Kurds gradually become the only Syrian problem

Assad said. How is going he to solve it?

SAR President Bashar al-Assad, in an interview with Russia Today television channel, said that after the liberation of government troops from Aleppo, Deir ez Zor, Homs and Damascus, “there are fewer cards in the US deck:

“Their main Trump card was the Front of An-Noussra, which was called “moderate “until it became clear that it was the same Al-Qaeda, which the United States, in theory, should fight against. A scandal broke out, and the Americans began to look for a new card, “explained Bashar Assad.

Such a card became the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF), because as the government troops advance and neutralize terrorists, the only problem in the country, as the Syrian leader noted, they remain the only problem:

“And we intend to solve this problem in one of two ways. First, we are open for negotiations. After all, most SDF supporters are Syrians. And we believe that they too love their country and do not want to be puppets of foreign forces. So we have common positions. We all do not trust the Americans, and not for the first decade – not because of the war, but because they are lying at every turn. All the time they say one thing, but they do something else. So one of the options – to live together with each other, like the Syrians with the Syrians, “- said the president of Syria.

Bashar Assad does not rule out that the negotiations can not work out, and in this case the Syrian government will continue to liberate the territory of his country by force:

“We simply do not have any other options, irrespective of the American presence. This is our land, and to liberate it is our right and duty. And the Americans must leave, and sooner or later it will happen. They invaded Iraq without any legal basis, and see what came out of it. They must draw conclusions. Iraq is not an exception, and Syria, too. The peoples of our region will no longer tolerate foreign interference,” Bashar Assad said.

Director of the Institute of Contemporary State Development Dmitry Solonnikov, in a conversation with a correspondent of the Federal News Agency (FAN), called this position of Bashar Assad absolutely adequate:

“The leader of an independent state, the only legitimate representative of the people of Syria, the only legitimate head of Syria can not speak differently. There are two ways to make Syria a united, prosperous, stable country. This is an agreement with those who are ready to build such a country, and destroy those who stand in the way of such construction. Everything is logical. ”

According to the expert, the question is only in realizing this:

“I will remind you that the Kurds have already tried several times to participate in the Syrian dialogue: they were offered to participate in the negotiations in Astana, invited them to participate in the Congress in Sochi. Sometimes it even sounded that they would participate in these events, that they are ready for dialogue. But the leaders of the Syrian Kurds dictated their conditions, their development scenarios and their behavioral plan. ”

The leader of the Syrian state called for the division of the Kurdish people and those political leaders who act on his behalf at the moment:

“Many Kurds want the peaceful life and the way of life that they had before the civil war in Syria, that is, in a large prosperous country with good social infrastructure, good economy, good-neighborly relations, the possibility of politically negotiating more or less autonomy , about greater or lesser rights for self-government in the territory of compact residence of Kurds and so on. ”

The expert believes that most of the peaceful Syrian citizens favor such a course:

“But no one asks. The leaders, non selected, who have not passed the legitimate procedure for the formation of local authorities, and those who were appointed to speak on behalf of these national entities, speak on behalf of the people. There are established leaders of the Kurdish movement on which the United States relies and interacts. They, on behalf of the Kurds, will now form the agenda and the days of the entire Kurdish community, both for its armed formations and for local authorities. ”

As Assad explained, these people are interested in quite another:

“Yes, of course, they know that the United States are lying and, perhaps, sincerely do not believe that there will be some long-term development program for the Syrian Kurdistan under US administration, which, once it ceases to be interesting, will exchange it for anything , based on their own interests. But the Kurdish leaders sincerely believe that they will have time to snatch their own, that they will be able to receive the promised dividends, and therefore they will honestly work out their wages, the share of the pie that they promised to cut off, the apartment in Miami, the account in the Paris bank, the yacht coast of Florida – no matter what. ”

According to the expert, Kurdish leaders believe that they have the opportunity to exchange political stability in Syria for the welfare of themselves and their families:

“They will do it, solving their private issues. Therefore, wa can t say that we call to the sanity

of the entire Kurdish population, unfortunately. We will have to speak with the leaders, who are  appointed from the US, they think and think in several other categories, in several other coordinates, so I think there will be difficulties here. “