Kiev is afraid to have many new “Maidan” revolution

SBU and the army of Ukraine on the streets of Zhitomir are preparing to press protests by tanks

From Thursday life in the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine can be practically paralyzed. The introduction of special treatment in certain territories is not ruled out. There will be limited or no movement of vehicles and pedestrians at all. Patrols and police will begin a massive check of documents from citizens, inspection of their personal belongings and cars. This was warned by the coordination group of the Anti-Terrorism Center under the Office of the Security Service of Ukraine.

True, this horror in Zhitomir and the surrounding area will unfold for a long time. Because this will look like only planned antiterrorist exercises in the region, which will begin on September 26. They are attracted to the units of the Security Service, the army, the police, the National Guard, the State Border Service, the State Emergency Service, as well as representatives of state authorities and local self-government. What can be connected with such unheard-of activity of siloviki (enforcers) in the immediate vicinity of the Ukrainian capital? In Kiev, are they afraid of another explosive region in the near future? Or even not one?

The scientific monograph of MGIMO with such a forecast was ordered by Minsk to be sent to the furnace. It was very opportunely on September 25 that a lot of explanations on the television message of the adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiryak arrived in time. In particular, he stated: “I believe that today in Odessa there is a latent separatism in the person of the city authorities.”

At the same time, Shkiryak beats the alarm, “latent separatism” has for long spread not only to Odessa, but also to the whole of Ukraine. “They are already buying television channels, they are already carrying out an absolutely frank propaganda against state, pro-Russian propaganda from the central broadcasts. And so today is a common threat. But Odessa occupies a special place here, “he stressed.

If the vigilant police adviser saw an increasing threat to the whole of today’s Ukraine, then where, from his point of view, is now the worst thing?

According to recent reports of Ukrainian media, many local experts believe that the Kyiv authorities do not really control the situation, not only in Odessa, but also in Melitopol, Kherson, Nikolaev, in the south and west of the country. It is alleged that in Ukraine today there are separate regions where the legislation of the country does not actually operate. There are “separate states with their law enforcement agencies”. In particular, Kiev specialists treat such as the north of Zhytomyr, Rivne and Volyn regions.

The same media reported with reference to sources in the administration of Peter Poroshenko: closed sociological studies show that in the south and west of the country the population has long disapproved of the actions of the president and the government. This is especially true of the language issue.

The leadership of Ukraine, in the opinion of local experts, counts on the loyalty of local leaders in exchange for non-interference in the internal policy of the city or region. Therefore, local authorities almost everywhere are doing what they want. And do not particularly look back at Kiev.

Forecast: on the eve of the presidential elections scheduled for March next year, when during the campaign debates Kyiv inevitably radicalizes the situation in its own hands, the situation in the regions can completely get out of control.

How justified are the fears? And what is the nature of “latent separatism” in Ukraine? Political scientist Alexander Dudchak believes that Shkyryak’s fears are well founded.

“But Shkiryak, like the entire Ukrainian leadership, deliberately does not name the real reasons for separatism.” The reason for the loss of the Crimea and the war in the Donbas was the “Maydan” and the policy of those who came to power through a coup in February 2014. There would not be a “Maidan” with its pro-fascist slogans and subsequent dictatorship – there would not be such a powerful separatist sentiment in the country.

Now separatism blossoms on the western borders of Ukraine. More and more people are getting the passports of Hungary, Romania, “Pole documents”, etc. And all this “thanks” to the policy of Kiev, which ignores the interests of national minorities and leads the people to impoverishment.

– What is the nature of this “separatism”?

– Now separatist sentiments are fueled not only by ethnic, linguistic problems, but also by economic ones. In turn, an even more terrible reason for the split, and therefore for separatism – religious. And the Kiev authorities, as if specially inflating a new fire in society, trying to destroy the canonical Orthodox Church.

