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US appreciates Chinese air sword

Celestial Empire confidently takes dominance in the heavens and assimilates previously inaccessible aviation technologies.
Everyone knows the “Chinese nodding statuette” – a porcelain figurine that nods its head in response to any movement around. In China, it was always believed that people were surrounded by invisible entities from other worlds. They can be kind or, on the contrary, hostile. Therefore, in Chinese culture there has always been a large number of various amulets and charms for protection against evil spirits, nodding statuetteis considered to be a sort of blocker. Actually, this ancient tradition today is embodied in modern technologies, in particular in the field of the latest weapons, including aviation – in China they are considered to be just protection. So the appearance of the fifth generation fighter J-20 in the People’s Liberation Army of China became such a kind of amulet. First of all, from the American evil.

The fact that China has made a powerful breakthrough in the field of high-tech weapons has long been known and it is no secret that Beijing relies on modern technologies. Each new Chinese development attracts close attention all over the world, primarily in the United States, where they are jealously watching this development. It’s simple – the more powerful the Chinese army, the more difficult it is to put pressure on the country from the standpoint of economic benefits to which the Americans are so accustomed.

It is already clear, and no one argues with this that China is the third country in the world, after the United States and Russia, which managed to create a fifth generation fighter. Is it bad if their J-20, which Chinese experts have called a “real air sword,” will show time and comparisons with the American F-35 or the Russian Su-57, but it exists in reality and is already in service with the PLA.

At the same time, China does not stand still in the field of development of aviation weapons. It is known that China has begun developing the next type of fighter. This project is known as JJ and at the moment its sample has already been presented in a test form (although it was not presented to a wide audience). And, according to the Global Times, this aircraft will have stealth ability, and a large number of modern composite materials are used in its design. At least, it is known that a group of developers from the JJ team received an award precisely for work in this direction. That is, it is obvious that it will be an invisible aircraft with supersonic speed.

The existing J-20, already in service with the PLA Air Force and actively flying, these fighters constantly patrol over the southeastern waters of China and the so-called disputed islands in the area of the Spratly archipelago and the Diaoyu Islands. Chinese experts praise the benefits of their aircraft.
– The J-20 is already unique today with its aerodynamic layout concept. It differs significantly from the American F-22 and F-35, as well as from the Russian Su-57. American planes have excellent stealth technology, but there are problems with maneuverability, and therefore they are not suitable for close combat. The Su-57 is quite the opposite – it has excellent aerodynamics, but there are no implemented steel technologies, – writes the Chinese edition of Sohu.

Here, of course, it should be noted that with all the “colors and colors” of the Chinese J-20, including the quite good universal PL-21 air-to-air missile, it has a significant drawback. These fighters are equipped with engines of Russian production, which are now slowing down the path to the fifth generation for the Su-57 (quite effective on the Su-35, which is rated as 4 +++). Russia is already actively testing a new engine, but China is now counting on its own production potential – Xian WS-15 engines. It is possible that due to the capacities of the Ukrainian enterprise Motor Sich, which China intends to acquire. Since 2020, China expects to bring the production level of the J-20 to 150 cars annually.