Kiev decided to put the Donbass to the bottom

The Ukrainian side is preparing to blow up the floodgates of the reservoir and launch an offensive on the front

Ukrainian security forces mined the floodgates of the Mironovsky reservoir in the Donbass. This was announced on Wednesday, January 16, by the official representative of the People’s Militia of the Luhansk People’s Republic, Andrei Marochko.


– The explosion of the reservoir sluices will lead to an increase in the water level of the Lugan river and cause flooding in the settlements of Troitskoe, Kalinovo, Irmino and Pervomaisk, – he said.


The representative of the defense department of the LNR also added that this could entail a large number of victims, as well as an environmental and humanitarian disaster. Marochko also said that representatives of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission noted that preparations for the sabotage were noted.


– The SMM noticed for the first time two dark green wooden boxes with wires attached to a metal gate of the lock on the north side of the Mironovsky reservoir, not far from the APU checkpoint near the Rota (village 66 km north of Donetsk). An unarmed soldier told about explosives at the SMM gateway, – the mission said.


In addition, according to Marochko, the Armed Forces of Ukraine military personnel confirmed the fact of mining, however, the representative of the LNR did not specify the source of this information.


It is worth noting that news with headlines like “Kiev is preparing a large-scale sabotage in the Donbass (chemical attack, water poisoning, an explosion at an industrial enterprise) with references to intelligence republics appear quite regularly, but there are still some large-scale sabotage that provoke a large number of victims and an environmental disaster in the Donbas has not yet been observed.


Does this mean that the Ukrainian side abandons its plans after they are made public? And what are they trying to achieve by openly conducting preparations for sabotage in front of the whole world?


  • There are some rules of war that prohibit inhuman actions, especially against civilians, – the FORUM editor in chief says.


– But Ukraine does not officially recognize this as a war, although it constantly insists on war, and thus its actions against the civilian population, which it considers its own, do not fall under the laws of warfare. But falls under the definition of genocide. But in Kiev they believe that you can do anything with the rebels — for example, to deprive them of access to drinking water, as in the Crimea or in the same DNR, periodically destroying water intake facilities with the help of artillery. You can cut off access to electricity, you can block the flow of food. And the international community does not care at all that such a punitive operation, and that’s how the war in the Donbass should be qualified from the Ukrainian side, violates the elementary rights of millions of people to access vital resources.


In Kiev, they do not hide that they would gladly arrange a famine in the Donbas and in Crimea, would blow up life-support objects and transport infrastructure – look at their belligerent statements regarding the Crimea Bridge, and earlier the ferry connecting Crimea with Russia. Well, the intention to flood part of the territory of Donbass fits into this strategy of genocide, which, with the blessing of the United States and the European Union, is working out in Ukraine.


– Preparations for the sabotage noted by representatives of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission. But the Ukrainian side is not confused.


  • Apparently, it really does not bother. All this is written off from the methods of “total war”, which was announced at the time by Hitler. Why this should embarrass his students, praising the “exploits” of the SS division “Galicia” and the Nazis-Bandera, who became famous for the genocide of the Polish and Armenian population during the “Volyn Massacre” – this is modestly called “the second Ukrainian-Polish war” in modern Ukraine. Yes, and in the Holocaust, the “heroes” took a feasible part – the Germans had sentenced the leader of the Ukrainian SS units for atrocities in the Warsaw ghetto to death. In Europe, they have nothing against such “heroes”. Why, then, should their modern last days elicit a different reaction than approval? In Europe, Hitler would have been approved if he committed atrocities only on the Eastern Front.


