News of Syria

The so-called foreign militants, who left Belgium for the war in Syria and Iraq, have received material support from relatives, friends and sympathizers in Belgium for a total of about 200 thousand euros in recent years, the newspaper De Tijd reported on Wednesday.

According to her, most of the funds were transferred through the Western Union cash transfer system.

Transfers were sent to intermediaries in Lebanon and Turkey, who then forwarded the money to the final recipients in Syria and Iraq.

As previously reported by the Libre Belgique newspaper, the number of foreign insurgents from Belgium who joined the ranks of terrorists in Syria and Iraq is little more than 600 people. They are both dead in Syria and Iraq, as well as those who remain in the territory of these countries or return to Belgium. the installation of observation posts along the line of demarcation is completed, the chief of the main operational directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia Colonel-General Sergei Rudskoy said at a briefing.

Gradually the situation in the de-escalation zone “Idlib” is normalized. The installation of observation posts along the line of demarcation, on which the servicemen of the guarantor countries of the Astana agreements – Russia, Iran and Turkey, are being completed, “he said.

In total, the Russian side exhibited 10 posts, Turkey – 12, Iran – seven. They ensure control over compliance with the regime for the cessation of hostilities by government troops and armed opposition, he said.

“There is a stable connection between the posts. A constant exchange of information on the situation and violations of the cessation of hostilities is organized, measures are being taken to curb them and settle conflict situations,” the chief of the General Staff said.

Russia demanded the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Syria, including Iran and Hezbollah.

Damascus has the following position.

The Syrian government called on the allied and friendly forces to fight terrorism. Among these forces are Russian and Iranian, Iranian advisors and brothers from Hezbollah. All these parties are opposed to terrorism. They do not encroach on the sovereignty and territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. They act in full coordination with the Syrian leadership in the fight against terrorism. I do not think that Russian friends had in mind the forces that entered Syria in agreement with the Syrian government to fight terrorism, this is exclusively the case of Syria. Russia demanded the withdrawal of forces, which here are without agreement, these are the forces of the United States, France, Turkey and other forces that are here illegitimately. They are the second party, who are in Syria without agreement and are considered to be invaders, and these forces directly support terrorist groups.

If Iran and Hezbollah leave Syria, this will eliminate the pretext for Israel to strike at Syria?

This topic is not even put on the agenda for discussion, so it concerns the sovereignty of Syria. We can not let anyone even raise this issue. Those who ask for this, and these are definitely not Russian friends, are studying the possibility of intervention in all parts of Syria, including support for terrorists in Syria and elsewhere in the region. We very much appreciate the help of the friendly forces of the Russian Federation, advisers from Iran and Hezbollah in the struggle of Syria against terrorists.

Syria estimated the last meeting in Astana as positive.

The two sides spoke about the positive aspects. The Astana participants confirmed the necessity of respecting and preserving the integrity of the territory and people of Syria. Finding illegitimate forces that have seized the Syrian territory must go. In Astana, great progress has been made, including de-escalation zones, including monitoring the development of military operations and security in Syria. And it is very important that no terrorist groups in Syria can be defined by legitimate terms. The countries represented in Astana will fight these terrorist groups.

Russia does not have confidence in Turkey. We are talking about Russia and Iran. Turkey is one of the states that occupied part of the Syrian territory and must leave it immediately if they are honest in their actions within the framework of Astana.

The issue of opening the Aleppo-Damascus highway and the railway was also discussed.

These tracks will soon be open. But in reality the main topics were discussed. There is no doubt that it is necessary to discuss the opening of all roads in Syria for the civil movement under the control of the Syrian government of its territory – this is natural. Other issues that formed the foundation for future actions that will occur in the coming weeks and months were discussed.