Maduro wins the first round

Part 2.

The Russian ambassador to the UN got it right – there are already other leaders whom the West want to destroy after they destroy Maduro, in order to replace them with a flexible puppet à la Guaydo or Duke Marquez. In the end, this is a typical dialectical problem – the more violent and frank the US aggression against Latin America is, the more successfully the US organizes coups or even invasions, the stronger the sentiments against the Yankees originate among the peoples of the continent. Look at this from the next side – the United States has finally completely alienated the peoples of China, Russia and Iran, as well as most of the Arab and Muslim world. And thanks to this alienation, the leaders of China, Russia and Iran enjoy the support of their peoples in their struggle against the US Empire. Can something very similar not occur in Latin America? Conclusion: formulate the question correctly.


In order to overcome the plans of the Empire in relation to Venezuela, it is extremely important that we always have in mind: the choice not between Maduro or Guaydo is not a choice between poverty with chavista and prosperity with Anglo-Zionists. In such a framework, they want to drive the discussion of agents of the Empire (whether they paid for it or just idiots). The real problem here is the rule of law. The rule of law in Venezuela, of course. But also the rule of law at the international level.


First-year law students are often taught that the purpose of the law is not “fairness” as such, but providing a mechanism for resolving disputes. Admittedly, this mechanism is extremely imperfect, but civilized people understand that this mechanism is preferable compared to its alternative. By the way, the alternative is what happens every time when the so-called “humanitarian intervention” is launched. There is a humanitarian disaster.


However, this is a typical course of action of the neocons (and, in fact, of all imperialists). First, they choose a country to destabilize, then use their control over international financial markets and trade in order to provoke an economic crisis in this country; then they send their “democracy-promoting” spies and agents of influence to stir up protests or, better still, violent riots; then send several “unidentified snipers” (this is in case the legitimate government uses enough violence to suppress protests), then they declare the leader they want to be replaced with “monster”, “animal” or even “new Hitler” and threaten to overthrow him. After that, they declare “urbi et orbi”: “very likely” that the “new Hitler” will massacre his own people. Then, if necessary, they carry out an operation “under a foreign flag” and proclaim a “coalition of the willing”, consisting of the “friends” of the country to be occupied. This “coalition” – due to the “inefficiency of the UN” – takes its own measures, rejects any thoughts about international law and speaks exclusively about the “rule-based order”.


When you listen to supporters of Guaydo, you will always hear them talking about how terrible Maduro is, how terrible the economic situation of Venezuela, how corrupted members of the regime are, etc., etc. All this is a smoke screen. Even the accusation that Maduro “stole” the last election is just another smokescreen. Why is this done? Because, even if Maduro really stole the election, then Guaydo still had no right to declare himself president. And Trump had no right to recognize him as such. And the Empire did not have to do with threatening Venezuela with military intervention or even violating the borders of a sovereign country under the ridiculous pretext of “bringing in humanitarian aid” while at the same time holding the country under severe (and completely illegal) sanctions.


The solution to the crisis caused by the violation of the law cannot be a complete rejection of the most basic principles of law, but such a solution can only be the restoration of the rule of law by legal means. It seems obvious, but there are so many who seem to forget about it, that it is worth repeating. And here I will again post a picture that really says everything:


Which elections are legitimate and which ones are not? (left column: the percentage of voters; right – the percentage of all registered voters)

Maduro had 67.8 % of voices in his country, Trump had 46%,  May had 42.3 %.

And Guaydo had 0 %.


The most powerful tools in the Empire’s arsenal are not nuclear forces or their bloated, although, in general, ineffective, armed forces. The most powerful tool in the arsenal of the Empire is its ability to form a discussion, to determine what should be focused on and what should be hidden. The hereditary corporation of the Empire, Mass Media, even dictates which words should or should not be used in the discussion. For example, one can never speak of “illegal aggression”, but one must speak of “humanitarian intervention”.


That is why we must speak of “genuine sovereignty”, of “international law”, of “constitutional procedures”, of “aggression” and of the “threat of aggression” as war crimes. We must continue to demand that governments and the media adhere to the basic fundamental principles of civilized societies (such as the principle of “innocent until proven guilty”).


We need to deprive the rulers of the Empire of the right to declare that they have the right to completely ignore the most sacred principles of the international order established after the Second World War. We need to continue to insist that a just international order can only be multipolar; that the only World Hegemon can never give justice to anyone and that there will be no peace if there is no justice. And finally, we need to tirelessly demand that each country and each nation live in accordance with their own traditions and beliefs, and reject the idea that any single political model should or at least could be implemented everywhere in the world.


All of these are principles that the neoconservatives hate and that they would like to combine into a single comprehensive concept, such as George Orwell’s “thought-and-act”. Neocons, for the most part, are very fond of using the terms “anti-Semitic” in order to reject these principles. And when this fails, then the term “terrorist” is always available for use. Do not let them do it. Every time they resort to this trick, immediately expose it and keep focusing on what really matters. If we can get the neocon to face these challenges, then we will win. It’s really that simple.


It is not given to me to predict how this conflict will end by itself. Will the brazen arrogance of the “Yankees” suffice to seriously bring the people of Venezuela and the rest of Latin America back to the painful truth of reality? May be. My hope and my inner feeling tell me that this is possible.


Author: Andrei Rajewski is published under the pseudonym The Saker – a blogger widely known in the West. Born in Zurich (Switzerland). Father is Dutch, mother is Russian. He served as an analyst in the Swiss armed forces and in the research structures of the United Nations. Specializes in the study of post-Soviet states. Lives in Florida (USA).