Pentagon’s Secret War

The United States will not allow to end the war in Syria

Syria is Obama’s war, which Trump inherited and the escalation of which is carried out by “hardliners” within his regime – those who are responsible for his geopolitical agenda.

The presence of the armed forces of one country in another is terribly illegal, except when foreign troops are invited by the ruling authorities of the country.

Washington did not receive any such invitation from Damascus. That is why Bashar Asad correctly calls the troops of the United States and their allies “interventionists.”

Pentagon troops came to that country in order to stay there. According to Nick Thiers of Tom Dispatch, US special forces are currently present in 149 countries. This is more than 75% of the UN member states. And active operations by the US special forces are conducted in at least 133 countries.

CIA operatives, generally everywhere. They conduct their operations under the guise of US embassies and consulates around the world. Their task, as well as the task of the Pentagon, is to advance and assert the interests of the American Empire at the expense of the sovereignty of other nation-states and at the cost of world peace.

Thurs explains that approximately 70,000 US special forces are “America’s secret armed forces … that are increasingly deployed strikingly close to all important countries of the planet (and not only close to such obviously important countries as Russia, China, Iran and North Korea). They conduct raids and military operations from Syria to Afghanistan and from Somalia to Niger. ” Nick adds: “They are training types that are called“ special operations allies ”around the globe. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a place where they are not announced … ”

These include Green Berets, Army Rangers, Navy Seals and their Air Force and Marine Corps colleagues.

They are part of the Pentagon Special Operations Command (SOCOM). Their task has nothing to do with “synchronizing the planning of global operations against terrorist networks” (the officially assigned task of the said Command – SD) is just the opposite.

They are training ISIS, Al-Qaida and its process Al-Nusra. They assist them, participate in their actions and direct their actions. The United States uses these groups as imperial infantry wherever they are – in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, the Philippines and elsewhere.

The United States and other Western media do not explain anything about what is happening. These media, in fact, suppress vital information that everyone should know, information about how Washington is waging a dirty war on a global scale, waging it endlessly. Politicians of the Republican and undemocratic Democratic parties have a deep aversion to such concepts as peace and stability.

Almost every day, American special forces are waging “unconventional war” almost everywhere. Their assignments are carried out mainly “in the dark – so that none of the Americans know anything except a few initiates.”

William Hartung, director of the Center for International Arms and Security Policy, explained the same thing earlier in these words: “Most Americans would be very surprised if they knew that the US special forces were deployed in three quarters of the planet’s states.” He added: “Transparency is completely or almost completely absent in the question of what they are doing in these countries and whether their actions contribute to security or provoke even greater tension and conflicts.” Clearly, the last thing almost always happens. And almost never – the first.

The commander of the special operations forces, General Raymond Thomas, turned the truth upside down, arguing that the forces he commands help “prevent the threats facing our state, protect the American people and ensure the security of our homeland …”

He did not bother to explain that all the enemies and external threats of America are fictitious. There is no real one. From the very moment when the defeat of Nazi Germany and imperialist Japan was defeated as a result of the Second World War.


Instead of a new era of peace and stability, which was to follow the Second World War, the United States began to wage endless wars of aggression. To this day, they are many. Over the past almost 75 years, the United States waged wars against those countries that neither represented the United States, nor anyone else, presented or pose any threat.

This is imperialism: its goal is a megalomaniac goal of domination of the whole world, of control over its resources, of the exploitation of its peoples. His goal is to divide the entire planet into zones of indisputable domination. America’s favorite strategy is endless wars, in which human losses have no meaning.

Millions of civilians killed and innumerable trillions of dollars thrown into the black hole of reckless spending, fraud and abuse. The mainstream media will never report about any of this.

For nearly eight years, Syria has been in the midst of a hurricane. Obama and Trump regimes want to turn this country into another vassal state of the United States. Washington wants to overthrow Assad in order to replace him with a pro-Western puppet regime.

The United States uses ISIS and other jihadists as their proxy forces. They are supported by the Pentagon through their bombings, the mass extermination of tens of thousands of defenseless civilians and the destruction of vital infrastructure.

Now the Pentagon is illegally occupying the north and south of Syria, turning them into its own territory, denying this state sovereignty and the fundamental right to the law. All this turns to dust there and then, where and when the US armed forces are declared.

On December 14, the Washington Post newspaper related to the neoconservatives and the CIA reported on America’s “secret war in Syria”, where “now US troops remain indefinitely, controlling a third of the country’s territory …”

Allegations that they are “facing a multitude of threats from different directions,” turn the truth upside down. The very presence of US troops threatens the security, well-being, and lives of the Syrian civilian population, not talking about regional stability.

WaPo is lying, reporting that US forces “serve as a bastion to counteract the ever-expanding influence of Iran.” Iranian military advisers in Syria, who are there at the invitation of Assad, help the government forces fight the disaster that befell Syria — the terrorists supported by the United States. That is why Washington, NATO and Israel are against the Iranian presence.

It is unclear how many American troops are in Syria. The Pentagon’s secrecy regime does not allow their numbers to be publicized. But there are at least several thousand of them.

Assad vowed to liberate all illegally occupied Syrian territory from foreign armed forces and the jihadists they support.

The United States’s support for the militants of the Kurdish National Self-Defense Detachments is explained only by the desire to partition Syria – in accordance with the “divide, rule and control” strategy.

Washington’s goal is to wage war forever in the country, undermining the efforts of the Russians to resolve the conflict.

The United States has been implementing this strategy for more than six years without significant achievements because such achievements would conflict with the imperial goals of the United States.

Syria is heading towards becoming another Afghanistan – an endless war without the slightest prospect of a return to peace and stability because American politicians from both parties are against this very concept.

The situation is complicated by the Turkish occupation of the north of Syria. Aspiring to become Sultan Erdogan wants to annex the Syrian territory bordering with Turkey, especially those of its oil-rich regions that now control the US military. And the Pentagon intends to save it.

Damascus and ordinary Syrians are disgusted by the illegal American presence in their country.

Turks are replacing the Americans, and the Kurds are going to break them

Endless war continues because Washington is opposed to solving the problem. The same is true of virtually all conflict theaters in which the United States is involved.


Permanent war is the long-term policy of the United States, which is supported by the vast majority of Republicans and Democrats.

Legislation adopted by Congress, approves funding for the countless trillions of dollars that feed the Washington military at the expense of the country’s vital needs.

There is almost no chance to open a new page of history and take a step towards the globe.

There is almost no chance of opening a new page of history and taking a step towards global peace and stability. The very concept of this is opposed by the military-industrial-reconnaissance-media complex of America.

The constant state of war is terribly profitable for Wall Street and other corporate predators. Peace and stability defeat America’s imperial goals — that’s why global wars will not cease in our lives.