NATO’s brain is dead

Is it time for the West to kill the Alliance itself dangerous for the humanity?

The two-day London NATO conference is over. And to call it the “NATO crisis” is an understatement. The crisis is such that at the end of the summit, President Trump canceled the press conference, officially declaring that during the conference there were enough briefings for the press. But most likely, he just honestly hinted at such an overwhelmingly conflicting atmosphere between NATO partners that their differences could not be revealed through a media event.

To begin with, French President Emmanuel Macron at the beginning of the conference unequivocally announced that NATO has a “brain dead.” This time he is absolutely right. Trump accused Macron of being “disrespectful” (to NATO). These comments were not only inappropriate, but openly insolent, he said.

Trump vehemently criticized Macron and all those who expressed any doubts about the justification of the continued existence of NATO. Trump left the summit before the end of the conference. Some say that his early departure was connected with his “own” impudent agenda, the goal of which is to ask European NATO members to increase their military budget to at least 2% of GDP – for which he did not receive a lot of applause. This extra defense money will be wasted. Most countries would prefer to use them for much-needed social programs.

Trump, NATO, and, of course, Trump’s man Jens Stoltenberg, a NATO official who has been in his position for the longest time (from 2014 to this day), were in a clear loss at this event. Interestingly, Stoltenberg, a career Norwegian politician, must have his own brains? So why is he fighting for a lost cause?

He, Stoltenberg, knows that Russia and China are not enemies of the West. That they are the enemies invented by Washington. Because the empire always needs the enemy to continue to foment and wage wars and conflicts. And that’s all for servicing its military-industrial complex, which brings billions of dollars in profit.

Yes, friends, in our neoliberal neo-fascist world, killing is good for business. In fact, killing is the largest business in the Western world. Can you imagine that? NATO institutionalized the killing as a new normality. Have you ever thought about this?

And in order to support this “eternal war on terror,” which fuels the US economy, we need (often fake) terrorist attacks. To maintain fear, to support the flow of weapons, the production of weapons, to support police and military violence, cruelty and repression.

This violence will increase until we are under the complete control of the military – so much so that we won’t even have to declare a “state of siege”. This is already happening automatically. In fact, people, fearing constant operations “under the wrong flag”, ask about it. Convicts ask the executioner to look after them! This is where we ended up.

Take the last killer on the London Bridge (meaning tragic attacks on passers-by in November 2019, 28-year-old Usman Khan, convicted in 2012 and released on parole in December 2018). Like most other “random” terrorist killers around the world, he was apparently known to the police and was released ahead of schedule for his good behavior. And, despite the fact that passersby twisted him, he was immobilized and, therefore, as the photographs show, he didn’t threaten anyone else, he was killed and shot dead by the police. What for? Then, so that he could not tell anything?

This happens with almost all “random” killer terrorists. They are “silenced.” Nobody seems to be wondering: why? Why are they not being taken into custody, not interrogated,- as it should be in the “legal states” that pretend to be in the West?

The “knife” terrorist who attacked people in The Hague fled, which is too suspicious. But the problem is that people are still buying into this lie, and the lengthy explanations of liars like Boris Johnson. What is alive and well can be used when the inmates under control are released “ahead of schedule”. I mean the MK-Ultra, the CIA’s mind control program.

It arose in the bowels of intelligence during World War II and was further developed in the 1960s, but is still very much alive today. It’s just that today it has become more complicated than yesterday. Amazing – here it is, a great miracle! – until now, as far as I know, not one of these “random knife or pistol” terrorists has appeared in Russia.

Question: Do those who continue to promote and defend the “brainless” NATO lead to NATO with a “dead brain”? Not necessary. Because NATO propagandists and advocates have a clear agenda. Or several agendas. With American bases and under American leadership, but with European funding, NATO does not serve any of the purposes for which it forces everyone to believe.

It is lying, that is a force that protects against the dangers of the Russian invasion of Europe. But recently, this argument has been rejected by most European NATO members. Now they say that NATO is a means of defense against a “fast-moving warlike” China. Now, it turns out, the presence of China is trying to justify the meaningless NATO. But China is the most peaceful of states. It seeks cooperation with the West, not war or conflict.

Maybe even European leaders are starting to think now. Well, yes, let their sleeping brains revive. Let them wake up. The reality is that both China and Russia offer Europe trade and business relations on the basis of friendship, not coercion. And the New Silk Road initiative, the Belt Way, is ultimately attractive, although it is still openly criticized to cater to Washington despots.

Europe realized that participating in the Belt-Way Initiative is a long-term win-win offer. As the Chinese rightly say, “we are trying to build a community with a common future for humanity.” On the contrary, almost nothing emanates from Washington that would not be imposed or forced under threat of sanctions. Relations with Russia and China are diametrically opposed to this. They are peaceful, not warlike.

Of course, the intimidation of Europe by the “eastern threat” is so weak and cool that it looks like the last desperate step of the empire leaders. Or rather, those who pull the strings of appointed leaders. One of these leaders is Trump himself.

The second item on the agenda of the not so brainless NATO commanders is the reason why they require an increase in the defense budget of European members to 2% of GDP. It is clear that all weapons associated with 2% should be bought from the United States, not from Russia and not from China! In this case, you may have other NATO countries violating US rules. For example, Turkey, which buys Russian S-400 air defense systems, and not much inferior to them American Patriot systems.

Additional money spent on defense must be spent in the United States to further increase the profits of the US military-industrial complex. This, at the same time, should weaken Europe, already balancing on the brink of recession. As we know, a weak Europe is less competitive with the United States, better amenable to control and manipulation. European leaders should already be aware of this. Every major banking recession caused by the Fed / Wall Street hit Europe the most. Just look at the most recent – 2008-2009 – which continues. And this is not an accident.

Another wave of severe recession is approaching. And additional unnecessary military spending will only worsen the situation. Maybe Europeans will think about spending this “extra” money on opening new relations with the East – Russia, China, Central Asia, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)? This is a union of countries that will certainly help prevent the fall of Europe into another crisis abyss. The China Belt-Road Initiative could build bridges to prevent a European recession.

And thirdly, as soon as Europe is armed to the teeth in the interests of NATO, any talk about the proposed European defense system – Macron’s idea, supported openly or implicitly by most EU members – will end. At least in the foreseeable future. And – with so many weapons and defense mechanisms – Europe will need an enemy to justify its weapons. In this case, according to Washington, more pressure on Moscow and Beijing will be more acceptable for Europe, which will again bring it closer to Washington’s orbit.

On the other hand, if democracy were democracy, and the peoples of Europe were asked about their allegiance to NATO, the vast majority – on average about 70% – would say that they want to leave NATO. In some countries – such as Italy – this percentage may exceed 80%.

It is clear that NATO is doomed, it is not necessary. There is no justification for the existence of NATO, just as Europe has no real enemies. All enemies are invented to justify war and killings, to justify the production of weapons, to destroy people and to destroy countries. Washington is the only clear and real danger not only for Europe, but for the entire globe. Washington’s creation of enemies leads to economic growth based on destruction and killing. What world we live in!

Isn’t it time for us to wake up and kill NATO?

The author Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst who previously worked at the World Bank. He lectures at universities in the USA, Europe and South America. His articles are published in publications such as Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik, PressTV, The 4th Media (China), TeleSUR, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog and other resources.