ISIS is crushing the Americans

Terrorists attack and capture Kurdish and government territories

While Vladimir Putin, in company with Erdogan, Merkel and Macron, was discussing the Syrian problem and the success of the Idlib deal, serious changes took place in the Arab Republic itself. First, in the occupied Golan, Israel still managed to organize elections with the involvement of local Druze. In fact, this is a rather serious event, which gives Tel Aviv the right to the occupied part of the Syrian province of Quneitra.


Previously, the Druze, being Arabs by birth, kept away from all Israeli initiatives in this direction. But now, some people still came to the polls, although it didn’t go without protests – hundreds of people went with Syrian flags near the polling stations and chanted “Golan is Arabian and Syrian!”. It threatens another split in the Middle East, the Druze split. However, he is unlikely to ever turn into something serious – such is the structure of the closed Druze community, although the contradictions are peculiar to them.


But this is not the most important event that occurred in recent days. Much more important is what is happening in the east of the Syrian Arab Republic, and here, unlike the rest of the country, the war does not stop for a minute. Kurds, Asadovs, Americans, Iranians, Hezbollah, igilovtsy and even Iraqis fight each other every day. To be more precise, only the igilovts are fighting against all, but not so long ago the Americans, for example, quite often bombed Abu Kemal, in which besides the Assad members there were Iranians and some other pro-government formations. In general, something is constantly happening.


Recently, news from there came mainly about the atrocities of Americans and terrorists. The first were bombed by white phosphorus of civilians living in the territories occupied by militants of the IS. The latter invaded cities controlled by Kurds or Damascus, and took dozens of residents with them. The United States promised to stop all this, Donald Trump again stated that he had destroyed ISIS, but in the end everything turned out differently. Terrorists continue their war and now they are waging it successfully.


Over the past few days, they have won dozens of kilometers of the Euphrates coast in Dair Al-Zor from the Americans and again reached the border with Iraq. Now they control 8–10 kilometers of this very border. Moreover, they even managed to break into Iraq itself and now the Iraqi forces are fighting with them both on their own territory and in Syria. Damascus militants also disturbed during this time – many attacks and shelling were committed against Abu Kemal. The city, of course, is holding on, but so far it has not experienced any serious attack, so that if the terrorists gather their strength and start a full-fledged attack, then his defenders may also falter. It’s just that there are not so many of them there, and there are apparently more than ten thousand igilovtsi nearby.


What is the reason for this unexpected success of the pseudo-caliphate, which, it seemed, was almost crushed? And does Syria and the world threaten the rebirth of this mad sectarian state?


Australian expert Richard Frank believes that the swiftness of a breakthrough in the southern direction provided the terrorists with a victory and access to the border with Iraq.


– Recently, the Coalition, together with its allies, has focused on Hajin. Because it is the largest settlement here, on this territory, which is still held by terrorists. The activity of the militants was also observed mainly here, whereas in other parts of the enclave there was practically none. Therefore, to the south of Hadzhin, the territories were practically unattended. The unexpected offensive south of Hadjin, near the Iraqi border, was taken aback by small detachments of the Democratic forces (the local pro-American formation, consisting mainly of Kurdish people’s self-defense detachments), which were located here. Moreover, the lack of coherence with the Iraqi side is a great difficulty for the implementation of effective border security. Hashd al-Sha’abi (Popular Mobilization Forces – an Iraqi mainly Shiite group fighting against terrorists on the side of Baghdadi) Are active in the border areas of Iraq, and they often refuse to cooperate with the United States and Democratic forces. In such a position it is difficult to take everything into account and to keep an effective defense in case of need. I think that in the near future representatives of the regime will try to take control of this section of the border, Hashd Shaabi will help them in this, they have already entered the territory of Syria, where they are trying to defeat the IS.


Weeks of residents from Abu-Kemal, and no one was able to stop them.

  • And what about the Americans?
  • It is difficult to say something about the Coalition now. The US and allies are seeking to free the Hadjin, and if it succeeds, the militants will lose their main base. This will significantly limit their capabilities in this part of Syria. At the same time, it is important that the Iraqi forces and all those who would be willing to help them, would not let the terrorists into the depths of Iraq. Otherwise, all efforts to liberate the Syrian enclave will become meaningless – the militants will simply move to the south and select a more suitable Iraqi or Syrian settlement for their own purposes, while their enclave will not become smaller.