Israel again bombs Syria with impunity

Why Russia continues to put up with Tel Aviv’s treachery

On Monday, the Israeli air force attacked the Syrian province of Hama. The attack killed at least five people. Also reported on the destroyed stock of weapons. All would be nothing – a common thing for the western part of the SAR, but in this case there is one feature. Israel bombed Syria for the second day in a row.


On Sunday, an unoccupied part of the Syrian province of Quneitra came under fire from Israel. Local media reported the death of three soldiers. According to foreign sources, the real number of victims reached ten (seven more foreigners from pro-Iranian formations.). Sunday strike was the answer. On Saturday, as reported by some media, the Syrians launched two missiles in the direction of the Golan Heights. This was reported to Benjamin Netanyahu himself, and he took an active part in the organization of resistance. The Jewish Prime Minister personally ordered the bombing of Quneitra. As a result, the Israeli military destroyed several buildings, fortified points and took the lives of ten people. According to Netanyahu, his state responds to aggression by force: it was so before, it will be so in the future. Well, this is at least some logic.


But the aggression that follows immediately after this is much harder to explain. In this case, the Syrians were killed, not Iranians. So the version with the continuation of the anti-Iranian campaign does not fit here. Perhaps Tel Aviv does not like the activity of the formations of the Syrian Arab army, which is observed recently in connection with the start of the operation in Idlib. However, there is a possibility that the warehouse with the weapons that was bombed on Monday belonged to the Persians, they just protected the local object, which is why it happened that the Syrians were killed.


But these are all details, much more interesting, why Russia does not react to this treachery in any way. Let our S-300, transferred to the Syrians, still not in operation due to the protracted process of training local military. Let the air defense systems controlled by our military are designed for other purposes. Many excuses can be found, only now Moscow has decided to do without even official criticism of Israel. Why this happens, we asked the experts.


Russian political scientist and orientalist Karine Gevorgyan believes that there is a possibility of some cooling in Russian-Iranian relations. There can be many reasons for this – after all, each of the countries pursues its own interests and often they are very different. At the same time, the expert urges not to forget about a large number of stuffing, which is created precisely in order to negatively affect Russian-Iranian relations.


Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov sees the essence of the problem in Israel’s desire to destabilize the Middle East. This is contrary to Russian interests, since Moscow is committed to the opposite, because for it the stability of the Middle East opens the door to some of the largest economic projects of the near future. For example, the New Silk Road. The United States, which in this case is actively cooperating with Israel, is trying in every way to disrupt the implementation of a grandiose project that will have a serious impact on the economies of many countries of the world. That is, it will harm, including the interests of Washington and, as a result, Tel Aviv.


– Israel is now for the most part just a tool of Washington. All this somehow concerns the Iranian theme. Israel under the leadership of the United States adheres to the tactics of thousands of shots, hoping in this way to exsanguinate the enemy. Of course, for all its attacks, the IDF selects such areas that do not cover our air defense systems or Syrian ones. They even managed to destroy two “Pantsir”. Everything else that the Syrians have is an old technique in a deplorable state. So these blows can take place, and occasionally occur. This, as I said, is directed against Iran, and China stands behind Iran with its ambitious plans. The US will not be involved in the New Silk Road, and this seriously hurts their interests. Both political and economic.


– A little strange turns. Not long ago, Donald Trump spoke of his readiness to begin direct negotiations with the Iranian leadership.


Don’t you think that these bombings and such pressure on Iran are unlikely to somehow contribute to Tehran’s desire to begin negotiations with the United States?


– Trump’s actions quite often go against what he says. For example, he said he was ready to talk with Iran, but almost immediately threatened other countries with sanctions for cooperating with Tehran in the oil sector. This is the information campaign he is leading. In the future, he will try to extract as many arguments as possible in his own favor, so that in the event of a real start of negotiations, impose the most favorable conditions on the Persians.


– Why is Russia almost does not respond to Israeli provocations?


  • That is the point — to understand that these are provocations. Russia now adheres to the method of diplomatic influence. The force is always last resort to such issues. Now there are no such conditions.