Israel prepares to defend itself against the Russian army

In the Golan Heights, explosions are heard again.

The Israeli Air Force launched a new missile strike against the positions of the Syrian army in the province of Aleppo. This was reported today by the Syrian agency SANA, specifying that there were no victims. Although The Times of Israel speaks of nine deaths from Israeli bombing. What is really happening today in Syria?

In the south-west of the country, there is practically nothing left for the opposition. Government forces together with Russia have almost finished with the liberation of the Dar’aa – to the present moment only a small region in the west of the governorate remains uncleared. Now the Syrian Arab army is almost the most difficult operation – an attack on the province of Kuneitra.

The difficulty lies not in the fact that local militants are better armed than others or better than others. No, it’s quite another matter, namely, in the proximity of Israel, or rather, in proximity to the Golan Heights.

The Golan de jure belong to Syria, but for the last five decades they have been controlled by the Israelis. In general, liberating the eastern part of Cuneitra, the Syrians will sooner or later approach the western, where the IDF has long ago firmly established itself. In addition, due to the activity of the Syrian Arab army at its side, Tel-Aviv sent a lot of various equipment to the Golan, as well as additional groups of soldiers. It seems to be no surprise – the usual precautions in case something on the other side of the border goes wrong. But in this situation, such an explanation is completely inappropriate.

Israel, without exaggeration, has been in the south-western Syria for the past few years – made flights at any convenient moment, bombed the columns of the Syrians, Iranians and all others, liquidated and created refugee camps and so on. And now everything suddenly has to end suddenly. This is a painful blow for Tel Aviv, who felt that, finally, fate had given him the long-awaited hope of expanding his geopolitical influence in the region. In a hostile region. However, Assad called the Russians, and all plans must crumble. At the same time, there is a kind of panic within the Jewish state. Do not say that people are very worried, but politicians and the press are for sure.

For example, some media before the start of the operation of Damascus and Moscow in south-western Syria released materials under the following headlines: “Russia and Assad are going to conquer the Golan Heights”, “Putin is preparing an offensive against the Golan” and so on. It seems there is nothing but absurd in these names, and one would not pay attention to them, but something happened that allegedly confirmed the forecasts of Israeli journalists.

Eyewitnesses reported several explosions in the Golan Heights. Moreover, explosions were recorded in the northern part of the occupied territory. The positions of the Syrian Arab Army, which recently managed to take control of a small section of the border with the Golan, are close to the site.

The IDF did not respond to the information, did not give explanations, and this led to the emergence of theories according to which Western Kuneitra can indeed be brought back under the control of Damascus half a century later. What are these explosions? As before, nothing is known, so the theories multiply, and as the Syrian and Russian troops approach the Golan Heights, more and more Israelis begin to believe in all this.

Russian orientalist Oleg Gushchin believes that neither Putin nor Assad has any plan to capture the Golan Heights.

«Putin has good relations with Israel and with world Jewry, why should he spoil them? The Golan is such a question that it does not require an immediate solution. For fifty years these territories have been occupied by Israel, can not we wait? Especially Asad himself has more important tasks – to return to control the main territories of the republic. And besides, Israel is in Damascus’s teeth, and there is absolutely no need for Russia to unleash a war. In addition, even politically for Moscow, the history of the return of the Golan Heights is very unprofitable, because we ourselves have Crimea. In this sense, certain parallels can be drawn. So, in truth, Israeli journalists write about what is not. It’s their job, and they just attract the reader. Well, do not tell us how to do it. As for the real threats, I repeat that for Israel only Iran can become a problem. Judging by recent events, Putin is on the contrary interested in securing the Israeli border. He is said to have taken part in the fact that there were no Iranian military men in southwestern Syria, and this is a kind of precautionary measure about additional Israeli activity. In general, do not worry about the big problems with Israel. And can the Jordanian history repeat itself in the case of Israel when Russian planes, in carrying out assignments in Syria, hit the targets in Jordan? – From casual incidents no one is insured . Of course, one or two Russian aircraft can be in the airspace of the Jewish state. But noonewill knock them down, as once the Turks did. They will be contacted and culturally explained that they have lost their course, moreover, they will explain in Russian. If Israel or Russia had any real experiences, then Netanyahu would not call Putin more often than his wife, and certainly would not come to Moscow one of these days. But he arrives and apparently feels obliged to talk with the Russian president before he meets with Trump».

America is aware that Russia is bombing Jordan. America is aware that Russia is bombing Jordan” Russia will clean up from terrorists not only SyriaAustralian expert John Blaxland believes that Russia has no plans to seize the Golan, but the threat of military contact with Israel is still present. Of course, the Russian military is not going to fight with Israel, and if there is an attempt to capture the Golan, but we can assume that there will be certain actions on the part of the regime. For him, perhaps now the most convenient situation in order to satisfy their territorial claims. Still there is the problem of Shiite brigades supporting Assad, but not obeying him. Of course, they are not capable of somehow resisting Israel, but they can do a provocation that will lead to big problems. For example, in the case of their activity in the Golan region, the IDF may consider that they act on the instructions of the regime or Russia. Then the risks of a clash between Russian and Israeli military may increase.