Night superhunter

will bring Russia the victory in Syria

New technology will be a real nightmare for enemies.

Representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense shared information about the tests of the newest Russian helicopter, or rather, the latest modification of the Mi-28 helicopter. It’s about the Mi-28NM. In one instance, this helicopter was delivered to Syria in order to verify reliability and effectiveness in combat conditions. The military is reportedly satisfied with the results. One of the main reasons for transporting the test sample to the SAR was the need to find out how it behaves in the desert, in addition, experts had to find out how stable the new radar complex is during strong sandstorms and whether it is resistant to high temperatures. As it turned out, all the equipment works perfectly, and the military had recommended a helicopter for production some time ago.


The helicopter has a lot of new products. For example, its radar is located above the main rotor. This allows you to cover the entire space and transmit to the pilot detailed information about everything that happens in a certain radius. Plus, such a device allows the crew to more effectively hide behind small elevations and not be afraid of losing control over what is happening around. Equipped with a helicopter will be the newest long-range missiles – more than 25 kilometers (the so-called product 305). Also, the Mi-28NM has a duplicated control system.


The helicopter is multifunctional. Using various weapons, it can effectively destroy long-term firing points, warehouses and other enemy buildings, tanks and other armored vehicles.

Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov emphasizes that many parts of the Mi-28N underwent changes in this case, on the basis of which the modernization was made.


  • In this case, we are dealing with a high-quality refinement of the Mi-28N helicopter. They made this upgrade based on the Syrian experience. Mi-28N took part in the Syrian conflict, and, let’s say, not everything was smooth. Certain flaws manifested themselves. These deficiencies were corrected, while a number of innovations were introduced that allow us to conduct aimed shooting with all types of ammunition that can be mounted on a helicopter. And this efficiency is maintained not only during the day, but also at night and in all weather conditions. In this case, work was carried out with the propulsion system. An updated input device that reduces the temperature of the engine, and this has a positive effect on the quality and reliability of the machine. A helicopter protection system was also installed against man-portable air defense systems and conventional air defense systems. The Mi-28NM airborne defense complex was created on the basis of the well-known President-S system. This is a complex that effectively protects equipment from high-precision anti-aircraft missiles. Such helicopters usually operate at low altitudes – this is below seven hundred meters. And just at these altitudes helicopters are most vulnerable to portable air defense systems. Therefore, we need an effective airborne defense complex. Thus, we have a protected helicopter with a modern armament complex, which can operate on ground targets and, if installed air-to-air missiles, on it.


– Why is the radar located above the rotor?


– Simply put, this is done to increase the review. For example, in this helicopter there is also a radar in the nose. This was done to ensure that the helicopter could instantly recognize where it comes from and what goes in its direction, and then the nose radar enters the work, which leads to the target. That is, at the top it is a target detection station. And it works both in the interests of target designation and in the interests of the onboard defense complex. And the main task of this helicopter is to support the ground forces, and the secondary task is to fight with airplanes, first of all, with attack aircraft.


– In your opinion, did this modernization cost the budget too much?


– I won’t say anything about that. The information is still closed. But I think if it came out too expensive, then we would now hear other news.


– At the moment, one copy was sent to Syria?


– Yes, it was it which just was checked, maybe it will be the main model for the entire series. By the way, this is exactly the copy that will be shown at the exhibition “Army-2019”.


– By the way, why this modernization of MI-28N, which we have in very limited quantities, was sent to Syria?


Syria in this case acts as a training platform, where they checked the work of all systems. Here another important point is the interaction with the ground component. The most convenient thing now is to check all this in SAR.