Macron bets on Zelensky

France and Israel have decided on a new president of Ukraine

The leader of the Ukrainian presidential race, Vladimir Zelensky, spoke about the results of a meeting with the head of France, Emmanuel Macron, on April 12 at the Elysée Palace in Paris. It lasted about an hour.

According to the candidate, the conversation with Macron can be called productive. He noted that “a very cool, warm atmosphere” reigned at the meeting . Zelensky, said he was satisfied with the negotiations, and added that he had time to discuss with Macron “the most important issues for Ukrainian society, for Ukraine as a whole.”

After meeting with Zelensky, Macron received the current president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, who arrived from Germany, where he had a meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Recall, Zelensky previously said that he plans to hold direct talks with Russia on the topic of Donbass with the participation of international partners. In addition, he intends to return to the “Norman format” of negotiations, inviting him to the United States and the United Kingdom.

What else could Zelensky discuss with the French president? And why did he go to him?

– He just came to those who called him, – says political analyst Ivan Lizan.

 Peter Alekseevich, apparently, was summoned both to Berlin and to Paris. And it was they who were called in, whereas Zelensky was rather invited to the bride. Plus Macron is easier to talk to Zelensky – they are berries of about the same field, representatives of the elite, who during their election campaign positioned themselves as anti-elite politicians.

– Is there a role of Kolomoysky here? Or does Zelensky himself determine priorities and build negotiations?

 It is difficult to say what Zelensky himself defines. Rather, for him, most of his work is done by his advisers from among the former Euro-optimists and participants in the grant programs of the Soros Foundation. I do not think that Zelensky understands all political and, especially, economic matters. Microeconomics of comedy show Studio Quarter 95 and macroeconomics of Ukraine are two big differences.

– What do you think about the results? What did he achieve?

 At least, non-interference from France. It is important for Europe that the elections take place without unnecessary excesses, and after them the course of Ukraine remains about the same, but the problem of Donbass has moved.

– According to Zelensky, the meeting discussed the most important issues for the Ukrainian society. What kind?

 Surely cooperation with the IMF, the role of Kolomoysky in the politics of Ukraine after the elections, the issues of gas transit. Could discuss anything. It was important for Macron to understand what kind of person Zelensky was and whether there would be problems from him.

– By the way about the Donbass. How could they agree? What do the Europeans expect from the election results in this area?

 At least, the absence of a new war. They have already become accustomed to the sluggish confrontation, but they do not need a new outbreak of hostilities. Only political idealists can believe in the performance of Minsk-2. So it is important for Europe not to get worse.

– Immediately after Zelensky Macron met with Poroshenko. What could they talk about?

 From guarantees of the transfer of power to the conviction of the importance of more or less fair elections. I think that there was no point in talking about plans for a second term of Peter Alekseevich – he will not win.

– Who do you think Europe will prefer to see the president?

– The one from whom there will be less problems. Therefore, they called Zelensky to see if he would be worse than Poroshenko. I believe for Europe it will be not. But for Ukraine – everything is ahead.

 It is important for Zelensky to show that he is part of the official establishment and enter the top offices of the leaders of Western countries, – says Eduard Popov, director of the Center for Public and Information Cooperation “Europe”.

 He takes away the monopoly from Poroshenko, who is positioning himself as the only politician in Ukraine entering these offices. Now Zelensky has destroyed this monopoly. I think the role of Kolomoisky here is not important in principle. More importantly, Zelensky is seen in some circles of the EU and the USA as a likely successor to President Poroshenko.

– What do you think the results of the voyage Zelensky? What did he achieve?

 Zelensky, I repeat, is seeking to create an idea of himself as a politician, which is part of the ruling establishment. To drown him in the election fraught. That is accepted by the Israeli ambassador, since Zelensky is a Jew. Now about Macron. In the same way, the leaders of the first and second Maidan were received and welcomed by Western leaders. Now Poroshenko was in the role of a hunted fox. I think that after the meeting Zelensky’s victory is almost predetermined.

– It is known that they discussed the Donbass. Is this the main theme for Zelensky?

 Zelensky considers Donbass not as the main topic of real politics, but as an important element of the election campaign. The goal is to show yourself as the “president of the world.” Recently, I was a participant in the event with representatives of our Foreign Ministry. And they quite seriously talked about this quality of Zelensky. But, I remind you, this is exactly how Poroshenko positioned himself. Zelensky parasitizes on the same sore subject as Poroshenko. Zelensky’s task is not to be, but to be known. The same challenge is facing Western leaders who have decided to support him as an honest candidate against the corrupt president Poroshenko, and as president of the world against the president of the war.

– Who do you think Europe will prefer to see as the president? The Germans, for example, apparently, do not really trust Zelensky. And the rest?

 Poroshenko participated in the sponsorship of the election campaign of Angela Merkel through fake commercial firms registered in Europe. Therefore, the interest is mutual and monetary. I can not say with certainty that the Germans so support Poroshenko. I think that Germany is not united in this matter. The coming week will show who else from European leaders will meet Zelensky. While the Europeans seem to be waiting. But the meeting of Zelensky with the Ambassador of Israel and Macron is a wake-up call for Poroshenko.