Kiev is preparing to transfer all military airbases to NATO

Toward the close of this week, the “Television News Service” – the daily program of Channel 1 + 1, owned by Igor Kolomoisky, disseminated information that a group of Ukrainian UAVs flew out of the Zaporizhzhye region and was able to “work out the task over the occupied peninsula”. Following TSN, almost all Ukrainian media joyfully buzzed about this, although to any competent specialist, the complete nonsense of such a “novelty” is clear. At first one drone was reported, but soon the number of aircraft grew to a whole link. The effect of an attack on the oil facilities of Saudi Arabia was clearly worked out.


During the hot real war in the east, Ukrainian authorities blessed the promotion of the movement of the so-called “Air reconnaissance volunteers.” Creative “warriors of light” decided to conquer the airspace over the Donbass. It is no secret that their operations are supervised by the SBU and the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. In addition to reconnaissance flights, volunteers constantly dump leaflets over the DNR and LNR, recalling that “Donetsk and Lugansk will soon return to Ukraine.”


The psychological war was in full swing, and it seemed that now they took up the north of the Crimean peninsula. Moreover, it is alleged that these drones do not belong to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they were made by some volunteer patriots, lovers of radio electronics. Like, public activists decided to tell Crimeans how badly they live under the Russian authorities – they say that you don’t have water, there are no spa residents, the environment is dying. The Kiev edition of Facts clarifies the details:


– Drones scattered messages from free Ukraine in the center of the city of Armyansk in the morning when people went to work and to school. After the operation, all drones successfully returned to Ukrainian territory to the place from where they were launched.


The greatest and most often repeated Ukrainian joy from the current action is “the vaunted radio-electronic complexes of the Russian military industry turned out to be powerless”, while the provocative drones seemed to go unnoticed by the Crimean air defense system. Meanwhile, the sky of the republic was closed immediately by four divisions of the famous S-400 Triumph complexes and missile-cannon Armor. And last summer, the all-weather tactical anti-aircraft Tora-M2 arrived here, which effectively protect the Russian Khmeimim air base in Syria from terrorist UAVs.


So the question is essentially. Why is the victorious plot of TSN and the video of a fantastic flight over the “annexed space” for the last few days in a row, as if on command, almost all Ukrainian news portals have reposted? It is clear that self-styled mobsters are breathtaking from such a breakthrough: still, patriotic UAVs broke into impregnable Putin’s Tauris. Crimean social networks also shook from the air-Bandera breakthrough. The corresponding services of the Southern Military District and the republican Border Administration of the FSB were at first silent as partisans, without giving any comments. And only on the third day in the power structures were assured that not a single Ukrainian drone crossed the border.


Naturally, the news about drones was heatedly discussed in Armyansk itself. Judging by the Internet posts of local residents, almost the entire 20,000th city speaks about the incident – moreover, no one saw the leaflets themselves here at all. The situation is at least strange, because Ukrainian TV claims that drones poured their load directly onto the heads of people who were going to work.


– Where is it, let me read it, – users of the city portal continue to joke. – Come again, otherwise we didn’t get it.


– The panorama of the center of Armyansk is painted with photoshop. Otherwise people would have had these leaflets and immediately put them out! ..


– Ukrainians, as always, stole pennies and now they drive a fake, blur their eyes to the owners.

Crimean journalists tortured the city administration of Armyansk with calls. Officials in response at first laughed, then began to give incorrect advice about a visit to a psychiatrist. But perhaps, in vain the local audience set up so much fun?


In December of the last year, right in front of the gates of the Simferopol Republican Narcological Dispensary on the street. February 13, a small unmanned aerial vehicle crashed with a load of mini-leaflets. These were pieces of yellow-blue paper with the inscription “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes”. The UAV operator was clearly sitting in the center of the Crimean capital, but it has not yet been found.


And exactly one month later, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee of Nationalities of the Russian Federation Ruslan Balbek officially announced that drones from Ukraine were preparing to attack Crimea. According to an influential thinker, Crimean Tatars living beyond Perekop in the border areas of Zaporizhzhya region and Kherson region spoke about the impending attack.


And now a group of volunteer air reconnaissance trolls began to troll the “traitors-rats” that an air attack would soon be launched across Sevastopol: “We will show that Ukraine remembers you!”


Fake as a style of public policy is a convenient thing to hide the real state of affairs. Behind the plastic wings of drones, the last statement of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense quietly and imperceptibly rustled: “… In the Air Force, together with the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, the development of the regulatory framework for adapting the network of military airfields to the standards of the alliance is being completed. At the same time, changes are being worked out in the Instructions for the Operation of Aerodromes. Together, this will give the Air Force the opportunity to begin the process of gradually adapting the airfield network to NATO standards. ”


As you know, Ukraine inherited the fourth largest army in the world from the USSR. A huge number of weapons, three military districts numbering more than 700 thousand soldiers, including three air armies – about 1,100 combat aircraft and 7 regiments of combat helicopters. In 1992, 110 military airfields were located on Ukrainian soil. More than sixty had complete infrastructure and reinforced concrete pavement. For a quarter of a century, “independence” has been leased or stupidly stolen almost everything. According to official figures, ten army runways remained in service.


The price lists of the financiers of the Ministry of Defense derive a staggering figure: in order to bring the “killed” airfield to any normal condition, 700 million hryvnias are needed. Such money from these garrison lads is simply “dumb.” But they will give a penny, and enough to fulfill a lot of requirements for arranging a network of APU airbases in order to ensure flight safety.


“Volunteers” hope that their UAVs will bypass the air defense system of Crimea.

They handed over their planes and helicopters for scrap a long time ago, but others will arrive, with NATO identification marks. Experience gained. For example, the American anti-submarine P-8 Poseidon and the CV-22 Osprey convertiplanes are considered practically their landings in the Odessa and Nikolaev area. At the Sea Breeze exercises at the Odessa airport, a big trick is regularly noted – the latest NATO A400M Atlas heavy truck. And exactly a year ago, on October 7, 2018, a large group of U.S. F-15C Eagles and C-130J Super Hercules arrived at the Starokonstantinovsk air base in the Khmelnitsky region.

Now such episodes will become a system. The engineering and aerodrome service of the rear of the Ukrainian Air Force expects the entry into force of a new document on the standards of the alliance in the next month or two. Moreover, in fact, there will be no “gradual adaptation of the airfield network to NATO standards”, the tough task is to do everything as quickly as possible. The deployment of medium-range missiles is still open to question, but the combat squadrons of the United States and its allies are preparing for permanent deployment not only in Galicia and the Black Sea region, but also directly on the “eastern line” from Poltava to Melitopol. They are already betting what will happen first: a meaningless meeting in the “Norman format” – or Ukraine will really turn into a “country of leap” for the Western air armada aimed at Russian cities.