Manbij cold shower for Kurds

US and Turkey will oppose Kurds together

The Turks entered Manbij without a fight. They are not yet in the city itself, in its surroundings. This settlement, which the Kurds in August 2016 with passionate circumstance liberated from the ISIS, as it turned out today, was released for the Americans. And in the end — could it be for ISIS again?

Under the protecting arm of the United States they might be transformed into some “Military Councils” in some local advisers, the committees of supposedly local authorities, where terrorists run under the guise of a couple of “democrats”. Saved by the Americans from destruction and moved to the “new government”.

Because now Turks are entering Manbij, and on behalf of the Syrians the Military Council of the city will interact with them. Naturally, under the guise of the Americans, whose troops will also be located in this part of the province of Aleppo.

What did the Turks and Americans agree on?

It turns out that Russia is not the only one who can win wars, but loses piece. Moreover, Russians can not compete with the Kurds in this respect.

The Kurds really fought courageously against the ISIS. Defended their cities, squeezed the ISIS out of their cantons. Russia went further, freeing them from all of eastern Syria on the left bank of the Euphrates.

But only in the process they made one sway, believing to get on their feet even more confidently, even more firmly. In 2016, enjoying the vertigo of success, The Kurds started talking about their independence from Damascus. They even announced their autonomy – which, in fact, meant complete political independence. They proudly ignored all the exhortations of the Syrian and Russian leadership. Because they thought that they grabbed God by the beard, suddenly and passionately fell in love with the Americans. How else? – Americans help to beat jihadists, Americans will outrun the Turks, the Americans by their very accommodation in the territories occupied by the Kurds give guarantees of Kurdish independence, not just from Damascus, but from anyone else.

But it was a trap, the trick Kurds committed was used against them. Now they did not stand on their feet, but on their heads.

Everything was to become clear even when on the left bank of the Euphrates the Americans started mixing the local Kurdish authorities with local elements. Everything, seems to be fair – but only why not the Kurds but Americans started to do it? Kurds are no longer their “beloved wife? And when these “local elements” turned out to be mostly from the ISIS, and then, thanks to the skillful fingers of the Americans – in most cases it was simply too late to turn on the head. For while the Kurds noticed nothing, their top was already replaced by pro-American and well oiled with dollars.

The second transparent hint that something is wrong was for the Kurds of Afrin. Where the Turks entered, and Americans did not protect Kurds there. But the head did not turn on again. For it was still spinning and forcing the Kurdish representatives to continue to brazenly and fervently respond to the proposals of Damascus to get protection from him, recognizing his authority.

And now the time has come for the final reckoning. According to informed observers, it was the US that agreed in talks with the Turks that the Kurdish political organization SDF and the military-political wing of YPG would leave Manbij. Once you released him from the ISIS? Well done, then you gave power back to the ISIS in the person of the Military Council. The Turks do not want to have business with you. And we want to deal with the Turks. So you must understand yourself: you have become superfluous …

And so Kurds were left as winners in the war and losers in piece.

Totally. The Americans gave the Turks their controlled territory around Manbij. What they promised the Turks for this, we do not know yet.

In the conditions when Moscow and Tehran have their tensions due to Iran’s support of Hezbollah and generally frank desire to make war on the territory of Israel – in these circumstances, Turkey’s withdrawal will mean not a retreat, in fact, but an exit. And the collapse of a not very strong, but more than an effective alliance, which, in fact, ensured the victory over the ISIS and not only the salvation, but also the complete strengthening of the regime of Bashar Assad in Damascus.

And it means that it will be the victory of the USA! And the Russians will again be in the usual state of winners in the war, but the losers of the world. We agree that if the payment for this is the surrender of some Kurds, the Americans will surrender them not only without thinking, but even without remembering the next day, who it was …

From Syria it is reported that some Kurdish representatives have immediately seen Asad, asking for talks. But, first, the status of these “signalers” is unclear.

More precisely, the names of those they represent are known. However, it is unclear what they are weighing now in the real world. And secondly, it is unclear what, in fact, they can bring to put as their share on the negotiating table. The Kurds have nothing else!

While they languidly danced in a sweet dizziness, they quietly took the sap power, territory and even actually armed detachments. For those are now part of Syria’s “free forces” – an American-made grouping of all that is possible. And try to break out of these embraces – there will be Americans against you, and Turks, and local authorities, of course. The very ones that, were under the leadership of the saved leaders of the ISIS … And the Turks have no intention of stopping. Erdogan clearly has his persistence. He promised to cleanse the entire Syrian-Turkish border from the Kurds. He already did half the job. Now he promises to occupy the city of Kobani – that same Kurdish “Stalingrad”, which they heroically defended and protected from terrorists of ISIS. And then to complete the case by seizing the city of Kamishli. And thus to extort Kurds in general from the canton of Rozhava. That is, from the territory of Syria. For all in Syria remember perfectly well that the lands to the south, on the left bank of the Euphrates, were never Kurdish. And they belonged, first of all, to the Sunni Arabs. Will they stand up one day?