Only one way out for Zelensky – to return the Donbass

Vladimir Gromov, the head of the counterintelligence of the LNR

Ukraine is electing a new “half-president” of a separate part of their country – comedian Zelensky. This fact is almost accomplished, because people are tired of Poroshenko and his anti-Russian ostentatious rhetoric and politics not only in Ukraine.


Why is Zelensky “semi-president”? Because the current system of power in Ukraine made it impossible for the residents of Lugansk, Donetsk, and those Ukrainian citizens in Russia to take part in these elections. And this, at least, about 10 million citizens of Ukraine and these are those who would hardly support the current Russophobian course in Ukraine. Based on all that is happening, the current elections cannot claim their legitimacy.


But one way or another, the elections can already be considered valid, and we can safely say that along with the Maidan technologies, the Ukrainian political consultants and their curators showed the next political show to the world with seemingly absolutely unpredictable consequences. Since the management will be allowed to a professional actor who does not have managerial experience and is not a politician. It should be noted that Zelensky himself is not going to position himself as a full-fledged president and politician.


The technologies of the current elections themselves contain all the elements of carnival and theatricality at all stages of the Zelensky election campaign, starting with the series “Servant of the People”. To this we must add that Zelensky was the most productively parody of all Ukrainian politicians over the years, and it is precisely this circumstance that gives Zelensky the right to purge all political elites and clan-corporate groups in real time.


Moscow expanded counter-sanctions against Kiev, but punished more than itself.

It is precisely this that Zelensky himself begins to successfully do, even before becoming president. It is about the “punishment” of Medvedchuk and the announcement of his withdrawal from the Minsk negotiating format in Donbass. And here it is necessary to understand this decision with understanding, because the actions of the Medvedchuk group did not bring either Ukraine or Donbass the results expected for five years for the execution of Minsk.


At the same time, Medvedchuk himself instantly reacted to the Zelensky attack and offered support from the For Life platform and a deal with Russia on the Donbass for Zelensky. This gesture looks extremely dubious and incorrect, that even the head of the presidential press service of Russia Peskov had to put the right accents on Medvedchuk’s proposals. Namely, that the Kremlin does not accept the deal, but wants a real friendly and productive relationship with neighboring Ukraine.


And the more incomprehensible is the position of individual representatives of the republics of Donbass, who said that without Medvedchuk, dialogue with Kiev would not be possible … Basurin had previously said that there would be no negotiations with Zelensky, because he supported the ATO and this was the right decision … But the same Medvedchuk said that he will support Zelensky, and this means that “recognizing” Medvedchuk, the representatives of the DNR leadership themselves will indirectly support Zelensky himself? I think that it is necessary to be somewhat intelligible in the statements and finally decide, where does the Donbass still strive for? Or will the cat-and-mouse game and the endless “no war-no peace” scenario continue?


Many wonder whether Zelensky will be able to stop the war in the Donbass? We answer: no, I can not! Why? Because Zelensky is not the “politician” with whom the Donbass will talk. Which exit? The answer is: it is necessary to hold in Ukraine, taking into account all the territories and taking into account the wishes of all citizens of Ukraine, these are popular elections, and not to hold the next tent, electing “emigrants” from the old yeast-based political consistency that supports the current purulent processes in Ukraine. And then the people of Donbass can enter into a dialogue with the truly people’s power of Ukraine, which will choose rapprochement with Russia and take real care of the people of Donbass by restoring their constitutional rights and restoring all social guarantees and obligations.


The “soft power” of Moscow in this country is useless, it moves to the West, not to Russia.

What should Zelensky do? The first is to dissolve the “system amateurishness” under the code name of the Verkhovna Rada and hold early parliamentary elections.


At the same time, fully relying on the constitutional foundations of the main principles of true democracy and as a “guarantor” to maximally promote such reforms and elect real people’s power. Then, perhaps, the Donbass, having assessed all the qualitative changes and the change of the management system, will enter into a dialogue not only with its people, who are beyond the line of demarcation, but with the authorities.


Anyway, it is precisely such changes that can be safely announced and this is the expected inevitability. Otherwise, sophisticated political manipulators, having elected to the Rada and joining coalition agreements, will quickly remove Zelensky from the presidency. Or, in extreme cases, they will declare a fully “parliamentary Ukraine”, transferring powers to the speaker like Tymoshenko. All subsequent events are not difficult to calculate.


Therefore, Zelensky has one way out – this is clearing the entire political and administrative system, and preparing the site for establishing real democracy with the formation of a further positive agenda in both external and economic strategies. Will Zelensky do this?


Yes, he will. But not immediately and not so clearly. Because without Russia, the people of Ukraine have no future.