Iraqi troops entered Syria

The army of Baghdad already controls the areas on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, not far from the positions of Russian military

Fighting continues in the south of Deir Ez-Zor. The Americans and their allies continue to storm the Hadjin, held by terrorists. Recently, they have weakened the intensity of the attacks, but the bombs on the city are still being dropped, and the Kurds periodically send ground troops to him. It is reported that these actions lead to large civilian casualties. Almost every day people die here en masse. Such is the harsh reality of modern Syria, and such is the approach of the American military to the process of “democratization” of Middle Eastern states.


The Islamic state that holds the Khadzhin confidently resists and even continues to defeat its opponents. Considering that the government forces now barely touch him, it has concentrated on the battles with the Coalition and the Popular Self-Defense Forces. The non-participation of Damascus in the Hajin massacre is explained very simply – the United States refused to allow the Syrian Arab army and the Russians, who are rumored to have offered help more than once, to enter the eastern bank of the Euphrates. Apparently, they want to enjoy the victory alone, but for civilians it threatens with a long nightmare. Igilovtsy use it with might and main. They squeeze the maximum out of the population – they force them to join their ranks, take property, drive them out of their homes when they need it. When this is over, it is difficult to say, but what we have now does not have any hope for the soon release of Hadzhin and the territories to the south of it. Terrorists are not what they do not lose, they go on the offensive and win.


So about a week ago, they again came to the border with Iraq. To do this, they needed to engage in battles with the Kurds, who first lost and then fled. It turned out that there is no one to restrain this terrorist force in the south-east of Syria. In any case, the local forces refused. But we must understand that with the release of militants to the border, special concern must be shown in Baghdad, which only recently ended the main enclaves of the Islamic state on its territory. New islands of pseudo-caliph he does not need. And because of the flight of Kurds, Iraqis are now forced to solve this problem themselves. Militants have already managed to cross the border. The Iraqis decided not to wait until they strengthened there and launched an offensive.


They drove the militants back to Syria, but did not want to stop there. The forces of popular mobilization (mainly Shiite troops fighting on the side of Baghdad). Crossed the border and began to destroy the ISIS members already in the neighboring state. They knocked them out of some villages and occupied small bases and posts that had previously belonged to the Kurds. Now, under their control, a piece of Syrian land, the extreme point of which is 150 meters away from Iraq. In the near future, Iraqis want to take away from terrorists the whole part of the Syrian-Iraqi border that they recently captured from the Kurds.


A rather interesting development of events, considering that the Popular Mobilization Forces, being pro-Iranian formations, are now liberating exactly the territory that the United States of America left for itself. Yes, this is the eastern coast of the Euphrates, and after a series of incidents, even the Russian forces are never shown here – probably some unspoken conditions. But the Iraqi Shiites, it seems, nothing prevents to come and take control of this territory.


According to local sources, in this offensive, the Iranian Forces actively cooperate with the Forces Mobilization Force, which are located nearby – at the base in Abu Kemal. In part, this was what ensured the success of the operation, while the Kurds, armed no worse than Haashd Shaabi (the Arabic name of the Popular Mobilization Force). Could not oppose anything to ISIS themselves – the States did not help them.


ISIS has already been defeated a thousand times, but Russian military continue to suffer losses.

The source in the military leadership of the Russian Federation reports that the situation near Abu Kemal is regularly discussed. The Iranians and the Iraqi military coordinate their actions with the Russian side. Russia does not build any special plans in connection with this success of the Iraqi militias. Although the Iranians offered a joint transfer of forces across the river. Apparently, Iranian officers wanted to seize the moment and gain a foothold on the other side, but the plan was rejected because of the difficult political situation in the region and in the world. Top Iranian leaders do not want to aggravate the conflict with the United States, which simply will not allow such close proximity of the Persians with their bases in eastern Syria. Probably, Iraqis will not go deep into Syria and will they will keep a small strip of Syrian land along the border until the Kurds and the United States cope with this ISIS enclave, although other options are possible in the future, but it’s too early to talk about them.