New strikes of Israel

Ad-Dabaa Air Base in fire

According to sources loyal to the government, in the evening of May 24, Israeli military aircraft struck at the air base of Ad-Dabaa, located in the south-west of Homs province.

According to local activists, in response to the attack, Syrian air defense forces produced at least 2 surface-to-air missiles from the S-200 air defense system.

In its official statement, the Syrian Army General Command reported that air strikes of the Israeli Air Force were subjected to an air base in central Syria. The command added that the Syrian air defenses repulsed the Israeli attack.

At the same time, there were reports that the launches of anti-aircraft missiles occurred, presumably, as a result of triggering a false alarm. However, this version is still not confirmed.

The Al-Dabaa air base is well known for being one of the key command posts of Hezbollah in Syria.

On the morning of May 24, the Syrian state media, as well as the Syrian news wing of Hezbollah, reported that a coalition aircraft led by the United States struck at positions of pro-government forces near the cities of Abu Kamal and Mayadin, as well as the T2 pumping station.

The reports noted that air strikes were inflicted during the ongoing attacks of ISIS on the position of government forces in the Homs and Deir ez-Zor Desert, which in fact sounded like accusations of a coalition led by the US in supporting the attacks of ISIS.

The coalition led by the US rejected any awareness of these attacks. Further Russian state-owned news publications such as RT and Sputnik, referring to certain sources in the Russian military circles, reported that the positions of government forces did not cause any strikes by a coalition led by the United States.

The situation with this incident remains unclear.

Later the same day, near the village of al-Faida, ISIS arranged an ambush for a group of National Defense Forces fighters. According to unconfirmed reports, as a result of this incident, about 30 fighters of Nazar al-Khafran detachment, who is part of the National Defense Forces, were killed.

Earlier ISIS had already attacked the position of the Syrian Army, the National Defense Forces and their allies: on May 22 – near the pumping station T3 and on May 23 – near the city of al-Mayadin.

According to sources loyal to the government, in response, the Syrian Army increased the transfer of reinforcements to the area and began preparations for an operation against ISIS in the Homs Desert.

However, this operation may be postponed if there is no conciliation agreement between the Syrian Army and the local militants operating in the Dar’aa province. In this case, the Assad forces are likely to first decide the issue with the militants in Dar’aaa, and then again focus on the desert in the province of Homs.