– In which regions of Ukraine the most volatile situation? Shkiryak calls Odessa, Melitopol, Kherson, Nikolaev, as well as the north of Rivne, Zhytomyr and Volyn regions. This is the whole list

Shkiryak seems to have forgotten about the regions in which the probability of secession from Ukraine is even higher today. These are Transcarpathia and Bukovina. Unlike the regions mentioned by Shkiryak, where there are practically no holders of passports of other states, a large number of Transcarpathian residents have Hungarian documents. And the Bukovynians have Romanian passports.

It is reported that while the SBU is introducing a special regime for the time of the exercises in the Zhytomyr region. What does it mean? Separatism is already entrenched near Kiev? So far, it’s just an exercise. But at the top of the current Kyiv authorities they hear how Ukraine is cracking. And they think that they will be able to “drive Ukrainians to happiness” in the Maydanov style by force.

Experts in Kiev say that in the north of Zhytomyr, in the Rivne and Volyn regions, separate states have been created with their law enforcement agencies. How dangerous is it for the unity of the Ukrainian state? There is a slightly different process, different from what is going on in the Odessa region or in Transcarpathia. It can not yet be called separatism. This is feudalization of Ukraine, which was predicted as early as 2014. As the respect of its population to the laws of its own country, the growing sense of impunity of local princes seeking to create their own “armies” for raider seizures of property, the process of the country’s collapse into specific princedoms will only increase. And it grows as the role of the central state budget as a source of enrichment for regional oligarchs decreases. «I did not imagine five years ago that Ukrainian politicians and political scientists are such endlessly funny people,» the FORUM editor of Moscow time Anatoly Baranov writes.

– Well, think for yourself: in 2014 in Odessa the authorities suppressed the “Russian spring” with extrem cruelty, they organised demonstrative massacres of dozens of people. Moreover, everyone knows that at that time, at least half of the city adhered to pro-Russian sentiments. And now this “Tsekava Mavpa” (funny monkey). In Odessa they suddenly discovered “latent separatism”! So they will also find the real Odessa underground. And they will be surprised: where does this come from? Why Shkiryak singles out Odessa – it’s understandable. This is one of the most international, I’m not afraid of this word, cosmopolitan cities not only in Ukraine, but all over the Black Sea. What’s there in Ukraine? And now the town is pulling the scroll and shaving him violently by the villain. But in other cities (and not only in the east of Ukraine), the mood is not very different from Odessa. The Ukrainian state everywhere “people ate”. Now they understand that the notorious “Ukrainian way” does not lead to Europe at all. And it is natural for the Ukrainian economy to integrate only with Russia. Because historically it was a single production and economic complex. In spite of all the shortcomings of today’s Russia, which we are perfectly aware of.

«The list of Shkiryak» almost half of the country’s regions. What do they have in common? “” Yes, I would add Lvov here. And even Kiev. Separatism in Ukraine does not come from the stable nationalistic sentiments of a national minority, but from the inability to live in today’s situation. So even in the Romanians all will be recorded, at least – in the Turks. And the Russians do not have to strain themselves – start talking like a normal person in their native language, and everything is in order.

  • According to some experts, the Ukrainian leadership wants to gain loyalty from local authorities in exchange for non-interference in the affairs of the regions. The power in this country belongs to several Kiev clans. On the ground, everything is similar. Only there are local clans in power. Since there are several clans, and the feeder is decreasing all the time, stability in the division of the Ukrainian pie is impossible. At one time, Russia tried to “tame” one clan of Ukraine – Donetsk. What has emerged from this, we have been seeing for 4.5 years. But “tame” all there will not work – we will not feed it. Meanwhile, the Head of Transcarpathian region Gennady Moskal on the air of 112 Ukraine TV channel stated that the Ukrainian authorities can face a new problem in the region. According to him, the question of granting citizenship to the inhabitants of Transcarpathia after Hungary is also considered by the Czech Republic. Moskal recalled that the territory of the region from 1920 to 1939 was part of Czechoslovakia. He noted that in the Czech Republic at the moment there are discussions about whether it is worth giving citizenship to the inhabitants of Transcarpathia: “The Czech Republic is already raising the question – why not? And why should citizens of Transcarpathia not be granted dual citizenship, after all it was ours. “” Many Transcarpathians have Hungarian citizenship, and some have Czech citizenship, “he added.