And it is obvious that the elections will be rigged. And this will be, among other things, the reason that these groups in the field will perceive as a signal to the beginning of the seizure of power in its entirety. That, respectively, can really lead to the creation of some separate subjects there. No states, no, but, in any case, some parochial formations.


And Patrushev, apparently, makes it clear that they have data that allow us to conclude that in case of re-election Poroshenko is being prepared locally. And why difficult regions can begin to creep away after these elections.


That’s what he’s talking about.


As for the recognition-non-recognition, it is, of course, early to judge this. Although I think that it is impossible to recognize, of course, because the elections will be rigged – that is, and they can hardly be called legitimate.


– Some have already predicted in the beginning of April the third Maidan, if Poroshenko wins. Ukrainian opposition candidate Yury Boyko is confident that the people will come out with protests if the authorities decide to manipulate the voting results on March 31.


– Over the past few years, the opposition in different faces – Saakashvili, Tymoshenko, a number of other odious characters – tried to arrange the Maidan on various occasions – “social”, “coal”, “tariff”, “mothers and veterans of the ATO” …, etc.


Did not work. Because the Maidan should be funded and organized from the outside.


That is, it seems to me very difficult to talk about this now. Since there is no external will, the Americans do not need Maidan, they are satisfied with anyone who is elected. Anyone who will maintain the current anti-Russian course of Ukraine. And they will certainly close their eyes to everything.


And the ephemeral new Maidan, to which Boyko refers, is just a bargaining model. Tymoshenko and, possibly, the same Boyko will receive their positions in parliament, and they will calm down. Zelensky … he, of course, will blame and make noise. But his role is, in general, technical – to delay the votes of Yulia Vladimirovna and the rest, and not to be elected at all.


– But there are still armed groups of nationalists. Poroshenko, of course, is trying to flirt with them, but they are still not very happy with them …


– Agree. Power is a product that costs some money. And, of course, Poroshenko will make any compromises with the nationalists, including financial ones. These threats only increase the price – no more than that.


That is, no coup is impossible, because the situation is controlled by the Americans. Americans talk with all the more or less significant factors of the situation – whether they are radical nationalists, the Nazis, Poroshenko himself or current politicians and the opposition. And all of them go to the string.


– Patrushev also believes that the normalization of the Russian-Ukrainian relations under Poroshenko should not be expected. And even more aggravation?

– The course will remain radically anti-Russian, to break any ties and create provocatations.

Because the only reason for the existence of today’s Ukraine is to create problems for Russia in order to provide Americans with competitive advantages in the global market. Albeit unfair methods.


And as long as this goal is complied by Ukraine, as long as it fulfills their will, it will exist. In this sense, Americans do not care what the president’s name is, therefore all three dozen registered candidates retain the so-called anti-Russian consensus.


– We will continue to put up with inadequate neighbors, and endure their antics?


– We are ready to talk with everyone who is ready for a constructive dialogue with us. But we will certainly not fight without a threat to anyone.


That is, they are now forcing this topic – that “Russia is about to attack.” But they have been doing this since the days of the Cold War. This is part of Western propaganda.


– Maybe it’s time to recognize the republic of Donbass?


– I would really like that. And I think in small steps we are moving in this direction.


Perhaps we should expect the issuance of Russian passports, which will naturally cause enormous indignation from all possible international sites. But it’s definitely very difficult to talk about it now