Kurds want to continue to cooperate with the US after defeating ISIS

why this will only aggravate the situation in the region

«Democratic forces of Syria» are ready to continue cooperation with the US-led international coalition even after the victory over the militants of the “Islamic State” banned in Russia (IS1; ISIS1). This statement was made by the representative of SDF Cinema Gabriel.

“The events and programs implemented by us with the international coalition are not connected with military operations, which will soon end after the liquidation of the stronghold of the Islamic state in the basin of the Euphrates River,” a representative of the Democratic Forces of Syria said.

Kurds want to continue to cooperate with the US after defeating ISIS: why this will only aggravate the situation in the region.

About why Cinema Gabriel made such statements, and what prospects for the cooperation of Kurds and the US in Syria after the end of the operation against ISIS, the Federal News Agency was told by orientalist Andrii Ontikov.

“The problem is that in my personal opinion, the situation has changed radically in recent days. We perfectly remember how the Kurds just recently spoke about the readiness for dialogue with Damascus, and even held talks with representatives of the central authorities, during which some agreements were reached on the conduct of joint economic activities in Kurdish-controlled territories. All this was caused by certain agreements between the Americans and the Turks in Manbij. Even there was a certain positive trend in the sense that the Syrian authorities will regain control over the territories east of the Euphrates, “the FAN interlocutor reminded.

Kurds want to continue to cooperate with the US after defeating ISIS: why this will only aggravate the situation in the region.

However, according to the expert, at the present time, this trend is breaking down, the reason for this was the deterioration of relations between the United States and Turkey.

“Immediately there were reports that the Americans are no longer going to leave the Syrian territory, supposedly even this decision was made at the level of the US administration. Also there were reports that the Americans urged the Kurds not to rush to negotiate with Damascus. The problem is that the Kurds, judging by the statements of Kino Gabriel, once again peck at this bait and can not give up their imaginary, illusive dream – to create at least a federal region, and as a maximum an independent Kurdish state. But the Kurds rely on the Americans. And, as we have seen, Americans use these Kurdish interests purely for their own personal purposes. If it is profitable for them to move in this direction at this stage, then they move, if not profitable, then they betray the Kurds, “Andrei Ontikov noted.

As the the expert explained, the current actions of the Kurds are only an additional push to slow the settlement of the Syrian conflict.

“If the Kurds continue to cooperate with the Americans – the Americans will remain in Syria, and the situation will turn into a” swamp “. Kurds would have a sense on the contrary to start negotiations with the Syrian authorities and to bargain for themselves some kind of normal conditions. Dreams about the state, dreams of a federation must be forgotten. The problem of the Kurdish desire to build an independent state is that absolutely all the surrounding countries (Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey themselves) are strongly against this, and any attempts by the Kurds to isolate themselves will encounter sharp resistance. An example we just saw in Iraq, “said the Orientalist.

Kurds want to continue to cooperate with the US after defeating ISIS: why this will only aggravate the situation in the region?

Even cultural autonomy in Syria as an ideal model for settling the situation with the Kurds encounters a sharp rejection from Turkey, draws the attention of Andrei Ontikov.

“In my personal opinion, the Kurds here do not need to make previous mistakes and not bite on the bait of the Americans, stating that the” Democratic forces of Syria “are ready to continue to cooperate with the United States. The Kurds must turn towards Damascus and, perhaps, towards Russia, because Russia initially insisted on the participation of the Kurds in the negotiations in Geneva, in Sochi and so on. The maximum that the Kurds can achieve in Syria is cultural autonomy. All that is greater than this, leads only to inciting conflict and aggravating the situation, ” he said.

In addition to these external factors, the expert named a number of internal ones, which can also lead to an escalation of tension if the Kurds continue to cooperate with the United States.

“This is the Arab factor, and the” sleeping cells “of the” Islamic state “, and the policy that the Kurds themselves are conducting. Kurds seize property from local residents and forcefully recruit civilians into the ranks of the “Democratic forces of Syria”. The other day it became known that the Syrian Kurds had forbidden the Assyrians to teach in schools in the Assyrian language. So far, all that the Kurds are doing is provoking a strong rejection of the local population. ” The “Democratic Forces of Syria” has a lack of experience in managing the territories, “- summed up Andriy Ontikov.