Israel conducts a murderous nuclear experiment on the Syrians

Tel Aviv’s radioactive materials inspire fear and horror not only to the local population

The other day, UN Secretary-General António Guterres presented an exposing report that identifies one of the most serious problems in the Middle East. This problem is called nuclear weapons and nuclear materials.


The report notes that Israel buries its nuclear waste in Syrian territory, on land where many Syrians live. To be precise, this is the Golan. Officially, this piece of Middle Eastern land belongs to Syria, but since the second half of the 60s of the last century, it has been under Israeli occupation. These are the results of the Six Day War, from which Tel Aviv emerged victorious.


According to the report, Israel uses at least twenty sites for burial, but the greatest threat looms over people living near Hermonite mountain, which in Arabic is called Tel ash-Sheikh. It should be noted that many of those people who live in the occupied Syrian territory are still Syrian citizens. Plus, this waste somehow threatens the Syrians, who live in the eastern non-annexed part of Quneitra province.


This is what Antonio Guterres draws attention to.

– This practice threatens the life and health of the Syrians in the occupied Syrian Golan, – the report submits.


What can be learned from this? Israel is a rather small state – less than 21 thousand square meters. kilometers At the same time, he possesses nuclear weapons and several large nuclear research centers. In addition, local authorities are actively promoting projects for the generation and subsequent use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Of course, radioactive waste as a consequence will always be sufficient. And the question arises of their burial. In a small and densely populated area is not so easy to do. No, of course, these types of waste usually hide so that even in the immediate vicinity of them the risk to the person is not so high, but still, it would be very, very reasonable to bury somewhere near Jerusalem. In addition, to comply with all safety standards waste must be buried in the rocks. On the basis of all this, it is quite easy to guess why Tel Aviv chose the Golan for such purposes – there are mountains and the population density is not very high. It seems to be all logical.


However, the fact that Israel buries waste in places where the percentage of the Jewish population is very small raises some questions. It turns out that for the sake of complete security of the Jews, Tel Aviv is ready to expose the Arabs and even its loyal Druze, who live on and near the Golan?


It should be understood that the specificity of the Israeli nuclear program is such that it provides for a significant amount of one of the most dangerous types of nuclear waste – liquid. This already seriously increases the risks for the local population. In addition, we must not forget that the Golan is not the most peaceful region of the region. The Middle East as a whole is unstable, and here, right next to Israel, Syria is at war with itself.


At the same time, during the period of the civil war in the SAR, there were cases of breaking through the border of the protected Golan from Syria. Militants, of course, were quickly eliminated or captured, however, such cases cause increased wariness. But what if in the future, another group of militants gathers strength and is able to make a full-fledged breakthrough? And what if they manage to make a couple of explosions? No one can guarantee that at this moment the disposal of radioactive waste will not suffer.


Of course, such places are usually very firmly concreted, however, we do not know what the capacity of the explosion will be. Plus, the Israelis themselves often talk about the threat of Iran and its desire to regularly bomb the Golan, because there are many military facilities of the Jewish state. From all this it can be concluded that Tel Aviv is simply conducting a nuclear experiment on the Syrians and the Druze.


Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov believes that the danger to local residents is present. In addition, in the future, this waste could be used by Israel as a political manipulation.


– If all safety precautions are observed, this waste does not threaten anyone. There is a threat only if these norms are violated. They can be violated either in a natural way – improper burial, or by sabotage. In this case, radioactive contamination, of course, can not be avoided.

For example, there may be a seizure of burial sites, their disruption. In addition, dirty bombs are made from such waste. There are, of course, certain limitations, but in any case, nuclear waste is not good. Even in the least capable hands, this waste can become a serious threat to people. As an example, the case of Iraq. But there is no nuclear waste was used, and depleted uranium (talking about the use of shells with depleted uranium against Iraqis by the Americans during the Gulf War of 1991). And now the population there suffers from oncology with all the ensuing consequences, they also have a massive exacerbation of chronic diseases. The same thing happens in Serbia. Now imagine that this waste will fall into water sources – outbreaks of cancer and other diseases will occur.


– The Israelis themselves often point to the possibility of shelling their territory, including the Golan from Iran. If this is possible, is it not too strange to dispose of nuclear waste in such a dangerous area?


  • There is such a moment. The Israelis placed their vaults in the so-called demilitarized zone. That is, they protected themselves and set up just the Syrians. There, everything is probably fine-tuned in this regard – the relief, the climate, the wind, all this if opened, the repository seriously affects the spread of infection. I still do not have all the details, so I can’t say exactly about it, but it’s obvious that everything was not done in a random way. I also want to note that Israel can use this as one of the reasons why the Golan cannot be returned to the Syrians.


– That is, it can be used as a convenient means of manipulation?


  • Yes, it is very convenient. They say that you guys will climb there, and we have a nuclear store there, and we will take it and blow it up, and you will get a whole bunch of trouble.