Kurds – Iraq, Syria and now Iran

Kurdistan Workers Party started war against Tehran, radicals besiege cities.

Iranian Kurds intend to join the armed struggle with the official Tehran, reports The Jerusalem Post. Earlier this month, the leaders of the Kurdish Kurdish Democratic Party (PDKI), affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and the Syrian People’s Self-Defense Forces (YPG), formed a headquarters in the city of Marivan, located in the west of the country near the border with the Iraqi province of Sulaymaniyah , and launched a series of special operations against the forces of the government army of the Islamic Republic.

“The Kurdish people are already ready to oppose the Islamist regime in Iran,” the party representative said in a statement published on controlled resources in social networks.

Armed PKK groups began to spread their forces in the western region of the country. Kurds themselves claim that they managed to besiege a number of cities, including Marivan, Sanandaj and Baneh. The subdivisions of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which is part of the Iranian government troops, deployed tanks, preparing to repel the Kurdish radicals, but the PKK units seem determined.

He claims that several members of the IRGC have already been killed during recent clandestine special operations and direct armed clashes. So, according to a report on one of the PKK-controlled Internet portals, on July 3, the band of the “Eagles of Zagros”, associated with the Iranian Kurdish party, attacked the stronghold of the Iranian forces near Piranshah.

A veteran of military service Alexander Perendzhiev noted in a conversation with a correspondent of the FAN that this “uprising” is not at all like fighting for national interests. In his opinion, a number of external players are systematically shaking the situation in the country, as before tried to do in Syria. Now, their already proven aggravation of the Kurdish issue has become a weapon of destabilization.

“All these speeches of local Kurds undoubtedly have a connection with the recent unrest in Iran. Even then, the country’s leadership clearly stated that all the riots were organized by foreign forces – those technologists who are just engaged in “revolutions” in the Middle East. This is a prepared act, and the Kurds in this situation are already used as a direct armed force. All this is more like a fight for the interests of a given ethnic group, and what is happening in Syria is actually a subversive and terrorist war against the legitimate authorities and citizens. The same is now unfolding in Iran, and I would not be afraid to draw direct parallels, “the expert said.

He also added that he sees at least three players who are certainly involved in the destabilization of the situation in the Islamic Republic.

«Undoubtedly, there are interested parties: these are not only the obvious United States and Israel, but, most likely, Saudi Arabia. It has long been clear that external aggression was being prepared against Iran, but they seem to have decided to first shake the country from within, including using, as now, the Kurdish factor. The scenario is understandable: first they will destabilize the situation, and then they will say that Teheran allegedly is very harsh on the Kurds, who will be declared rebels and fighters for independence. They will put pressure on Iran diplomatically, create public opinion in the West, and so on.»

He is sure that such an anti-Iranian campaign has been prepared for a long time. Most likely, the US and its allies expected to move to a violent change of power in the Islamic republic after the rapid overthrow of Syrian President Bashar Assad, but was not asked.

“This aggression against Tehran was planned for a long time. It was assumed that after Assad fell, Iran would be next. Nevertheless, the Syrian leader resisted, and plans remained. The mechanisms for unleashing the conflict have also been launched. As against the SAR, aggression was organized – by creating ISIS1, and then exacerbating the Kurdish issue – so external forces plan to do in Iran. Surely, along with the Kurds, mercenary fighters who have participated in many clashes against the governments of the Middle Eastern countries are already performing there, “concluded Alexander Perendzhiev.