– We have repeatedly heard reports of intelligence agencies of the republics that the Ukrainian side is preparing terrorist attacks, chemical and bacteriological attacks, water poisoning, almost a nuclear explosion, etc., but in practice this has not happened yet …


– Did the Ukrainian side not recognize its participation in the terrorist attacks on the territory of the DPR? She just calls them differently – “reconnaissance and sabotage” activities. But the attack is a terrorist attack, whatever you call it. Intelligence, of course, is both mistaken and exaggerates – not only intelligence of the unrecognized republics. Let us recall at least the CIA report on weapons of mass destruction in Saddam Hussein, which became the reason for the invasion of Iraq. Then they admitted that it was misinformation. But Iraq was defeated, Saddam was hanged … By the way, Ukrainian troops also took part in this. But let’s repeat: the North Crimea Canal was blocked? Shut off! Power lines to the Crimea blew up? Blew it up! Cities of Donbass continue to fire? Continue! Why not expect from them other actions in this direction?


– What could be the real consequences of a hypothetical implementation of this idea? Its authors are not afraid of the fact that localities will suffer and on their side?


  • The authors of this idea, most likely, are not afraid of anything. If for the implementation of their plans it is necessary to kill a certain number of Ukrainians, they will be killed. Fortunately, Ukrainian punishers have extremely limited resources, otherwise we would have already witnessed the genocide in full growth. And their own or others’ – everything is relative …


– What is the purpose of the alleged sabotage? Cover the offensive? Blame the republic? Or just cause a large number of victims?


– The whole purpose of the genocide against the people of Donbass fits into one general scheme – to cause widespread discontent and a desire to return under the wing of Kiev. Like, nothing bad that they are Nazis, but you can live. When under the German occupation you could live? Well, under the Ukrainian you will survive for sure… They do not count on love, only on fear. Well, we have to call a spade a spade: the Nazis are the Nazis, and the genocide is genocide and nothing else.


– This kind of information should be treated not as an acknowledgment, but as a half-sabotaged diversion, – says Alexander Dmitrievsky, a historian, journalist, and a permanent expert of the Izborsky club.


  • Bandera has repeatedly abandoned their intentions after their plans became public. After all, the provocation is good only when the victim is not waiting for her. And when the cards are revealed – not much and you will play …


– What is the Mironovskoe Reservoir? What is its meaning? What will lead to the explosion of reservoir locks?


– Mironovskoye reservoir is one of the largest in terms of water reserves in the Donbas. It is located in the headwaters of the Lugani, it is a cooling reservoir for the Mironovskaya TPP. Undermining the lock means not only flooding large enough areas in the river valley, but also that the power plant will lose a significant part of its cooling capacity. And as we know from the school course in physics, the efficiency of a heat plant is directly dependent on factors such as cooling.


In Kiev, conceived to connect the Baltic and Black Sea transport corridor for $ 140 million.

– The authors of the idea expect that only the populated areas of the republics will suffer? For the Ukrainian side there will be no consequences?


– The point is not to hurt the settlements: flooding will make the militia positions in this direction more vulnerable for some time. After all, roads, bridges and other infrastructure will be damaged. We’ll have to choose longer routes to detour, and in war time is the most expensive resource. The Bandera blow, if it happens in this direction, of course, will be able to reflect, but, alas, with far greater losses.


The fact that flooding will have a negative impact on the civilian population also cannot be denied: the Nazis are doing everything to annoy the disobedient Donbas as much as possible.


– Will the republic be able to cope with the consequences of this sabotage?


  • As shown by the disastrous January snowfall – they can. It will be difficult, but they can even do it on their own. And Russia is unlikely to remain on the sidelines …


– Prepared for sabotage noticed in the OSCE, they also announced this information. Kiev does not bother anything here?


  • And who should the Ukrainian side be afraid of? The OSCE is a servant of the collective West, who organized Euromaidan and the war against Donbass. Therefore, the boorish behavior of Kiev and punitive hardly anyone should be surprised …


– Is it possible today to create an autonomous system of water supply of the LNR and the DNR, which does not depend on the part of Donbas controlled by Ukraine?


  • Yes, it is possible. Although this system is unlikely to be able to cover the needs of industry.