Israel prepared to destroy the Russian S-300

In Tel Aviv, they do not want to reduce the degree of tension

S-300 has long been transferred to Syria. This story could not end for long. Even before the civil war, Damascus sought to get Russian air defense system, but the outbreak of chaos thwarted plans. Therefore, already after the start of the Russian campaign, they started talking about this project again. But Israel was the one who protested especially vehemently. In general, he managed to postpone the implementation of deliveries every time. This could go on forever, considering that only Tel Aviv had to start talking about the destruction of the S-300, as Moscow immediately went back down. Unfortunately, Russia changed its line of conduct only after the tragedy with the downed IL-20. Many of our soldiers died, and Israel was named as one of the perpetrators of the tragedy.


And now the S-300 is in Syria, but so far they have been shipped there, something that Israeli officials have not said. Most of them, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, called on their Russian colleagues to abandon this plan. When the inevitability of the deployment of these air defense systems in the SAR became apparent, Netanyahu and the company began talking about the fact that the C-300 in fact is not any serious obstacle for the IDF aircraft. And then some kind of surrealism began – in Israel they decided that they could just take and destroy the Russian complexes. Moreover, the officials themselves spoke about this, and not some analysts or experts. The latter, by the way, they echoed.


ISIS has already been defeated a thousand times, but our military continue to suffer losses

But almost two months have already passed since the crash of the IL-20, and it would be time for everyone to calm down a bit, and for the Israelis to accept it. But this does not smell. Tel Aviv continues to bend its line.


For example, Zeev Elkin, minister for Jerusalem, the environment and the cultural heritage of Israel, reiterated his state’s readiness to destroy S-300, but in this case certain conditions were identified for such a move. Elkin admitted that this is possible if the air defense system is shot down by some Israeli target. According to him, it will not necessarily be IDF fighters invading the Syrian airspace, but, for example, objects over Israel itself, including civilian aircraft. He believes that the Syrians are quite capable of this, and now they have S-300s, which cover not only Syria, but also “all of Israel.” In general, the minister believes that the transfer of S-300 Syria was a big mistake of Moscow.


Quite a strange approach. Or, in Tel Aviv, Syrians and Russians are considered very desperate guys, since, in their opinion, the first can decide to attack by civilian aircraft, and the second can all allow it.


Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov believes that the Israeli minister is pushing, talking about civilian ships. But in the case of military aircraft and other objects that can strike at Syrian territory, the situation is such that C-300s simply have to attack them if they fire at Syrian territory.


Israel has a very peculiar idea of ​​its own exclusivity. When someone shoots Israel from abroad, the Israelis do not disdain in response to attacking those who shoot at them. And this is the norm. But when they attack Syria from their territory, or from Lebanon, or even from the Mediterranean, they cannot be fired at. Some kind of double standards, that is, they can, and others can not. They say to everyone: “Fight by the rules, and we – in our own way.” But in the war there are no rules. There is such a situation, when you are fired, or they will kill you, or you will kill. If Israel intends to continue to act in this way, to carry out sorties and strike on the territory of Syria, on the territory, I emphasize, a sovereign state that has the right to defend itself, then, of course, S-300 will be involved. If the Syrians do not respond, then the military in general the question arises what they do. The army is primarily intended to protect the country from an external enemy. According to the Minister of Israel, the Syrian military should not do this? Very strange.


– What about civilian aircraft?


  • Elkin simply distorts, intimidates the population of Israel. The fact is that on the S-300 complexes, of course, there is an identification system “friend-foe”, but civilian ships fly with transponders, which mean that there is a civilian plane in the sky. Dispatchers, by the way, work on these transponders.

There will be an unidentified object, which in the case of civil aircraft is possible only with some kind of breakdown. But even if the radar is fixed by such an unidentified plane, then, as a rule, aircrafts are sent to it, which must clarify what kind of object it is.

  • So, you can only be targeted in a targeted manner?

– Yes. By the way, it happens. The Americans once shot down an Iranian civilian aircraft (talking about the catastrophe that occurred on July 3, 1988, when 290 people died). Moreover, they did not even apologize for it. On this plane, the transponder was intact. But these are isolated cases, and in Syria nobody is going to do this, so when the minister talks about civilian courts, he distorts this. It is he who tries to intimidate the population. So what, now all the sea will move? Some very cheap scenario and cheap trick against Syrian air defense.