Poroshenko is going to manage the Crimea from exile

To do this, it is necessary to slightly amend the Constitution of Ukraine

In Ukraine, they thought about creating a “Crimean government in exile”, which “will ensure the state control on the peninsula before and after its de-occupation.”

The very idea was voiced on the eve of the first deputy of “the post of the president of Ukraine in Crimea” Izet Gdanov. The very one that the Russian tanker “Mechanic Pogodin” in Kherson port recently “arrested” recently for three years without the sanction of the court.

The meaning of his speech is as follows: Kiev will be delayed with the return of the Crimea by military means, but “the pressure on the aggressor” will be strengthened in order to make the Crimea “more expensive for the occupier.” And in addition, the authorities have an “unreliable” intention to create a certain Ukrainian government of the Crimea, which at a distance would manage the affairs of the peninsula.

“At the moment, we do not have a de facto executive body in connection with the occupation,” the official complained, “and we need it to work out sectoral programs for the de-occupation and reintegration of the Crimea, and that after de-occupation we can immediately ensure security our citizens and control of the territory. ”

All short – to amend, as Gdanov suggests, a little Constitution of Ukraine, so that the head of such a government could be appointed by direct decree of the president of the country, without agreement with the Supreme Council of Crimea, because to date he does not consider it legitimate.

By the way, the last prime minister of the Ukrainian Crimea was ex-Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, police general Anatoly Mogilev. In February 2014, he announced his readiness to implement the decisions of the Ukrainian Rada, but was removed from his post by decision of the session of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, after which the Crimean parliament adopted a declaration on the independence of the peninsula.

And again the gentlemen in Kiev began to bustle about with this indistinct “government in exile” …

Why would? Four and a half years have passed since the Crimeans made their choice in favor of Russia. And they all continue to creat on the topic “how we will return the Crimea,” not realizing completely that these fantasies had long ago carried them unimaginably far from common sense.

Ukrainian authorities, as we recall, offered to deprive the inhabitants of the peninsula, who voted at the referendum on March 16, the citizenship of Ukraine – which is already nonsense, since people in the overwhelming majority themselves then chose for themselves Russian citizenship.

At the same time, the Kiev regime is constantly threatening: then with the bony hand of hunger, then with drought. Those are absolutely real saboteurs who are thrown to the peninsula for carrying out terrorist acts against civilians and infrastructure.

The same Poroshenko sometimes threatens to hang the Ukrainian “zhevo-blakitny” blue-yellow flag over Sevastopol, Simferopol and Yalta, then threateningly demanding from Moscow billions of compensation “for the occupation.” And more recently for the Crimean bridge. After all, indeed, a decent aggressor does not do this … He does not build bridges, does not build roads, does not make people’s lives better.

The ideas of the Kiev figures about some “government of the Crimea” are explained by the simple psychology of the crook and the classic swindler, who is always looking for new and more perverted schemes for washing and earning money, – the head of the news agency “News Front”, the author of the book “Crimean Front” Russian Spring “Konstantin Knyrik. – They have perfectly worked out the scheme connected with this plenipotentiary. Then they created the prosecutor’s office, which they successfully use, including for internal political struggle. Because this Crimean Prosecutor’s Office basically initiates criminal cases related to the cleansing of undesirable journalists, the sweeping of disagreeable public and political figures … and so on.

That is, they, in principle, step by step there are more and more tools for a painless and almost unpunished washing of budget money. And such kind of creative ideas, let’s say, will appear, in my opinion, even further.


Because – the fruit of fantasy.

Simply after the Council of Ministers, after the patrol Crimean police and the Crimean SBU, one can think about, let’s say, create another Crimean court. It is Crimean. Start there to disassemble some civil cases related to property, for this, take some money … That is, there are people who sell plots on the Moon, and they can thus solve economic disputes related to the territory of the Crimea.


And as they were engaged in safety and provision of vital activity of citizens, Crimeans for twenty three years were convinced. For twenty three years was but the infrastructure of the Soviet period of the Crimea peninsula was completely destroyed. And the benefit now – for these four years – it is recovering at an accelerated rate. Because, in principle, both the condition of the roads and the condition of the housing stock were like after the bombing.

  • And all these ideas, voiced by Poroshenko, can not be connected with the upcoming elections? Yes, Crimea is relevant from the point of view of every kind of pre-election statements. But it is actual now on a very narrow layer of the electorate. These are particularly torn and confident Ukrainian nationalists, whose support Poroshenko needs more, because they, in fact, should provide for him the result in the elections. But not by votes, but by the fact that they have weapons with which they can enter polling stations and do the right result for Poroshenko. Therefore, such initiatives are to some extent part of the pre-election and selective rhetoric, but this is not the main thing. And if you take into account that the center – conditional – the creation of all these Crimean structures, starting from the plenipotentiary, etc., most of them are Poroshenko’s people, so people just make money. And, of course, this also has to do with the elections, because money is needed for any election campaign. The senator from the Republic of Crimea, member of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Olga Kovitidi, in turn, recalled that all issues that concern the Crimea, do not belong to the competence of Ukraine for a long time: – It is necessary to prepare for exile exactly the acting Ukrainian authorities. Because it’s time to take care of your tomorrow. And this my opinion has a completely concrete justification. Despite the severe anti-Russian propaganda launched by Ukraine, the number of Ukrainians who connect their lives with Russia is constantly growing. To date, more than five million Ukrainian citizens are constantly working in Russia and are feeding their families. Suffice it to say that approximately two and a half billion rubles a month working in Russia, the Ukrainians send their families to Ukraine. What myths they do not compose in Kiev about life in the Russian Crimea, meanwhile about a million Ukrainians have already rested this year on the peninsula. And coming here, I must tell you, they do not hide their admiration for the changes taking place in the province. They see a real Crimean bridge -A handsome. Modern roads under construction. Planted new vineyards. Young gardens. Rising health resorts. They see how in fact the Crimea has blossomed during this time. And what would they have not thought up about the decline of tourism on the peninsula in Kiev, the real life speaks for itself. Lovely Black Sea, mountains, reserves, unique Crimean wines and fruits, coupled with our hospitality and brotherly attitude to the Ukrainian people, all this attracts more and more people to the Crimea. This is why the Ukrainian authorities need to think about their future. And to ask myself the question, why do citizens of Ukraine today choose Russia.