New Russian mercenaries sent to Syria

The turning point in the Syrian civil conflict can be called the beginning of the Russian military campaign against the Islamic state. Yes, it was Moscow that started the big changes, although a year before it came to Syria, Americans with their many allies, but their presence for some reason did not affect the success of the pseudo-caliphate. Baghdadi (leader of the IS) led his fanatics from the east, and every day they moved deeper into the west of the Arab Republic. All suffered from this – Assad, the Syrian free army, Kurdish formations and other groups. However, for the sake of justice, it should be noted that Americans secured a few areas, not only to create their military bases.

With the arrival of Russia, the first major defeats of the Islamic state began, the militants of which, shortly before the arrival of the Russian Federation, were preparing, according to Intrasyrian sources, for the complete seizure of Damascus. In general, the capital managed to be preserved, however, it was finally cleaned from the presence of terrorists only recently.

Following the first successes of the Russian forces and the Syrian allies, a victorious march to the east began, as, indeed, to the north and south. In a few months, the central regions of the state were liberated. Well, and then everything went like a rolled-up, not without difficulties, of course, but about new successes it was reported almost every day. What is the reason for this? Russian aviation, of course, is one of the best in the world, but it is clearly not enough for a victorious war, after all, success on the ground is also needed. Yes, there must be those people who ride on the APCs fly into the most hell and end up with those who have not been harmed by the aforementioned aviation, and such, as a rule, remains a lot.

In the case of Syria, such functions were assigned to local government troops, as well as to the Iranian guards of the Islamic revolution, plus Hezbollah. But there is quite a logical question – all these formations fought in Syria even before the arrival of the Russian Federation, but none of them has achieved any particular success. In general, at first, and in the future, too, an important role in all overland operations of pro-government forces was played by Russian mercenaries. Everyone knows about Wagner PMCs, and the number of victories of this private military company in Syria is great, however, as well as the number of dead fighters of this formation.

Until recently, all foreign operations were attributed to Wagner’s PMCs. But now the Russian media are spreading information according to which from the spring of this year in Syria there are fighters of a new group of mercenaries called “Patriot”.

In fact, there is nothing surprising in this. According to our information, in Syria in addition to the Wagner group were mercenaries, not associated with this illegal company. According to one of the Wagnerians, who shared information with us on condition of anonymity, some groups of Russians were bound by the obligations directly to the Ministry of Defense. In fact, there were “shadow” contracts. The size of “fees” in these people was slightly higher than those who acted through the PMC Wagner. In Syria, Wagnerites and such “special” contractors often acted together, although not in all campaigns.

Thus, during the operation to liberate the city of Dair-ez-Zor, one of these groups did not fight in the city itself, instead it was instructed to cut off the terrorists from reinforcements coming from the eastern shore of the Euphrates. In addition, they were instructed to restrain Kurdish forces, should such a need arise. At the same time, they interacted mainly with elite Syrian units, such as Kuat-an-Nimr (Tiger Force).

“Many of those who are called Wagnerites do not even know about it.” People fall for such work not always in the same ways. Sometimes it can be servicemen. They can earn well, firstly, secondly, someone can even receive a Hero (Hero of Russia state Reward). I know two Dagestanis, one was a major, another captain. They left for Syria on behalf of their superiors, but this is not through the Ministry of Defense. Are they Wagnerite? One, by the way, got the Hero, but it’s not because of Syria, and he is no longer alive. These names are generally incorrect. All the same, we are all subordinate to the Ministry of Defense. All “Wagnerite” can be called elite contract soldiers. These people are professionals, they do their work better than ordinary military personnel, so they have more salaries. And these stories from PMCs were invented due to the fact that we have a contradiction with the law. As for rumors about the fact that the authorities because of this law are denied treatment and financial support.

Many believe that the new PMC does not exist, in any case, the so-called “Patriot” was created by the same structures, but it is already composed of mercenaries who have visited Syria. The name itself is very relative. There can be no question of real competition between the old and the new PMCs.