NATO will not help Israel in the event of an attack by Iran

Stoltenberg said

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in an interview with Der Spiegel said that NATO will not help Israel in the event of an armed conflict with Iran.

As Stoltenberg noted, NATO can not give Israel full security guarantees, since the country is not a member of the organization, although it remains a partner of the bloc.

The NATO Secretary General also stressed that the alliance does not participate in the settlement process in the Middle East.

Israel is not a member of NATO and this country is not covered by Article 5 of the Collective Defense Alliance Charter, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.

In an interview with Der Spiegel magazine, Stoltenberg commented on NATO’s response to Iran’s threats against Israel.

According to the NATO Secretary General, although Tel Aviv is a partner of the North Atlantic Alliance, it is not covered by the guarantee of collective defense. “NATO is not part of the peace process in the Middle East and is not part of the regional military blocs. This is not our mission, “the secretary general stressed.

Stoltenberg also drew attention to the differences in views of the US and its allies on the issue of Iran’s nuclear program. “The deal on the Iranian nuclear program is still in force. It is still unknown how effective this agreement will be without US participation. The strong impact on the process will be imposed by Washington’s restrictions on European companies,” – the Secretary General believes.

Stoltenberg recalled that NATO in its time welcomed the deal that prevents the creation of nuclear weapons by Iran. All the allies are still unanimous in their opinion on the need to achieve this goal, the NATO Secretary General said.

Stoltenberg acknowledged that there is disagreement among the bloc’s members regarding the nuclear deal with Iran. At the same time, he added that all members of the organization are concerned about Iran’s missile program and “support of terrorist groups”, which leads to instability in the region.

Tel Aviv has repeatedly stated about striking the positions of the Iranian military on Syrian territory. In May, Israel accused Iran of shelling positions in the Golan Heights and struck Syria.

Also last month, Israeli leader Binyamin Netanyahu stated that the Israeli Air Force has been counteracting Iranian aggression in the Middle East for several years. He also stressed that the military presence of Iran in Syria is unacceptable for Israel.

Recall a sensational statement made by the deputy after Russia in Israel Leonid Frolov in February 2018.

«Russia will step on the side of Israel if Iran attacks him», – Leonid Frolov, deputy Russian ambassador to Tel Aviv, told the Times of Israel.

Israel believes that only Russia will save it from the war in the north of the country.

This statement was made by the diplomat a few days after the incident with the drone on the Syrian-Israeli border.

“In case of aggression against Israel, the United States will not be the only one on the side of Israel – Russia will also take his side, many of our compatriots live here in Israel and Israel as a whole are friendly, and thus we will not allow any aggression against him,” – the diplomat said.

Frolov also expressed doubts about the fact that the unmanned vehicle launched Iran and invited the Israeli special services to establish contact with Syrian counterparts.

Now the relations of Russia, Iran and Israel are weaved into an extremely complex ball.

Not so long ago,  Israeli Defence minister Lieberman met with the Russian Defense Minister Shoigu.

“The main focus of the talks was on ensuring that Iran and its satellites do not settle in Syria,” the Israeli Defense Minister said that time.

The main topic of the talks, which the participants identified, was the situation on the borders of Syria with Jordan and Israel, where Russia would like to fully use the existing agreements on de-escalation.

“Israel appreciates the fact that Russia treats our security needs with understanding, and especially with regard to Israel’s northern border,” Liberman quoted his press service.