Netanyahu is preparing a war with Palestine to take some land

The other day, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced big plans. According to him, the territory controlled by him will soon become larger. At the expense of Palestine, at the expense of the West Bank. He announced the upcoming annexation of territories on September 1, when he spoke to schoolchildren in one of the small Jewish settlements on the West Bank. It must be admitted that this is not the first time Mr. Netanyahu has poured such promises – back in April, before the last election, which turned out to be not the most successful for him, he spoke about the same thing. But this time he surpassed himself – his main listeners were small children, primary school students. Before them, he did not appear at all as a person who understood child psychology. On the contrary, Bibi spoke as all populists say – he tried to inspire confidence using commonplace phrases that were standard for politicians of his type.


For example, he stated the following: “With God’s help, we will extend Jewish sovereignty to all the settlements of the country of Israel.” By Israel, in this case, he meant a biblical state. It’s good that at least he didn’t start talking about Saul, about his desire to destroy the glorious David and about his suicide. For kids, this would probably be a trauma. The prime minister’s following phrase deserves special attention when he spoke of East Jerusalem and other Palestinian territories: “This is our land. We will build another Elkana there (Netanyahu just spoke in Elkana by the way). And one more, and one more. ”


Very controversial statement. In fact, this means the following – Benjamin Netanyahu signed the desire to seize other people’s territories. Under international law, the Palestinian Authority administers the West Bank. It belongs to her, and there are many projects to create a full-fledged Palestinian state on the basis of these lands. Tel Aviv, however, repeatedly backtracked on UN attitudes and treacherously took away what did not belong to it.


The problem is not solved, many believe, unless, of course, someone wants to immerse this entire territory in the next large-scale bloodshed. It seems that Netanyahu is among the bloodthirsty – since he again promises to make part of Palestine an Israeli region.


Obviously, nothing good will come of it. In Palestine, they were already seriously alerted and expressed fears that, using the support from head to toe of the pro-Israeli Donald Trump, Bibi would go over to the annexation of Palestine. However, as mentioned above, his promises can only be banal populism. Nevertheless, elections are coming soon, and we must sweat so that more people now vote for the Bibi party than in April,


Russian orientalist and political scientist Karine Gevorgyan believes that there can be no unequivocal opinion. Firstly, it may just be populism – elections are on the nose. But there are resources for the real annexation of the West Bank in Tel Aviv.


– It can be either just populism or real intentions. I would even use the wording “and / or”. It may well be that now these promises should simply raise the rating, and then they really will be realized. In this venture, Netanyahu relies on the help and support of various influential political forces in the world. Apparently, they promised it to him.


– Who promised him this support?


– There are political circles, there are cryptopolitical circles. Israel is well connected with the latter. On the other hand, these forces can at any moment retreat from Netanyahu and leave Israel in a rather difficult situation.


– After the Israeli election, the United States must demonstrate its plan for resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Surely, Benjamin Netanyahu is familiar with this project, so from this we can conclude that Washington still supports Tel Aviv in these its intentions. Otherwise, it is unlikely that the Israeli prime minister was so dispersed before the children.


  • I can be mistaken, but given the style of modern politics that Donald Trump asked, most of the statements are always made in such a way as if grand changes are waiting for us all. But then everything somehow calms down quickly, and there really aren’t any serious shocks. Perhaps the same thing here.


– Well, what about Trump – is he still pro-Israeli? How will he behave in this situation?


– He’s pro-American. In this case, he will simply soberly assess the potential of countries that are ready to support the Palestinians. This potential, admittedly, is small. Jordan and Egypt are almost not involved in the process – they have their own problems. Syria – everything is clear here, and there is no need to speak. But if you face the truth, this problem is unsolvable. In general, I think that the main mistake of the Palestinians was made at a time when the Jewish state was only being established. Let me remind you that in the forties and sixties, when there were wars, the Jews did not expel Arabs by force. The Palestinians themselves left, following the calls of their leaders. Moreover, many were asked to stay by Israeli politicians.


– Do you think Russia will intervene in the situation? And does she have a real influence on the situation?


  • At least formally, Russia will intervene. Palestine will make every effort to attract it and hope for it. But here the Russian Federation has its hands tied, and it has no real influence on the process.